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What are you thinking? Is it time for you to speak up...OUT LOUD?

April 12, 2014

Are you fed up?  Michel Templet (noted author) said "If you're not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the hell is the point of having it?"  Today, we present a daring program the is sure to raise the hairs on your neck, breathe fire into your belly and, at the same time, chill you to the bone.  Some of the people on the Main Street of America are FED UP, and more and more are joining those ranks.  Is it time for you to speak up...OUT LOUD?
Many did on this program today.  Hear what callers across the country had to say today.  
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• If You Aren't Aware of Bundy Ranch--You're News Source is No Good
• After Second Ft. Hood Shooting, Sec.of Defense Said "We're looking...."
• Gutless Wonders of DC Want Facts--Here They Are
• 16 Dead, 46 Wounded all from Gunshots in a Gun Free Zone 
• Harry Reid Supports Gun Control-Main Street Supports Military
• How Highly Do "WE" Regard Our Men & Women in Uniform? 
• Armed to Defend Foreign Lands, Unarmed to Defend America
• Will You Suffer a Personal Tragedy Before You Speak Out Loud?
Rudi K then turned the show over to Callers and they had plenty to say.  As Rudi K said (paraphrasing M. Timplet) 'If you can't call in and express your views, what's the use of having a talk show?'  Americans are speaking out and the voices are growing louder.  What about you?  Have you had enough? Send us your comments to:

The Founding Fathers Carved Out the Essentials...
They Chartered the Course for a New Nation and They had Reason for Great Expectations...Today?

April 5, 2014

George Washington spoke about the straight course to seek truth.
Recently (more than once), Lois Lerner (of IRS fame), under oath, when questioned by a congressional hearing committee, decided instead of offering the truth and candor, she would defy the people's representatives and hide behind the Fifth Amendment.   She isn't the first government official or the last, that chooses to forego the truth in an effort to conceal questionable, if not illegal, practices. 
What happened to the time when the people were in control of the government?  Today, it seems that the government, by those elected, control the people. 
America, land of the free, home of the brave, no longer is a nation following the rule of law, instead it practices conditional laws of privilege and convenience. Once our rule was according to government of, by and for the people, yet today, it is a powerful government that rules the people.
After such expectations by our founding fathers, why have we come to tolerate that which has become acceptable behavior, even that which is against 'the rule of law'--the Constitution of the United States of America.
Hear what our guests have to say on a variety of issues. Join us as we speak with United States House of Representatives, Congressman Mike Kelly (PA) and American Political Activist Lynn Vogel.
There is no need for a program outline:  But, there is a need for you to hear the facts, truthfully presented, without bias, in plain English and delivered with Straight Talk.
We are pleased to bring you this highly popular and timeless encore presentation.
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 

This is not the time to go out like a lamb...Be a Lion--Save America

March 29, 2014

March is known for coming in with the last storms of winter and then, in the latter part of the month, spring comes and March ends with pleasant weather.  And there we get the expression "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb".  But, what about you?  Unlike the weather, we face greater storms created by the party politics of career politicians.  And unlike the weather, we can not only talk about the issues, we can change them.  To do so, we must be informed and armed with the facts.  We can't allow others to pull the wool over our eyes...we can't allow ourselves to be the victims of corruption, lies and agendas that include the selfish greed for personal wealth and power.  We cover the issues and present answers.    
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Abraham Lincoln on War to Destroy America 
• Americans Are in a War--These People are Living it
• ACA: Bad Law, Continuing Failures--Aiding in Our Demise 
• Taxpayers' Money Used to Push Questionable Enrollees?
• Who Benefits from "Un"Affordable Care"Less" Coverage
• Using Race Card to Promote Administration Agenda is Wrong 
• Officials Question Administration re: Mockery of Our Laws  
• House Passes Bill in 30 Seconds--Afraid of Consequences?
• More Physicians to Deny Seeing Patients With Gov't Ins.  
• Obamacare IPAB Discriminates Against Seniors
• Answers:  Here's What You can do to Save America 
Program note:  We must keep alive the truth about what the career politicians have done to add to the burdens of most Americans and their families.  We must make sure that people are informed before they vote, that they don't cast votes based on "pie in the sky" empty promises and snake oil sales pitches.  All Americans must understand that a "free handout" from the government comes at the cost of freedom, a loss of individual rights.  The actions by those that voted for the Affordable Care Act, without knowing what was in it, is a perfect example of what Abraham Lincoln meant about America being destroyed from within.  Do not go from the winter, into spring as gentle as a lamb.  Be a lion---it's your country too.


March 22, 2014

We wonder, how those we elected to serve us, can continue to ask us for support when we consider the out-and-out lies we've uncovered. 
Politics has become a sad state of affairs.  Often, we decide to vote on the person that gave us the best stories about what's wrong and what they'll do to fix things.  Unfortunately, as we learn much too often, the sales job becomes nothing more than empty promises and we're left with the costs of our mistakes.  The worst part is that by the time many, if not the majority, of us figure things out, we're a day late and a dollar short.  Is that the case today? 
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Yes, Now This Will Cost You More Due to Obamacare?
• The Reality of a Message Delivered in 2008 
• President Promises Cut Worthless Programs & Cut Costs
• Look Who's Saying ALL of Us Must Sacrifice
• WH Fights to Keep Visitor Logs Secret
• Transparency?  Website to Post DC Proposals?
• Ending Partisanship, Coming Together as Americans
• The Nobel Peace Prize at a High "PRICE"? 
• 22 Years After the Cold War--Now Look at Us

It's ...... Open the Door

March 15, 2014

Today, there are plenty of agencies watching people, in many parts of the world.  American citizens have lots of laws that they must obey or face the consequences.  And the list of agencies with great authority includes the ATF, CIA, DEA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, IRS and the NSA.  As government continues to grow, government continues to gain power.  And these agencies continue to be more involved in the daily lives of America citizens. 
 By the way, in case you're wondering, we didn't forget ICE, we just don't figure that the DHS leaves them with much authority to do too much these days. 
So, who's knocking on your door and why? 
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• I'm Fine (stein)...You're Not. It's a One Way Street, I Spy
• Doesn't Get More Hypocritical than this Representative's Comment
• Affordable Care Act Deadline Approaches--President Uses Media
• If Administration's History is Clue--this will Flop too
• 4 Million Sign Up--But who's Paying?
• 7 Million Lose Their Insurance--They were Paying
• 10 Serious Situations Created -- Bad for America
• Are Voters Wiser, Will they Consider These Facts 
• Defend America from all-- Both Foreign & Domestic

Starting off right before you open the doors will help you to succeed

March 8, 2014

The aftermath of the recession has contributed to a sluggish economy, a job picture that is lack luster and slow to right itself,  But, Americans aren't ready to throw in the towel yet.  The entrepreneur spirit is alive and growing, small business start ups are on the rise.  Some have created their own opportunity and others are giving thought to doing so.  But the statistics are dismal at best for any new business to survive.  
Our guest is a highly respected attorney, experienced in legal, economical and professional business matters.  David Marhoffer is his name, but he is known as "Mister Business Law".  Today, he shares his knowledge and experience that will give listeners AN EDGE when creating a business that will succeed
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• A State Report that Published the Truth on Unemployment  
• Are You Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?
• The FIRST Steps You Should Take for Any Startup
• With the Economy and Job Situation, is this a Good Time?
• Limit Your Liabilities with a Legal Entity that Works for You
• The Wealth Creating Mindset of When to Buy and Sell
• Starting Your Business While Still Employed
• Mr. Marhoffer Offers Some Added Thoughts On Getting Started
REMINDER:  When considering a new business, you need to deal with professionals. licensed and familiar with the laws of the state you wish to operate.  The information on the Internet may not be accurate or applicable to the laws of your state.  If you are considering opening a business in Arizona, Main Street Out Loud highly recommends David Marhoffer, of The Marhoffer Law Firm, PLLCTo learn more, visit his website (click here) or call him direct at: (480) 609-9701

Are You a Contributor to the Blockage or Are You a Physician Working to Heal Her?

March 1, 2014

"AMERICA'S WIDOW MAKERS" (Part Four)--Final of this series
Today, the last letter in the acronym W I D O W, the second "W".  We not only give you some serious perspective on what this letter stands for, but we give you definitive steps you can take to get America off of the operating table and back on her feet.  There are five widow makers killing America.  Will this "W" add to the blockage that will be the fatal blow that kills her or will this "W" be the physician that clears the life supplying arteries that will allow the heart of this nation to beat freely, without restriction or strain?
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Why Wasn't Statement by Candidate on Transforming America Ever Challenged?    
• Now we have a Clearer Understanding what He Actually Meant
• We're Americans And We're Not Dead Yet
• Recap of Programs on W, I, D and O
• The Last "W" Could Stand for Many Things 
• This "W" is Critically Important; it is the DECIDING Factor
• Who Can Save America and What Support is Needed
• Good Government Doesn't Come from a Party or a Politician
• Good Government Comes from YOU.  If You Won't Help...then Who?
REMINDER:  We asked, during the program, that you remember the following, to make your mantra:  "THE HEALTH OF THE NATION DEPENDS ON GOOD GOVERNMENT, NOT ON GOOD POLITICS OR POLITICAL PARTIES" Support individual candidates, support someone you trust in your home, support someone you would trust as the guardian of your children.

BIG O"-- One of Five Widow Makers Killing America
If it's killing America--It's Killing You and Your Future, too.

February 22, 2014

Again, we bring you an in depth perspective, based on the facts, told truthfully and in plain English with Straight Talk.  To present a solid argument on any position that you are adamant about, you need the whole story, not sound bites, not rumors and not some spin someone put on things.  You'll never win a debate without researching the facts first.  To save this nation, we all need to be informed so that we understand the who, what, where, why and how of things.  We need to get to the root of the cause, anything less won't help.  
There are five widow makers killing America.  We focus on the O in the acronym  W I D O W.  The "Big O" IS killing America; here's how.  
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Why do we need such in depth knowledge?      
• What is the "Big O" Hint: Not as in "When Harry Met Sally"
• What the Nonpartisan Federal Agency (The CBO) has Determined
• 2.5 Million American Jobs will be Lost Due to the "Big O" 
• Compensations will Decrease Due to the Affects on the Economy
• Adding Another $1 Trillion to National Deficits  
• WH Spins Negative Report: Unemployed American Workers can Follow Dreams
• Obama Considers Delaying Mandates Until After 2016 Election--We Explain Why 
• Facts About the "Big O" That Should be Frightening
Program note:  We originally planned to cover this topic in ONE program.  But, as we continued to research, In consideration of the serious condition of the state of our nation, we felt obliged to take our time and be thorough in our information.  It's our country, it's our government---we are the stewards, we must be informed and involved.
Next Saturday we continue with the final widow maker ( W )that is killing America.

Medically, the ADA is Known as the Widow Maker
Occlusion Limits or Ends Blood Flow, a Massive Heart Attack that Results in Death

February 15, 2014

We continue with this important series.  As always, Main Street Out Loud brings you more than sound bites, we get into the meat and potatoes.  We believe that being informed is crucial to understanding the reality of where we are and what we need to do to save this nation.  
Medically, the left anterior descending artery is called the widow maker.  When blood flow is severely  restricted or occluded, it will cause a massive heart attack.  When entities, issues and agendas restrict or deny the flow of proper government according to the Constitution (of, by and for the people), then "the land of the free and the home of the brave" starts to die.  What are the five widow makers?  They're found in the acronym: W  I   D  O  W
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Recap:
      W--Washington: The Blockage of Proper Government Starts Here
       I -- Immigration: Defiance, Political Careers, Weak & Improper Message     
 I --Illegal Immigration--Commentary & Wrap Up
       Wrong Message--Rewards for Breaking Laws
       Who Needs Reform?  Do Illegal Immigrants Want it?
D--Drugs--Killing America Little by Little, Death by Death
      Study Shows Drug Increase in Fatal Car Crashes
      Marijuana Main Drug Involved in Increase
      Youth Get Wrong Message--Praising Celebs Who OD
Commentary: Our Blog of 2-3-14 "A Weakness For Drugs Makes...."   
Program note:  We originally planned to cover this topic in ONE program.  But, as we continued to research, In consideration of the serious condition of the state of our nation, we felt obliged to take our time and be thorough in our information.  It's our country, it's our government---we are the stewards, we must be informed and involved.
Next Saturday we continue with the 2 remaining widow makers ( O & W )that are killing America

What are the FIVE Widow Makers Killing America?
The clue is in the acronym: W I D O W

February 8, 2014

Medically, the left anterior descending artery is called the widow maker.  When blood flow is severely  restricted or occluded, it will cause a massive heart attack.  When entities, issues and agendas restrict or deny the flow of proper government according to the Constitution (of, by and for the people), then "the land of the free and the home of the brave" starts to die.  What are the five widow makers?  They're found in the acronym: W  I   D  O  W
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
W--Washington: The Blockage of Proper Government Starts Here
         The Administration, Congress & Wall Street Usurp The People 
         A Feeding Frenzy for Power and Control Spurred by Greed 
         Safety, Security & Well Being of all CITIZENS--Not A Priority
I --Illegal Immigration: Defiance of the Laws of America & Her People
         Administration Orders Non-Enforcement of Our Laws
         Easing Change Through "Foot in the Door" Approach"
         Stacking the Deck to Insure Political Success in Elections
         DHS Secretary: People Here Illegally Earned Right to be Citizens 
         Message to our Youth: Breaking Laws Results in Rewards
         Speaker Boehner's Words DO NOT end Immigration Reform Issue
         Safety, Security & Well Being of Americans--Not a Priority  
Program note:  Next Saturday we continue with the other 3 widow makers that are killing America

Do You Think That If You Put Your Head In The Sand
You'll Be Immune to the Events and Issues That Surround You? WAKE UP--It Doesn't Work.

February 1, 2014

"IS YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND?" (Take it from the Ostrich: It doesn't work)
Did you listen to the State of the Union Address or did you ignore it?  Did you hide your head in the sand, because you have had it and you didn't want to hear any more ______ and ______ (you can fill in the blanks)? Whichever you did, the facts are that you have some important decisions to make this year and the better informed you are, the wiser your choices will be (hopefully). You can't put things off or try to ignore them by putting your head in the sand.  It doesn't work.  Sure, it's your life, but it's about the well being, safety and security of your family and it's about the future of your country. 

 PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Thomas Sewell 'Decisions in Hands of People who Pay No Price When Wrong'
• POTUS Gives SOTU Address--Lays Down Law--He'll Do Things w/o Congress
• Inappropriate and Suggestive Smut Used to Sell Obamacare in California 
• H. Clinton Says World is Watching?  Rudi Asks "Are We Watching the World?"
 Main Stream Media Ignores World News Instead Reports Dribble--Wonder Why?
• Ukraine--Historic, Monumental Events w/Lessons for Any Treasuring Freedom
• Demonstrations That Change the World Aren't One Day Events or .......
• Wrap Up: Fun Super Bowl Facts and Prediction of Game Winner & Score

The microphone is yours and we want to know what's on your mind

January 25, 2014

Main Street Out Loud is about the people and businesses on the Main Streets all across America and we wanted to hear from you. 

We gave people a chance to say exactly what was on their mind.  We're turned our microphones over and let listeners voice their concerns, ideas and beliefs about issues, people and events. Whether it's Politics, The Economy, Unemployment, Gun Control, Benghazi, NSA Spying, War, Spending, Budgets or Special Agendas, there were no boundaries.  Not even if anyone wanted to comment on Justin Bieber or other recent incidents that, somehow,  the main stream media considers newsworthy.

 PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• According to Main Stream Media, The Most Important Story of Last 5 Years
• Title 26--Internal Revenue Tax Code--20 Volumes, Congress Has No Clue
• Why Hollywood Celebs Are Rotten Choices for Campaign Endorsements 
• State of the Union Address--A Political Statement & Urging
 MSOL Presents the Truth--Looking for Good News
• Be Alert and Listen for These in State of Union Address
• 2014--Make it a Point to Weigh what you Hear, Read & See.
• When Push Comes to Shove, They Won't be With You in Bread Line
It was quite a surprise to hear from our last caller and his comments

A "MUST READ" For Every American Adult
Clearly Written and Easily Understood by Even the Most Novice in the World of Finance & Politics

January 18, 2014

Author Larry Doyle joins us to discuss his eye-opening, hot new selling book. Nationally acclaimed critics call this a "MUST READ" for every American.  Mr. Doyle is a former Wall Street executive and has over 30 years experience in the financial arena.  He is widely read, genuinely respected and known for his truthful candor, backed by facts and his delivery is in plain English. Even the most novice in business or finance can understand and appreciate his book, his writing style is a breath of fresh air in the normally complex world of high finance.  We only touched the surface of the wealth of information contained in "In Bed With Wall Street".
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Why Did You Leave Wall Street and What Led You to Write This Book?
• Speaking with Americans, What are People Asking, What are Their Concerns
• FDR's Security Act of 1933 &34 Demanded Truthful Disclosure--What Happened?
• Politicians Link to Wall Street--How is Independent Regulatory Agency Possible?
 Madoff in Prison, Persons through Fraud Brought America to its Knees--Live Well
• Capital needed to advance Capitalism--Does Process Breed Deception?
• Transparency and Accountability MUST be the Rule Without Exception 
• Every Election we hear "Flat Tax", "Fair Tax"--Does Wall Street Want it?
• Market Continues to Set Record Highs--Is there a Ceiling?
• Majority Talk Hosts Promote GOP Candidates & Agendas--Facts Prove Dismal
We announced how listeners could win a FREE copy of Mr. Doyle's Book

Questions or comments? Send us an Email with your comments:

What Will We Read? What Will We Add To It?

 January 11, 2014

"2014: A Great American Novel or Same Old Story" 
We look ahead to 2014 with hope and promise.  What can we expect?  Where are we headed?  How will 2014 affect you?  How will you affect 2014?  It may be a rocky road, but if we are prepared and willing, we can make a positive difference.  As always, we invite you to send your comments to us.
PROGRAM: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Dire Unemployment Numbers--Many Shocked, Not MSOL Listeners
• President Again Pushes Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants + Right to Work 
• President Plans to Use Position to Issue More Executive Orders
• Administration Uses Power to Stack Deck to Neutralize IRS Investigation
 "The Golden Rule" of Power Defined, Society Eventually Becomes the Frog
• Governor Chris Christie: MSM Manipulating Distraction from Issues to Bridge
• MSOL CLEARS UP:  Did Christie Know?  Now, back to Benghazi, IRS, etc.
• The Main Stream Media in 2014--Don't Let Them Think For You
• Talk Show Hosts: Ratings & PR Drives Make them Rich Entertainers 
• Majority Talk Hosts Promote GOP Candidates & Agendas--Facts Prove Dismal

Send us an Email with your comments:

We, at Main Street Out Loud, Wish You and Yours...
A Very Healthy, Happy, Loving, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year.

 January 4, 2014

"THE BOOK ON 2013"  (We finish the book today)
Today, we continue where we left off last week.  We look back at the lowlights and highlights of 2013 from July through December.  This week, we continue to review the issues and events that have played a major role in the direction of this nation, be it for the better or worse.  What did we do?  How did we do it?  Are we better off today than we were one year ago?   Do you agree with the points presented or do you feel things we left out?  The content of this program is quite clear, therefore, we do not feel it is necessary to list an outline.  Again, we invite you to send your comments to us.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
"There Comes a Time When You Must Choose Between Turning the Page and Closing the Book"
 • Lowlights and Some Highlights from July, 2013 through December 2013
Send us an Email with your comments:

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