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While on a recent visit to the KC Plaza
I sat to have a chat with Benjamin Franklin

October 23, 2010  "Remember In November"  Prescott, AZ--On Courthouse Grounds 
Join me and others as we gather together to exchange ideas and show support for our country as we continue to gather information so that we can fulfill our duty as a FREE people in a FREE nation--that we will be responsibe, informed and active voters in the upcoming election and all future elections.  Start the day with a motorcycle run, then join in the festivities, lots of prizes (including a Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle) and meet and hear special guests and speakers.  Don't miss this event--butterflies, goose bumps and hair standing on the back of you neck---this PATRIOTIC gathering is as American as it gets. "I urge you to be part of American History and part of the future of America---GET INVOLVED".
For event and promoter information: and   "I'll see you there". 

Speech on Health Care
"In a perfect world, we wouldn't need to be here tonight"

June 16, 2010  "Obamacare Town Hall"  (Fountain Hills High School--6:00 PM
Join me for an important evening of information and a call to action regarding the health care reform act.  An expert panel that includes Brent Cope (CEO AZ. Regional Med Center), Dr. Ross McArthur (Canadian MD), Dr. Gil Ortega (Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon), Harris Deitch (Ins. Agent), Shane Krauser, JD (Constitutional Scholar) and our host---Dr. Chris Salvino (Trauma Surgeon & Former State Air Surgeon).  And to round out the panel, I will be there. Seating is limited, so please RSVP to:  The last town hall was packed, so:  LET'S PACK THE HOUSE AGAIN.  (FHS--The Learning Center--16100 E. Palisades Blvd., F.H., AZ)

Border Security: "It's About Time"
Straight Talk Speech--Also Watched on You Tube

On May 27th, I was part of a Townhall Meeting held at the Mustang Library in Scottsdale.  The topic was "Border Security".  You packed the house and we had an exceptional meeting. We heard from such experts as: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Neville Cramer-former INS Agent-in-Charge and Author of "Immigration Crisis", an Arizona ranch owner, two Tea Party Organization heads and Dr. Chris Salvino, trauma surgeon that sees, first hand, the results of violence due to drug and human smuggling through an uncontrolled border.  Dr. Salvino was the host for the energy-filled event and I was privileged to speak to a very receptive and attentive audience.  We must continue to be informed and do what is necessary to bring representation and common sense back into government.  My speech will be available on this website soon (sometime after June 17th).  Again, a big thank you to all that attended and to those tbat introduced themselves.  I really do appreciate meeting the listeners. webassets/Click2Listen.gif

America Unplugged 4-12-10 at Grand Canyon Univ.
l-r Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Rudi, Michael Medved

COMMENT ON PAST EVENT:  4/12/10   "America Unplugged"
I truly enjoyed meeting so many of you at this event.  What a pleasure it is to get to know those of you that listen to MSOL each Saturday.  And, of course, to have met those of you that expressed your intention to start listening.  Thank you for attending and letting me know what issues concern you and your views on them.  Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt added to the evening with their insight, information and inspirational messages. America continues to be strong because so many of us truly love this country and the freedoms we are afforded. Together---we can make a difference.

America Unplugged 4-12-10
Hugh Hewitt and Rudi doing what talk show hosts do---talking.
America Unplugged at Grand Canyon University
Michael Medved and Rudi K during event of 4-12-10

It is my pleasure to stand with this man.
How do you introduce a living legend?

COMMENT ON PAST EVENT: 4/15/10  "East Valley Tea Party--with Sheriff Joe"
What a memorable event.  To stand, shoulder to shoulder, with approximately 3,000 Red, White and Blue Americans, loyal to this country, proud of our flag and dedicated to the preservation of our rights and freedoms as mandated in the Constitution of the United States of America.  What a class act of Americans from all walks of life, some employed, some not, some healthy, some not as fortunate, some young, some old, some of one political party, some of others, but all American to the core.  And, as Americans, all were in accord with the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance and in support of ideals and doctrines of the Tea Party Movement.  Partisanship held no rank, it was the will of the people to do more than just talk with raised voices, they raised their hands to volunteer and to carry the message--not of personal agendas or private wishes---but the message of unity and hope.  "I am always proud to be an American, I am even prouder to serve and support her."

Here is a link to a NBC broadcast of the Gilbert Tea Party.  The report starts off covering the Tempe Tea Party, but it then goes to show events at the Gilbert Tea Party.  Eventually, the reporter does say that the video is of the gathering in Gilbert.  Just click on this link and it will take you to the video. 
Gilbert Tea Party 4/15/10 NBC 12 News

Just an FYI:  The report speaks of a Libertarian Party chastisement just as it shows Rudi administering the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, to the thousands that gathered.  It was no more than a small editing error and does not take away from the appreciation we have for the local network that covered and reported on  this exceptional event. 

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