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 December 28, 2013   

"THE BOOK ON 2013"
As this year comes to an end, we take a look back at the lowlights and highlights of 2013.  This program lists the major developments, the important issues and actions taken.  Main Street Americans witnessed a litany of failures and a few successes.  In this program we, in chronological order, reviewed the year from January through July.  Listen to this program and see if you agree with the points presented or if you felt there were things we left out.  We will conclude "THE BOOK ON 2013" next week (1/4/14).  The content of this program is quite clear, therefore, we do not feel it is necessary to list an outline.  Listen and let us know if you agree or if you have things you want to add.

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"There Comes a Time When You Must Choose Between Turning the Page and Closing the Book"
 • Lowlights and Some Highlights from January, 2013 Through July, 2013
We will present the conclusion (August through December) of 2013, next week. 
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 December 21, 2013   

In the spirit of the season, which is about giving, we want to present you with an encore presentation of a program that we aired back in June of this year. We featured 3 Americans that took it upon themselves to do something that would benefit others and hopefully, make a difference in the world.  Through their own initiative, they have accomplished so much.  What do these Americans have in common?  What moved them to act?  What stirred them to do what they could to make a difference?   
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"Tis the Season...."  Three Americans Making a Difference
• Robert Snizek-- Board Game Teaches the Constitution Through Reality, Uniqueness & Humor
• Karen Stark*--9 Yrs & 50 States--Serving Our Troops-- One of Rudi K's Most Favorite Charities
*Note: Interview w/Karen as she worked at Disaster Center after tornado hit Bethany/OKC area 
• Jeanie Eller--Instructing Educators How to Teach Reading--Plus: A Home Version for Any Age

Are you and your family the next ones to help make the changes you want to see in the world?

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 December 14, 2013   

We look at some memorable events of the last five years that Main Street Out Loud has been on the air.  We live in a different time.  All around us, we are met with indifference, irresponsibility and a society that is rusting away the core values upon which this nation was founded.  Government no longer probes nor explores space, instead government uses its resources to pry and trespass into the personal lives of citizens, invading the privacy of their homes and even controlling their decisions regarding their well being and healthcare.  
How did this happen to the greatest nation on earth?  We look at the cause and WE OFFER THE ONLY FEASIBLE SOLUTION.   No matter how optimistic you are, no matter how many excuses you can come up with, no matter how hard you try to ignore the facts--the truth is that we are not in a good place and the future is anything but rosy.  All is not yet lost.  You and I can help bring America back to the path of greatness---BUT, we can't do it alone. 
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:Over the past 5 years, some significant observations:
• President, Elections, Racism, Failures of Congress 
• Wars, Economic Collapse, Indebted to Our Enemies                                    
• Political Appointees Now Control Our Health Decisions
• Schools Indoctrinate Children, Massacres, Gun Control
• Gov't Control Rusts out the Steel of Parenting and Family Values 
• Courts Spoon Feed a Society Hell Bent on Decay & Destruction
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 December 7, 2013   

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
Men of Easy Company (Band of Brothers), relate personal WWII experiences
• A Nation United in Patriotism, Honor, Duty and Right Did Not Stand By
• Citizens Filled the Voids in Many Areas to Support Our Troops
• And the Nation Lived in the Hope of "We'll Meet Again"
• Ssgt Albert "Al" Mampre & PFC Edwin "Ed" Pepping Give Accounts  
• George Luz, Jr. relates his Dad's experiences: T-4 George Luz
Easy Company was in the US Army's 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.  The men from Camp Toccoa, Ga. fought in many combat operations. Some of those ETO combats included: Normandy Invasion (D-Day), Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge), Holland (Operation Market Garden) and the march to Hitler's Eagle Nest (Kehlsteinhaus above Berchtesgaden). 
• Tim Gray, Founder/Chairman of WWII Foundation, Award winning doc. film producer
Hear Part II as 3 ladies of "Rosie the Riveter" fame join us and exchange stories with the men they supported.  Hear these men relate their gratitude and appreciation.  We, at Main Street Out Loud, are honored to present this encore of such very special people:  "The Greatest Generation"

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 November 30, 2013  OUR 260th PROGRAM--5 YRS ON THE AIR

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•  What "Going All Out Everyday While in Office" Means in DC
•  Sad Reality of Black Friday Mobs & Lack of Participation for RED Friday  
•  113th Congress One of Most Unproductive--Work Only 42% of a Year 

•  Congressional Members Pay Themselves $34,523.81 a Month (BOWDO) 
•  Zuckerberg (Facebook) Publicly Pushes Illegal Immigration for Citizenship
•  FB has Very Personal, Direct Info on over 300 Million People--How Used?
•  President Continues on Path to Fundamental Transformation of America
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  November 23, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Obamacare: What was it, Who Wanted it, Why Exemptions, The Snow Job on America
The Masterminds that Made Deliberate Attempts to Deceive and Lie to Americans 
• Obamacare Continues to Unravel as LIES are Exposed and reality of ACA is NOT Good
• 52% of Americans No Longer Trust Obama or Administration--Promises Broken, Lies Abound 

• Obamacare Drawn up in Secret, Powerful Got Exemptions, Yet Taxpayers Forced to Accept
• When the cook lies, won't tell you what's in the food & won't eat it--Don't be the King's Taster 
  Cronyism: D.C. Connections--How much should Administration friendships cost Americans?
• NO-BID $638M Contract Given to Canadian Co.(CGI) With Direct Connection to Michelle Obama
• College Classmate, Frequent White House Visitor, Fellow Member of Black Princeton Alumni
• CGI Delivered Total Failure of Website for Obamacare--Charging Americans More for Repairs
• Americans Suffer Costs, CGI More Prosperous than Ever, Stock Selling at All Time Highs
• Cronyism in D.C. Continues to Fleece America---American Taxpayers Suffer Consequences 
It's time for the buck to stop at the desk in the Oval Office--It's time for Accountability and Truth
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***PROGRAM NOTE:  We spoke with Karen Stark of The Hugs Project, a military support group that we (MSOL) highly recommend. 
Please join us and send your donations to:  The Hugs Project, P.O. Box 30236, Midwest City, OK 73140.  More info on their website
(click here) 

 November 16, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
Guest: Larry Doyle, Former Wall Street Executive with 35 years of experience in the world of finance, investments and banking.  Known for his candor and clear delivery, a favorite of MSOL, covers a variety of issues that are central to the health and future of America and our system of government. 
 Transparency Int'l Report on Corruption in World Governments--Preys on Poor and Middle Class -- Where USA Ranks
• 52% of Americans do NOT Trust President, Consider Him to be Dishonest--Lack of Trust Creates Uneasiness
• Financial Crisis, Near Melt Down of World Banking, Illegal Dealings--Is Wall Street so Powerful, it's Immune?
• Dodd-Frank: BAD Law Filled with Regulations that Squeeze Small Business & Aid Big Business
• Wall Street Setting New Records: What's Driving Gains? What is Message for Average Americans? 
• ACA (Obamacare) Fiasco and Failure Aids Wall Street -- Could Failure be Planned for Bigger Agenda?
• Federal Reserve Prints, Buys, Lends--Dollar Devalued--What are America's Creditors Thinking?
• The Next Big Crisis (Bubble to Burst) Counterfeit Stock, the Practice of "Naked Short Selling"
• Larry Doyle's Book "In Bed With Wall Street", how to order--on bookstands Jan. 7
Follow Larry Doyle on his website: (click here)
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 November 9, 2013 

Their needs are real and you owe it to them, to do all you can to help
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Guest: Army SSgt. Jamie D. (Back from Afghanistan)--Relating Needs
Guest: Army Sgt. Nick R. (Back from Afghanistan)--Combat Account

Guest: Former (Iraq War) Combat Medic Landon S.--Suicide Awareness
Guest: Veteran (Vietnam Era) Harold T. -- AZ State Cpt. Patriot Guard Riders

Guest: Karen S. Founder & Head of The Hugs Project--Helping Thousands 
There is no outline that can do justice to what these people have to say. Therefore we won't list one.  Just listen and be thankful that they were and are willing to stand on your behalf, to protect you.  Because of them, you and your family continue to live in "the land of the free and the home of the brave".  

Veterans Day parades, poems such as "In Flanders Fields" and red poppy pins are nice.  They're symbolic of our gratitude and stand in remembrance of those that served and serve today. BUT, that's one day a year and quite frankly, we at Main Street Out Loud, believe that one day a year just isn't enough.
Today's veterans need more than a parade once a year. Imagine being safe and free only one day a year.  Do you agree that we should do more? 

What about the needs of those that stood for us, fought for us and prevailed for us? 
They need more than a parade, a poem or a pin.  Who better to tell you what they need then those that served and are serving yet today? 
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 November 2, 2013 

"Finally, Its Their Turn to Tell the Truth"
Since its about your health, shouldn't you listen to your doctor?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Guest: Dr. John Ammon--Practicing Physician, Sr. Lecturer, Respected Advocate
• Physicians Speak to Outlook of Gloom in USA Medicine & Healthcare
• Quality of Healthcare Never The Issue--Constantly Reformed
• How Law was Passed--What About Insurance Ind. & the AMA?
• The Immediate Crisis-- Forecasts now a Reality--And Worsening
• Socialist Move Towards Single Payer-Future of Free Markets
• Your Procedures/Medicines-$$ Decisions Made by IPAB
• Physicians Forced Out or Towards ACOs--Gov't Control
• Relationship & Trust--Ends, Strangers Treat Patients
• Where Are We Headed?-What Can We do to Stop chaos & Disaster
• REMEMBER: ACA Law effects EVERY American--EVERYONE
Commentary: "You Can Bet It's Not About YOUR Health"
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Be informed--Be Responsible--Take Control--And LIVE

 October 26, 2013 

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS--Part IV: "Treatment and Life after Cancer"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Sherry Gage: Director, John C Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center 
Dr. Mazen Khattab: Highly Recognized Chemotherapy & Hormonal Therapy Oncologist
Dr. Murali Murty:  Radiation Oncologist, Lecturer/Trainer and Recognized for Research

Karissa Ma: She was told she was "Too Young For Cancer"--A Remarkable story of Life
• Dr. Khattab on the real medical facts regarding early detection through screenings
• Chemotherapy: What is it, When is it done, What causes the side affects?                                                                    
• Wonderful news regarding advances in Chemotherapy drugs 
• Hormonal Therapy: Who's a candidate, Why needed, How it works
• Dr. Murty on the need for Radiation Therapy
• What is Radiation Therapy, When is it appropriate, Who is a candidate?
• Saving other organs, tissue and layers--More Good news in Radiation
• Karissa's Story: 9 years after "Too Young". A Mother's story of Inspiration
• Marijuana: Doctors speak on it's use as an aid during treatment
• Sherry Gage: FINAL WORDS for this, our fourth annual special on BCA
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 October 19, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Sherry Gage: Director, John C Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center 
Dr. Brenda Moorthy: Internationally Renowned Breast Surgeon, Author/Lecturer
Dr. Sommer Gunia: Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Specialist

Dr. Lewis Andres: Renowned Reconstruction & Plastic Surgeon, Author 
• Surgical Options Available for Women
• Function of Lymph Nodes: Removing All or Part                                  
• Difference Between Radiation & Chemo--Who Needs Chemo?
• Genetic Testing: When and Why Important
• Who Qualifies for Nipple Sparing--Is Risk Higher for Recurrence of BC?
• Breast Reconstruction: Is it Covered by Insurance?
• Options and Variations in Reconstruction, What's Least Complicated?
• Optimum Time for Breast Reconstruction--Who Can Have Single Stage?
• What Every Patient Should Insist on Knowing Before Surgery
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Be Informed and Live

 October 12, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Sherry Gage: Director, John C Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center 
Paulla Miller: Community Outreach & Patient Resource Mngr at JCL BHRC
Mikala Edwards: Project Mngr: AZ Young Cancer Survivor Support Initiative

• Statistics * Increased Risk Factors * Survivor % Through Early Detection 
• Detailed Info on Self-Exams, Medical Detection Procedures
• Cost, Insurance Coverage, Resources for Non-Insured 
• Breast Cancer in Young Women -- 5 Needs
• Help with Medical & Non-Medical Bills
• State Aid, Medicaid,  Well Woman Healthcheck Prog.
• Final Thoughts/Messages by These Three BC Survivors
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 October 5, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Sherry Gage, Director of John C Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center 
Dr. Linda Greer, Medical Director JCL Breast Health and Research Center
Liz Shapiro, RN, FNP at Dearing Family Medicine (Part of JCL Health Network)

• Statistics * Risk Factors that Raise Susceptibility to Breast Cancer
• What Age to Start Self Exams * Potential Signs or Symptoms * What to do Next
• Mammography * Choices * Low Radiation * Insisting on & Getting Second Opinions 
• Early Detection is Key to Survival--95 % Plus-- There is HOPE
• Setting the Record Straight on BAD Info From Gov't Agency 
• What Should EVERY Family Care Provider Offer?  Patient Options
• Personal Message from Each of Our Guests
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September 28, 2013 

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Our Guest:  Larry Doyle, former Wall Street Executive with over 30 years experience in the financial world.  Writer or a highly respected and read blog.  Author of the highly anticipated book (out in Jan. 2014) "In Bed With Wall Street: The Conspiracy Crippling Our Global Economy".  
Mr. Doyle speaks, with refreshing candor, to the issues of what has happened in the last five years (since TARP), what we spent, what (if anything) we've learned and why we're addressing the issue of the raising the debt ceiling AGAIN.  Get the answers to: What now?  Where are we going? What happens when we get there? What is the message we need to understand?  What we can do to avoid riding the rails to a train wreck?

• In 2008:  $700,000,000,000.00 Would Save America, Help Americans--So Who Got What & Who Gained?
• Why was Lehman Bros. Sent to BK, While AIG, Merrill Lynch, GM, Chrysler and Others were Saved?
• Glass-Steagall Repeal Opened Door for Fraud.  Is Dodd-Frank the Answer? 
• Billions to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, HAMP and Today?  Housing Market then and now
• Debt Ceiling:  Will Gov't Shut Down and If so, What's the Real Harm?
• The Message: What Americans Should Consider in Their Own Lives
• How We can Save Ourselves from another Train Wreck
PROGRAM NOTE:  Larry Doyle will return to Main Street Out Loud on Nov. 16, 2013
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 September 21, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Maybe Washington has forgotten or maybe Washington is too out of touch.  Whatever the case, Washington no longer focuses on the true needs of the nation and its people. Instead, politicians waste what little time they devote to the nation, engaged in petty arguments over selfish party agendas that are, all too often, problematic. 
Today, an ever increasing majority of Americans agree that our elected leaders seem to be inadequate and/or incapable of turning this nation around, to get us back to where we once were.  Can WE make the changes WE need to make before WE run out of time and off the cliff?
• Everyone Blames Bomber, Wants His Head--BUT--In Shooting, Problem is Gun? 
• Parents Losing Control/Rights--Movement Says Children Belong to Everyone
• President Backs Planned Parenthood, Urges PP to Sign Up More Women
• Recap of First FOUR Things America Needs To Do NOW
Fifth Thing America Needs To Do Now
• President Travels to Foreign Nation, Blames America for Problems--AGAIN 
• Founders & Continental Congress-Grounded in Faith, God, Bible--
Sixth Thing America Needs To Do Now
• Pentagon Issues Warning to Christians in Military
• Morals, Priorities, President Makes Call--Misses Mark of True Courage
Seventh Thing America Needs To Do Now

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 September 14, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
OUR GUEST: Dr. ZUHDI JASSER:  Dr. Jasser brings us some clarity to the controversial issue of American involvement in Syria. What do Americans know about the people of Syria?  What do the people of Syria know about Americans?  What do the people of Syria want?  What do the people of Syria think of America, America's threat to strike and then the announced delay?  Who's fighting in Syria?  Why?  Who is the enemy?
Dr. Jasser is a first generation American Muslim whose parents escaped the Baath regime in Syria.  He is considered an expert in Middle East affairs, Islamist Organizations and gives frequent briefings to Congress on issues regarding radical Muslim terrorists.  He is a regular on most national news programs, both radio and television.    
 History & Initial Cause that Triggered this War                               

• What has Changed Today & Why Russia is Deeply Involved?
• Defining Differences: Jihadists, Al Qaeda, Free Syria Army & Ba'ath Party
• Surrounding Nations: Their Positions & Who They Support
• What Syrian People Thought About American Intervention?
• What People Think Since America has Reversed Position
• Will President Bashar al-Assad Comply totally?
• Painting a Face on the Land Instead of Just Drawing a Target
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Learn more by following Dr. Zudhi Jasser on Twitter (click here)

 September 7, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
This hour is not about acceptance, it's about negligence, it's about being accountable, being a responsible parent or adult in charge of one of God's greatest gifts to man--CHILDREN.  To most Main Street Americans there are no acceptable excuses--NONE!  If you're looking for a sympathetic view on this deadly matter, you won't hear it here.  
First: One Down--The Cleveland Monster Hung Himself
• Startling Death Accounts regarding Children Left Behind
• Statistics Show Deadly Patterns by Parents and Adult Supervisors
• No Longer Rare, Negligence, Irresponsibility Gives Way to Excuses
• Modern Conditioning Generate Reminders for Parents--"Don't Forget Child"
• Callers Were Opinionated and Expressed Their Thoughts
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 August 31, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Let's cut to the chase.  Main Street Americans are against another war.  We sympathize with atrocities being reported out of Syria, we empathize with the innocent men, women and children that live in the region and are in fear of their lives.  We do not condone the use of "unconventional weapons", and we do not agree with ruthless rule over anyone.  But, we are adamant against US involvement in any conflict or war in Syria.  We say NO TO WAR, NO TO SYRIA.  We believe we present a honest, factual, logical and convincing argument against our involvement.  If you agree, PLEASE let your representatives know that their vote MUST be NO to any "shot across the bow", NO to any "limited conflict", NO TO WAR.  We need to focus on our land and our future.  What do you think? 
• Unconventional, Unconventional Weapons, Unconventional Warfare--What does it mean?
• Nearly 6,800 US Troops Died "unconventional deaths"  in Iraq & Afghanistan--
• The Reality of Why President May be Considering War--Saving Face?
• Borrowing Money to Fight a War--America's Enemies are on BOTH Sides 
• Atrocities in Syria NO More Startling Than Atrocities in America
• WAR IN SYRIA--NO--Unconventional to Some, Conventional to USA Citizens
We also addressed issues and event of this past week, including:
• Borders, Diluting America, Study Reveals Who May Elect Future President
• Town Hall Took Place--Town's People Weren't Invited.  The Farce: Where & Why
• Ft. Hood Murderer Sentenced to Death--Forego Appeals--Time for Common Sense
• Others Speak Instead of Hearing "I Have a Dream". You Can't Improve Perfection
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**We've addressed some additional developments, in our latest BLOG: "SYNOPSIS: WAR OR WAR NO MORE" (click here)

August 24, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
WARNING: This hour is a RAW look at the affects of the attitudes of too many people in America.  "So What, Who Cares, What's the Big Deal?"  We will present "What Difference Does it Make?".  It makes plenty of difference and we hold nothing back as we look into the trend within so many American homes.  Parents, let me introduce you to your children.
This program will upset some parents, anger others and provoke a hearty AMEN from even others.  And you can bet, there are plenty of children that don't want their parents to hear this.   
• Adults on Hand Held Cell Phones and/or Texting--"DEADLY" Examples for Children
• A Very Explicit Warning: This is NOT the Views of......
• Your Children---Who are they?  (Here we identify the children to their parents) 
• How Time Flies--The "Village" Concept Failed... "What Difference Does it Make?"
• PRIORITY ONE: Be the Parent: Responsible, Aware, Knowing, Moral, Principled & Fair Example
• Get Acquainted with Your Child: It's a Big Deal, It Does Make a Difference
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 August 17, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
GUEST: Jennifer Wright.  A candid and enlightening interview with one of the three plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Mayor, City Council members and a strong Union. Jennifer exposes the UNLAWFUL retirement practice of pension spiking, naming names and unions.  Hear the facts as to how this practice by these city employees, through their union, continue to significantly pad retirement incomes, thereby stripping funds that are designated as shared, by other cities for vital services. You can bet this practice goes on, across this country, more than you know.
• So Much Unresolved & Threatening--Yet,President & Congress on Long & Lavish Vacations (Taxpayer Paid of course)                                  
• Why This Lawsuit, Basis of Series of Complaints, Who's Being Sued?
• Private Business Couldn't Survive With Such Practices--Gov't Raises Your Taxes 
• Against State Law, Spiking Condoned by Phoenix  --Strips Funds From Other Cities
• Phoenix "Bullies" it's Arrogant Way to Taking More than it Contributes 
• Added 2% Food Tax Helps to Support Unlawful Practice of Pension Spiking
• Cities Going Bankrupt over Pension Costs--First Responders Need to Rise Up
• City Officials That Condone Practice, Those that are Against it--What You Can Do
Commentary: Unmasking the biased media of race baiting, riot mongering while covering up real issues.  We aired a condensed version, you can read the complete version on our essay page
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 August 10, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
GUEST HOST:  Renowned, Authoritative and Plain Spoken
In Rudi K's absence, this favorite of Main Street Out Loud, sits in, takes the microphone and brings clarity to a variety of concerns, some known and some hidden from public view and attention.  Listen to this program---we think you'll learn something and we know you'll enjoy this special broadcast presented by a true voice of reason.
• Heisman Trophy Winner vs Universities and NCAA -- Lots of $$ -- Who Deserves What?

• Hilary Clinton (Next Dem. Presidential Candidate): What Has She Said, What Has She Done?
• Fort Hood Killings: Questions Regarding Unarmed Military Personnel Against Armed Terrorist
• Sen. Dick Durbin(D-IL): Spoke Out Against IRS Scandal--Yet, Sent Out This Chilling Letter
• Government Officials Continue to Pry, Snoop, Violate the Right of Individual Privacy
• D.C. Politician's Attempt to Intimidate Goldwater Institute Generates Fiery Response
• "Stand Your Ground" Law Being Demonized Through Repetition of Lies and Misconceptions
• Democrats Practice McCarthyism and Other Hypocrisies

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August 3, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
Bruce is the current talk show host of a highly rated sports program in NY and a former highly popular talk show host in Phoenix, AZ.  Bruce is known for his conservative views, his candor, strong opinions--but fairness and letting the chips fall where they may.  When you have the facts, speak the truth and do it in plain English, people have a tendency to listen. Here's your chance to hear the once, most listened to drive time talk show host on Arizona radio as we discuss a variety of issues.  What is really going on? 
• New Al Qaeda Threats Close US Embassies, Concerns Abound--Why Now?

• Legitimate? Many Have Become Skeptical and Ask: "Where's the Beef"?
• Do Latest Threats Bolster the Need for NSA Spying on Us?
• Thoughts on the Greatness of America
• Politicians: Lacking Responsibility, Ignorance in Legislation, A Class Unto Themselves 
• Laws to Outlaw/Limit use of "Citizen", "Brown Bag" and Bowling Shoes
• Homeowner Shoots Intruder/Thief--Family of Deceased Seeks Justice
• Baseball, Steroids, Big Name Players, What's Coming as Punishment
• Hint to the State of Economy: Wedding Dress For Sale....(hear the rest)

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July 27, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
Dr. Schlomach is a noted economist, lecturer, author and is the current director of Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, AZ.
• Fox News--NO Different from Media Corps. They Question.  Repulsive & Repugnant

• The President's Address: About the Economy or Intended to Divert Attention?
• Pres. Touts Accomplishments by Administration--Some Facts That Contradict
• How Well are we Coming out of This Recession Compared to Past Recessions?
• The Single Most Contributing Factor To Such Uncertainty in This Recovery 
• If Economy is so Good, Why has Recent Unemployment % Risen AGAIN? 
• Gov't That Discourages Production Triggers Lack in Consumer Consumption  
• Administration & Media Hand-in-Hand--Is There Clandestine, Sinister, Ultimate Goal?
• President & Congress so Focused--They're all Packed For a Vacation--AGAIN

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  July 20, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
This program was originally publicized as one on the facts that led to the collapse of Detroit's financial position and the truth about the REAL unemployment picture.  But, we started off with a perspective on the President's comments (Friday 7/19) regarding the Zimmerman trial and issues that face blacks (African-Americans, particularly, young men.  The program took a life of its own as callers addressed the issues of race.  Hear this VERY REAL and BLUNT presentation.  We, at Main Street Out Loud, feel it is time that Americans put the issue of division--based on race--behind us? We discuss it with STRAIGHT TALK.
PLUS: Who do you think is climbing over, tunneling under our fences, acting as drug carrying mules, paying coyotes to enter illegally and get to a safe house in America? Hint: They're not rocket scientists.  The Senate has voted to make these people legal residents and the President continues to pressure The House to do the same.  Do we really need more people that have no respect for the laws of this land? 
NOTE:  Once again, there is no outline provided for this program---the subject matter and the issues associated, speak for themselves--clearly and in plain English.   
Comments?  Send them to:


 July 13, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast 
RACISM: An honest look at an issue that just won't go away.  Why do so many dance around this issue, why can't we just "tell it like it is"?  When discussing this issue, most people are very careful in choosing their words, so they don't say the "wrong" thing, don't offend the "wrong" people, etc.  We discuss it with STRAIGHT TALK.  We do not feel an outline is needed for this program---the subject matter and the issues associated, speak for themselves--clearly and in plain English.   
Comments?  Send them to:

 June 29, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Our Guest: Nick Dranias (Dir. of Policy Dev. & Constitutional Gov't at Goldwater Institute).  Nick is a member of the federal bars of the United States Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Circuits, as well as the U.S. District Courts for the District of Arizona and in 3 other states.  Instead of sound bites, we take an in depth look at the background of the issues facing the Court, the Justices and their position on each issue, the opinion written and what these decisions mean for those involved and the future of the nation. 
• Affirmative Action (Fisher v. Texas)--Univ. Compliance or Discrimination in Enrollment
• Voter Rights Act--Court Says Times Have Changed--Discrimination Not Same
• Defense of Marriage Act & Ca. Prop. 8--States' Rights, Federal Benefits, Moving & Death
LISTEN:  Instead of wondering, hear the facts, be informed and when called upon---get involved.  
 Send us your comments to: 

June 22, 2013 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
The American people are fed up with being ignored.  Americans have had it with the lies, the deception and the contempt shown for the rule of law and the disdain for the will of the people.  Are you still waiting for change?  Many of America's problems are seated in the selfish and insidious relationships between Wall Street and Washington.  Along with that, is added the inability and/or lack of leadership to adhere to the rule of law--by enforcing the laws of the land and seeing to the well being, safety and security of all Americans. The priorities of D.C. are not for AMERICANS FIRST.
Are you dumb enough to buy into the next campaign?  Or, are you ready for an "America First" new beginning? 

Reference: Put YOUR Oxygen Mask on FIRST--Then Help Others
Chronological Acct of How Americans Got Taken with False Promises
Wall Street & D.C. Traded Favors and Weakened America Through Debt
New Administration Continues w/Promises--Spawns Greater Debt & Insolvency
America Must be First and Americans First in America
Lessons: Bailout, Stimulus, Obamacare, Budgets, Debt Ceiling, Gov't Spending, Benghazi & Amnesty
Lies, Deception, Broken Promises, Incompetence, Cover Ups & Failure to Observe the Rule of Law
America Must be Strong Enough to Offer Help--Not Until
PROGRAM QUESTIONS: Are you fed up with your political party? Why? Would you support a brand new party?  Why? America Needs YOU--Will YOU answer the call?  Send us your comments to:

June 15, 2013
 "THEY'RE COUNTING ON YOU...(To Be Dumb Enough)                                                                   
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
What is it that they're hoping you're not smart enough to figure out?  What   don't they want you to know?  Lets be honest, shall we:  They're actually counting on you to be dumb enough to fall for the distractions.  Are you one of those that is giving them reason to continue to hope?    Is this a deliberate move by Washington, the media and Wall Street to keep Americans from being attentive to details?  Why?  We think we know why--listen and tell us if you agree.
We are bombarded with one shocker after another, Why?
• Washington no longer solve problems, they just pile on more. Why?
• Straight answers? Today: defiance, vagueness & stonewalling--Except when..
• Examples from the Oval Office to/from Congress and on down--wrong messages
• So many distractions--Just tell me the truth about Benghazi
• Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Dempsey Confirms Special Ops Available
• Why now such revelations of gov't abuse of power, spying, etc.? Distractions?
• True power is held with people.  Politicians are hoping Americans stay dumb
ANSWERS: The Constitution, Oath of Office, The 2 Priorities, Now Enforce The Laws
NOTICE: Last week,  we asked you to join us, as we prepare, in what may become known as one of the most historical events in modern American history. Are you really willing to do more than talk.  It won't cost you a penny and you won't have to spend money to travel, nor buy a book or a ticket to attend some event.  Are you really willing to give this country ONE day? If so, send an email to: 

 June 8, 2013
"DO YOU TRUST....?  WHY?"                                   
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
FIRST: We made it clear to everyone listening to this particular broadcast, that if we were taken off the air, it would not be due to some technical glitch or anyone in the studio.  Instead, it would be by some outside influential power that demanded we be shut down.  Why?  It wouldn't be for any violations of the FCC rules, nor for any violation of national security. We also made it clear that the issues are not partisan, they are not a Democrat "thing", a Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian, Green, Independent or any other party "thing".  The issues covered are an AMERICAN "THING".  With that-----THE TRUTH.
• Washington, D.C. is NOT BROKEN, It's Working Just Fine for the Politicians 
• Politicians LOVE Fundraising--That's Why They're So Good at it

• D.C. Doesn't Need to be "Cleaned Up" -- It Needs to be "Cleaned Out"
• How YOU Can Help--Without Any Cost or Even Leaving Your Home **(See below) 
• Who/What Main Street No Longer Trusts & Truthful Explanations as to Why Not 

• The Fate of Our Nation is Not a Game and We Don't have Time to Play Around

**Program Note: We ask you to join us, as we prepare, in what may become known as one of the most historical events in modern American history. As you replay this broadcast, you'll learn more. Are you really willing to do more than talk.  It won't cost you a penny and you won't have to spend money to travel to some national meeting that makes the organizers rich, nor buy a book someone wrote, or a ticket to attend some event to hear someone speak, you won't even be asked to send us a donation. Some of us actually LOVE AMERICA enough that we are willing to help without being paid to do it.  If you really love America, it's time to do more than talk.  You can make a difference.  Are you really willing to give ONE day? If so, send an email to: 

 June 1, 2013
Instead of hearing the same stories that have played on every talk show all week long, we bring you a breath of fresh air,  Instead of following suit of so many talk shows, that are intent on doing nothing more than riling up the masses to a frenzy, in April, we started offering both educational and practical steps we could take to make changes.  And we started pointing to people that are excellent examples of change in progress.  
We have found three Americans that, through their own initiative, their won resources and their love of country, they have helped to make a difference.  What do these people have in common?  Instead of complaining, what moved these people to act?  Instead of waiting for someone else to do something, what stirred them to take the lead?    
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Robert Snizek-- Board Game Teaches the Constitution Through Reality, Uniqueness & Humor
• Karen Stark*--9 Yrs & 50 States--Serving Our Troops-- One of Rudi's Most Favorite Charities
*Note: Interview w/Karen while she worked at Disaster Center in Bethany/OKC area of Oklahoma
• Jeanie Eller--Instructing Educators How to Teach Reading--Plus: A Home Version for Any Age
Program Note: The story of our guests have a few common threads.  As you replay this broadcast, you'll understand what those commonalities are.  Do you have these traits?  Can you relate?  You too can make a difference.  Why not start now?  Let us know how we can help you.  Send an email to: 

 May 25, 2013
It only seems proper, at this time, to introduce someone that is right for this country.   It's a great time for us to bring you a live interview with a true rose among the thorns of politics. 
As we honor those that have fallen in defense of all we, as Americans hold dear, we bring you an interview with a truly exemplary example of the type of leader Americans want in government.  We found her in our own back yard, accessible, down-to-earth, attentive, compassionate, dedicated and ever mindful of her love of the nation and those she serves. Join us--Hear someone you can trust as she speaks to issues that affect all of us, no matter, in which part of the nation we live. We present Arizona State Representative, Brenda Barton.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Rep. Barton Discusses AZ Bill 2455 Property--Specifically Firearms
• Rep. Barton Discusses Medicaid Expansion w/Callers Who Have Differing Views
• Rep. Barton Explains AZ Bill 2332 Water Augmentation Authority
• Rep. Barton on Forests, Fire Season and Preventive Measures
Commentary:  Memorial Day Tribute by Rudi K
"It's not about parades, celebrations, speeches, parties or a 3-Day weekend.  It is about you taking the time to honor and thank "THEM". Those who served, those who have fallen.  Be silent and hear their message of love of country".  (Hear the rest of this commentary by replaying the program). 

Mike Kelly
US House of Representatives and Member of House Ways and Means Committee

May 18, 2013
This is a POWERFUL HOUR, filled with compassion, passion, conviction and clear reasons to get involved.   We have chosen to forego posting a comprehensive outline---we'll let this program speak for itself.
On Friday (May 17), The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee held a hearing in regards to the abuse of power by the IRS in targeting certain groups, based on political, religious and certain views.  While some asked questions, others seemed to defend their party or simply make political statements to enhance their position--BUT one Congressman spoke to reality of the gravity of the situation and the affects of their actions on the American people regarding trust and terror.  He received a standing ovation from those looking on.  Why?  Hear Representative Mike Kelly (3rd CD, PA) and you'll know why America has found an elected official that actually cares about others.  
PLUS: A regular contributor to MSOL, Political Activist and founder of "American Restorers", Lynn Vogel also joins us. 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• 1st Guest:  Lynn Vogel, Midwestern Political Activist and head of "American Restorers"
• 2nd Guest: Representative Mike Kelly, US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Member  (CD3-PA)
• Realities: Conditions, Solutions, Contact Pointers, Making a Difference Today
Commentary: "Have you noticed that the....We're not in a good place....The writing is on the wall"
Hear the commentary that should sum things up for every American that truly longs for government that is anchored in The Constitution, a government of, by and for the people.  Where people are equal under the law and no one is above it.

  May 11, 2013    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY
Our Founding Fathers put it all together for us.  Now we have a hole in the middle.  Can we make the pieces fit?  Today's politicians are blinded by partisanship, by their egos, their drive for personal wealth and power and their "anything goes" to stay in office.  These character faults have led to an ineffective, destructive, incompetent and debt-laden nation that is struggling to stand.  The methods of Washington haven't enhanced this nation's present or future for some time.  And no matter how much we wish, those in Washington aren't about to have an epiphany.  While Washington isn't the answer, there is hope.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Washington Does Not Operate As Constitution Outlined--"The Hill" is a disappointment
• T. Roosevelt Pointed Out Voters That Were Traitors & Whose Acts Were Treasonous
• American Voter Has Had His/Her Stinger Removed
• Once, MSM Was Believed, Today Many Believe it Covers Up the Truth
• Gov't Indoctrinates Pediatricians to Promote Obamacare to Parents/Children
• Oversight Committee Hearing On Benghazi--The Truth Begins to Leak
• Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom, Mark Thompson--Directly Involved, Testify
• What We Now Know--Events, Information Known, People Informed & Involved 
• What We Know Happened in the Hearing
• Questions America has a Right to Ask and Have Answered--Truthfully
• Immigration Laws Not Enforced, Politicians Answer is to Make Even More Laws
• Listener Writes: Americans Need Help, Instead We Give $$ to Those That Kill Americans? 
Yes, there is hope. That hope lies in the greatest and most capable people on this planet--AMERICANS.  And we must insist on seeking the truth, basing our information on facts and we must stand and become involved.  Let's get started while we still have time.  Let's make the changes before we run out of time.

 May 4, 2013
(Seven Things America Needs To Do NOW)
Maybe Washington has forgotten or maybe Washington is too out of touch.  Whatever the case, Washington no longer focuses on the true needs of the nation and its people.  Instead, politicians are spending   their time in creating more problems by establishing more laws that are unnecessary, limit freedoms and go against the will of the American people.  The majority of Americans agree that our elected leaders don't have a clue as to why they are where they are or what they should be doing to get us back to where we once were.  Can we make the changes we need to make before we run out of time?.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast

• So Many Looming Issues, Congress Pampers Itself, Takes Another Vacation 
• Everyone Blames Bomber, Wants His Head--BUT--In Shooting, Problem is Gun? 
• Parents Losing Control/Rights--Movement Says Children Belong to Everyone
• President Backs Planned Parenthood, Urges PP to Sign Up More Women
• Recap of First FOUR Things America Needs To Do NOW
Fifth Thing America Needs To Do Now
• President Travels to Foreign Nation, Blames America for Problems--AGAIN 
• Founders & Continental Congress-Grounded in Faith, God, Bible--
Sixth Thing America Needs To Do Now
• Pentagon Meets w/Anti Christian Org & Issues Warning to Christians in Military
• Morals, Priorities, President Makes Call--Misses Mark of True Courage
Seventh Thing America Needs To Do Now
• Congress Needs To Read, Enforce Current Laws & COMPLETE ALL SEVEN THINGS NOW

April 27, 2013

A Candid and Comprehensive Chat with one of the America's top Constitutional Litigators, Clint Bolick.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Law Enforcement Officers Working For Union--Unknown, Unseen, Taxpayer Paid 
• Air Traffic Controllers Working For Union--Salaries ($100K +) Paid by Taxpayers
• Obamacare is a Tax (SCOTUS)--Congress & Unconstitutional Exemptions
• Obamacare In Court, Medicaid Expansion Programs Heading for Failure 
• The Book:  Immigration WarsForging An American Solution
• Immigration Laws Erased, Stop Family Links, No Citizenship Path, No Welfare 
CLINT BOLICK is the V.P. for litigation at the Goldwater Institute. He is the Co-Author (with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush) of the recently released book Immigration Wars. Clint was chosen by American Lawyer as one of the nation's "Three Lawyers of the Year" (2003), Is Named by Legal Times as one of "75 Greatest D.C. Lawyers in Last 50 Years". He has won numerous landmark legal victories in State and Federal Courts.

America Was Built On A SOLID Foundation...
God and Country: Let's Go Back and Get Grounded Again

April 20, 2013

The speeches all sound good, but let's stop kidding ourselves....We're not in a good place and we're slipping further into the abyss of ruin. America is rife with a dubious economy, an unhealthy employment picture, a questionable war and an ever increasing tax burden. Hear this TIMELY SPECIAL as we present the perspective on how we have to go back so that we can move forward.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Condolences Regarding Boston & West Texas
• Speeches Sound Good, But Who Will Be Better, Stronger? Victims/Families?
• Where We Are and What a Dismal Future We Are Handing Off to Our Children/Grandchildren
• We Got Off Track and It's Quite Obvious We're On the Wrong Path
 • Many in D.C. Are Self-Obsessed Power Mongers, w/o "America First" Priorities
• We Need to go Back, Re-Establish a Strong Foundation so We can Move Forward 
• Things We Need to do--NOW (Due to time, we were only able to cover four of the seven) 
NOTE: We are contemplating a follow up (next week) to this program.  It is a timely subject and who among us is so blind that we can't see that changes must be made.  This nation can not continue on the course our elected leaders have chosen.  Please continue checking our "This Week'" page for any changes in programming.

April 13, 2013
"TAMARA'S STORY: Justice Without Resolve"

Today, we conclude with our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Tamara.  Six months after the trial the astonishing hardships and heartaches, left in the wake of justice delayed, continue.  The continuation of dealing with the aftermath is as unbelievable as the 10 years that destroyed the comfort, financial security and safety of this wife and mother and her family.  
While the criminal is now being sheltered, fed, clothed and kept in good health by American taxpayers, Tamara and her family are left to live with the wreckage and unwarranted threats and social injustices. JUSTICE DELAYED is JUSTICE DENIED and in this case, justice is left unresolved.  What if you were the next victim?  What if you were a victim right now, you just haven't found out yet? 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Recap from 2002 to trial in 2012
• Hate Mail, Social Media Stalking, Racism Charges, Death Threats 
• Credit, Finances, Legal Costs prohibit Indemnification  
• National Media Suggested an Altered Story--Tamara Refused Interviews   
• Facts--Illegal Immigrants: Numbers, Origin, Babies Born in US, Welfare, Working Numbers, etc
• Since DACA & President's Pressure for Reform: Big Increase in Numbers Coming Illegally--Seeking Amnesty   
NOTE:  If you have been a victim of identity theft, we want to hear from you. Send  an Email:

When One of These People Steal Your Identity....
What will you do when THEY "BECOME YOU"?

April 6, 2013

Tamara Greenhill sits for her first full interview since the trial ended for the illegal immigrant that stole Tamara's identity and created a nightmare that lasted more than 10 years.  AND, it's not over yet.  Hear this near unbelievable, but true account that devasted the life of an American family.  From a gainfully employed, tax paying, homeowner to despair, the ruin seemed never ending.  Why didn't law enforcement act?  Why was Tamara left to fend on her own?  Do illegal immigrants have more rights than their victims?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• ID Stolen in 2002, Phone Call in 2003 Uncovered Person "IS NOT ME"
• NINE Police Depts, ICE, IRS, FTC, BBB, FBI Notified--Did NOTHING 
• IRS confiscates over $20,000 in tax refunds over a 7 year period 
• Tamara's Son Off BCBS Ins.--Illegal Immigrant's Children Covered 
• Family Gets $250,000.00 Medical Bill -- Home is Foreclosed
• ONE FBI Agent Decides to Hear Tamara and Then Acts 
• Nine Month Sting Operation Results in Arrest and Trial 
• Plea Bargain and Now Eligible for Amnesty Under Proposed "Reform"
We apologize for not getting to listeners during this hour.  We wanted to get Tamara's story out and we had planned to take calls.  Unfortunately, the incredible tale of this lady's and her family's nightmare took the entire hour.  NEXT WEEK: We will have Tamara back for a conversation on her life today as she and her family deals with legal, financial and social injustices, from payment demands for debts they never had to death threats.  We will definitey take calls from listeners.  If you have been a victim of identity theft, we want to hear from you. Be our guest, call in or write us about your story.  Send an email to:

March 30, 2013

There is so much going on, but how much of it is really important to most Americans? What about the things that Main Street Americans are concerned about?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• The Bill of Rights--Your Rights vs What Washington Politicians Think
• Recognizing Values vs the MSM's Offering of Celebrities as Being Newsworthy 
• Facts Re: Illegal Voting Practices Proven vs Obstruction of Voter ID Bill 
• Priorities: Broken Promises of Tuition for Vets vs. Funding DREAM Act 
• Assault Weapon Contro vs Senator Adamant to Remove ALL Guns 
• Korea Threatens US--Americans: Their Confidence in/of D.C. Leadership  
• School Children On Easter Vacation--Washington Takes 2 Weeks Off
• Napolitano Says Influx of Immigrants will Turn States "Blue"--Is This Goal of Reform? 
NOTE:  We delivered a personal Easter Message at the end of this broadcast.  We observe this Holy time and the Promise of Eternal Life.  No matter your belief, take time to hear this message of hope.

March 23, 2013
Why are cities, such as Phoenix, pushing to have community weapon buy back programs?  City officials and some law enforcement want drones over your home and business?  Why?  Some cities tell you they need more money for safety and welfare programs.  They pass a tax and the money rolls in---where does it go? 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
GUEST: Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman (6th District)
• Phoenix City Mayor Urges Gun Buy Back to destroy weapons
• Lawmakers Challenge Destruction,Program Ridiculous & Waste of $$ 
• Great Caller Comment: How Do You "BUYBACK" What Never Owned?
• NY Governor Ask & Pays Neighbor to Turn in Neighbor That Has Guns
• Drones: How Sophisticated--Specifics--Gather Evidence w/o Warrants 
• Company With Technology to Block Drone Mission--Non-Destructive

• Phoenix City Council Passes FOOD Tax (2/2/10)--Eliminate Cuts to Public Safety 
• Mega Millions: No Police or Fire hired--Instead City Govt Employees Got Raises/Bonuses  
NOTE:  A caller made this comment:  "How do you buy back something you never owned".  Think about it. You bought it, you owned it---there is no such thing as someone buying it "back" from you.  It was never their property!  EXCELLENT POINT!  Our listeners are truly intelligent and well-informed.  We truly appreciate all calls.

Know the difference? Schools Say Parents Don't Have to Be Notified.

March 16, 2013
What are we emphasizing in public schools today, education or indoctrination?  Are your teachings and standards, at home, being contradicted at school? Are we educating or confusing these young minds?  Keep in mind, these children are acquiring the basics upon which they will live their lives, earn a living, make decisions and, some of these children, will set policies and lead this nation.   Are you comfortable with the examples they are given and what they are asked to accept?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
GUEST: Lynn Vogel, Political Activist
• Today's Schools: Is Emphasis Education or Indoctrination?
• Hidden Cameras Used in School Bathrooms
• School Pregnancy Rate-Bathrrom Doors Removed
• Transgender Bathroom Concept Begins in Schools
• Gov't, DOJ Forces Univ. to Admit Men in Women's Bathrooms
• Naked Man, 45, Okayed to Lounge in Girls' (age 6-18) Locker Room

• Public Schools Expand Use to Include Showers, Locker Rooms, etc.
• Students Cannot be Challenged on Use--Parents Not Notified or Consulted 
NOTE: Are the guidelines and values that you are teaching your children
being contradicted by the accepted policies and procedures at school?  Are you comfortable with the fact that the responsibility for determining a student's gender identity rests ONLY with the student? There is no need for a doctor's note, parental permission, nor will the parents be notified.  Do these laws give MORE RIGHTS and extend SPECIAL TREATMENT to transgendered students?  Watch for our next blog (coming 3/19/13).

March 9, 2013
When government mandates that any person has the right to go into the bathroon of their choice, no matter the sex, has it gone too far? Phoenix, the 6th largest (population) city in America just passed such an ordinance. We get the truth, not the spin, with our guest. 
 HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
GUEST: Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio
• Phx Ordinance G5780  "Bathroom Bill"  Once a Disability Issue
• What Was the Make Up of the Committee to Study Issues?
• Mayor Rushed to Pass Ordinance, Why?  Public Not Informed
• Falacies Concerning Churches and Religious Organizations
• Fines for Non-Compliance, Beware of Speaking,
• Nothing Prevents Use of Perverts, Pedophiles, Sexual Molesters
• Problems Experienced in Other Areas With Such Law
 Ordinance Denies Dignity & Privacy of Majority--Repeal Needed
• CALLERS UPDATE us on Nationwide "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" Awareness
NOTE:  We found that, throughout the program, callers were calling in but were unable to get through to us.  We were unaware of this issue until we started receiving messages via Email and messages on our FB page.  We assure you that we want to hear from you and invite you to call again.

March 2, 2013
This administration and the politicians in Washington seem to do not much more than give us mixed messages.  They say one thing, then they say something different.  They do one thing and then turn around and contradict what has been done.  They say they mean this and then they say they mean that.  What's the truth?  In this hour, we'll remove some of the wool that's been pulled over our eyes.  Plus, listeners have plenty to say.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• When Predicting Doom & Gloom, Backup Plan Needed Blaming Others
• Sequestration Immediate Affects:  Fallout and Egregious Actions Taken 
• HR 347, Passed 3/2012, May Be Used to Limit Freedom of Speech
• A Special Report from NE America Regarding "Yellow Ribbon" Event
• Stated 3/2006: Today's Statements & Stand Are Absolute Epitome of Hypocrisy 
• Pres. Says "Not Dictator", Unable to Insist Congress Tends to Business of the People
• We Afford add'l 16,000 IRS Healthcare Workers, But Must Release 2,000 Criminals  
• Sequestration: Not Current Issue--Yet, DHS to Release Another 3,000 Criminals
• Mixed Messages: Are they Manipulative to Sway Public Opinion, Instill Fear, Out of Spite?
PROGRAM NOTE: We had a special report on a incident in Massachusetts that has given birth to a "Yellow Ribbon Event".  Please share in the expression of support next Saturday.  This hour also had listeners calling in with some strong views regarding MIXED MESSAGES.  To those that hung up before we could get to you, we ask that you call again.  We apologize for not getting to you in a more timely manner.  We ALWAYS welcome calls.  It's YOUR program.

February 23, 2013
Then we have some strong arguments for saving thousands of lives EVERY year. A major portion of Americans think it's about something else.  We're offering perspectives to consider, then you decide if all of the action on Capitol Hill is about the concern of saving lives or if it's all about more government control.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Politicians Boast About Vote, So What?  It's the Results That Count!
• Bills target registration, restrictions, bans, age, types, quantities, etc.
• V.P. Guarantees sweeping firearms reform by end of month
• Statistics that rival need for gun control (if saving lives is the real issue)
• Gun Free Zones--Not Safe.  Criminals Don't Care About Laws
• Bans on Weapons: Why Not Ban Other Factors that Kill Many?
• Freedom, Liberty, Unalienable Rights, All Men are Created Equal
• Beware of Community Organizations Urging You to give up weapons
• Conditioning: A toe hold, then a foot, then what--A warm shower?

February 16, 2013
So why is Washington telling us.......? Do they really think that we're so dumb? Let's face it, we did vote to return many of them to Washington. .We continue to detail the truth behind the words, the hype and the pressure to move quickly on the issue of immigration reform. Is this in the best interest of America? 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Legislators Take Next 11 Calendar Days Off as Crisis Deadline Nears
• Another $2 Billion Spent Delivering Babies of Illegal Mothers
• Immigration Reform Good for Economy--Don't Buy This Story
• Another Illegal Immigrant Pres. Obama Says Not Looking for Problem--Sure?
• Easing of Laws, Amnesty & Patronizing Brings More Illegals to America
• President Says Law Prohibits Him Bypassing Congress
• President Bypasses Congress, Makes Executive Order

Politicians Say Majority of Americans Want this.

February 9, 2013
We continue to detail the truth behind the words, the hype and the pressure to move quickly on this issue. We closely examine what the President offered as his proposal. Why has the issue of illegal immigration taken such prominence? Why have the issues of America been set aside for this ONE ITEM?  We are told our border is secure, is it?  We are told that most people want reform, do they?  Is this in the best interest of America? What we have been told and what we're being sold, is that real or is it just more political talk? Is this the right time for reform?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Sen. Reid Says Immigration Reform Bill WILL Pass
• President Says MOST Americans Want to Fix Broken System 
• Here's What MOST Americans ACTUALLY Want
• Parties Work Together, But Not Because of This Issue
• Are Hispanics Being Patronized While Majority of Citizens Are Ignored? 
• Good For Economy? Illeg. Imm. Costs Nation Approx. $113B. Annually
• Sequestration: What is it?  Why Now? What Will Happen?
Understanding politicians helps to understand their speeches and their goals. Read our essay: "Politicians: Definitions, Diagnosis and Potential Cures"

ADDED ITEM: Drug smugglers & illegal immigrants don't need a ladder:  See the video

Immigration Reform.....
We're Not Being Told Everything We're Being Sold

February 2, 2013
Why This, Why Now? Why Not Issues of Jobs, Economy, War, Debt, etc?  What happened to the fervor and frenzy, in Washington, over gun control?  Why has Congress sidestepped so many issues of dire importance to this nation, and instead focused on legalizing 11,000,000 immigrants (or a lot more) that live and work in this country---illegally? NOTE: Next Sat (2/9): Part II
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• 1. Gearing Up to Push, 2. Closed Door Meetings, 3. Politics, 4. Expensive & Wrong
• Politicans Give Clues Before Closed Door Meetings, Fraternal Network Selected 
• Politicians Deny Amnesty, Proposal and Comments Suggest it is Amnesty 
• Breaking Down Some Key Points Of Senate Proposal...What About American Citizens
• Commissions and Depts. Needed..Bottomless $$ Pit, Cronyism Will Thrive
• Shouldn't we Make America & it's Citizens FIRST?
• Reality Why Proposals Recommended Won't Work 
Understanding politicians helps to understand their speeches and their goals.  Read our essay: "Politicians: Definitions, Diagnosis and Potential Cures"

January 26, 2013
Politicians, who are these people? Are they really "just like you", do they really "understand your concerns", do they really "get the message"? Why do they do the things they do and what are they really after? We'll set the record straight with the facts. And we'll clear up any confusion with the truth. Another
very candid presentation---revealing the facts, telling the truth---in STRAIGHT TALK.
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• The Art of Conditioning: Silent, Non-Threatening, Small and Constant Chipping Away
• No Surprise: Approval of Congress is Dismal--Duh? Same Politicians!
• Members of Congress Increase Personal Wealth--A Million Times Better
• Politician Forecasting Financial Disaster--Wants You to Donate YOUR $$
• Hillary Clinton:  Here's What Difference it Makes!
• Politician Campaigns Against Obama, But Struts at Inaugural Extravaganza 
• Scholarly Definitions of Politician--Everything But Kind, Flattering or Decent
Note: We have published some final thoughts on this subject, on our essay page.  The essay is titled "Politicians: Definitions, Diagnosis and Potential Cures"

Created In Secrecy "Under the Rose"
Pressured into Law "Under the Gun"

January 19, 2013

We reveal the link between guns and roses.  And we'll look at the efforts of Washington to control.  Why so much misinformation? Why such secrecy? What happened to logic and the consideration of facts?  Regarding the political fervor and frenzy attacking gun issues, the proposals coming out of Washington, the real issues are not being addressed. Instead, the misdirected focus chips away at the rights and liberties of the people and is replacing them with greater controls. A very candid presentation---secrets, the facts, the truth.

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• In Recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--A very Apropos Quote  
• The Significance of the Rose--The Link in Government
• Bills Limiting Rights of the People Created and Drawn Up in Secrecy  
• Favors Hidden Within Bills, Poorly Written, Passed Without Reading  
• Secrets Retained Through Misuse of Power--Out From Under the Gun 
• History Teaches: A "Sub Rosa" Gov't is NOT a Gov't of, by and for the People 
• Upcoming Actions on Issues: "Cave Idus Martias"("Beware the Ides of March")

Personally, I think that we'll all feel safer
If we disarm the criminals FIRST!

January 12, 2013
We present this MINISERIES as an educational tool to help you fortify your position regarding your rights. Our precious freedoms did not come freely, they were fought for and have always been defended.  If Washington has it's way, we'll soon have laws, among others, that ban certain guns, laws that may restrict the use of guns and implement tighter registration requrements. We may even face the possibility of confiscation of certain weapons. Most of what is being considered targets the innocent and skirts around the real issues and needs. 
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• Do We Really Believe That "All Men Are Created Equal"? 
• Some Crimes Are Now Exempt to "Liberty and Justice For All"
• Intimidation & Pressure: Tools to Cast Blame and Guilt
• Crude, Bitter & Malicious Vitriol:  Hypocrisy of the Extreme Left  
• You Want to Ban Weapons?  Lead by Example--Give Yours Up First
• The REAL ISSUES--Points to Consider, Needs to Address 
Program Statement:  At the end of this broadcast, Rudi offers:  Want to stop crooks from having weapons?  Let's start by securing our borders.  Keep the drug trafficking, human trafficking and weapons trafficking---and the influence of dirty money from coming into America.  Rudi says "Personally, I think that we'll all feel safer if we disarm the criminals FIRST".  What do you say?   

It's Not What You Think

January 5, 2013
We present this MINISERIES as an educational tool to help you fortify your position regarding your rights.  Listening, you will hear provocative perspectives, unlike anything presented by any other source, regardless of which media.  You must be informed and you must stay alert.  You have certain unalienable rights, freedoms and liberties.  These precious gifts did not come freely, they were fought for and have always been defended.  What will you do?       
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Congressional leaders offering multiple bills on gun issues
• Bills target registration, restrictions, bans, age, types, quantities, etc. 
• V.P. Biden "guarantees" sweeping firearms reform by end of month
• Statistics that rival need for gun control (if saving lives is the real issue) 
• Why not restrict, ban, put age limits on these tools used to kill?
• Freedom, Liberty, Unalienable Rights, All Men are Created Equal 
• Communities urge "feel good" volunteering to give up weapons
• Conditioning:  A toe hold, then a foot, then ?? Finally a warm shower
Program Side Note:  The only thought that would be considered absurd or far fetched, is the thought that we can take our rights, liberties and freedom for granted.  We need only look back at history to be reminded how quickly and, without force, things can change---if we simply sit back and allow things to progress beyond our control.  Freedom: Precious and priceless, with liberty and justice for all--that all men were created equal.

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