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Stuck in the Mud? Time is Running Out....Tic Toc, Tic Toc

December 29, 2012
We start by understanding where we were at the end of 2011, what we did to get to where we are at the end of this year.  We answer the question:  Are we moving ahead or are we stuck in the mud?  As you listen, what do you think?   Please see the URGENT REQUEST on our BLOG page: re: SANDY HOOK
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• Here's What We Were Thinking & Doing on Dec. 31, 2011
• Here's What We Were Thinking & Doing on Dec. 29, 2012 
• Are People in D.C. Really What We Need?
• Debt at 16.4 Trillion--We're Already Over the Cliff
• A Look at Issues in 2012 and Progress Made as of Today
• Callers Have Plenty to Say About a Variety of Issues
(Program schedule & time limited the number of calls we could put on the air) 
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• We continue looking at 2012 issues and our progress
• Callers Continued to Express Their Views on Issues 
• It's Not What Happened TO America, It's What's Happened "IN" America 
• Cronyism, the Path to Corruption...Unresolved Issues of Fraud & Deception
• D.C. Gives Itself Pay Raise--You Get Tax Raise--Actions Speak Louder
• False Info Given + Grandstanding, Stonewalling & Next Scandalous Cover Up 

December 22, 2012
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Deja Vu? Have we heard this before, are we reliving the past? Surely not. We're too smart to repeat past mistakes, aren't we? We deliver the facts, with truth and straight talk---YOU decide.
• Iran: What We Didn't Do Then, What We're Not Doing Today
• Callers Speak to Campaign Smears--We Had Plenty This Year
"Patriotic Millionaires" Offer to Pay More--Today, NONE Have
• Budget Amendment Fails--Congress Won't Be Ordered to Act
• Congress Hopeless Mess--System Broken--America Suffers

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• Econ. Crisis--Mortgage Meltdown--Stalls Migration
• Judges Becoming a Focus of Improprieties in Law 
• Still No Investigation into Fraud that Created Crisis--Why?
• All About Politicians Staying in Office--Power and Wealth
• "UN"Civil Protests-Student Loans-Interpreting Rights
• Perversive & Sex Classes..What Are We Teaching Youth? 

December 15, 2012
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• The Overview of this Sensitive Issue
• Gun Control? Rhetoric and Stale Arguments-AGAIN 
• History of Mass Shootings
• Profile of Mass Shootings 
• Clinical Results Concerning American School Shootings 
• Listener comments
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School District Board Member (over 10,000 students, Former Jr. High and High School Educator, Expert in Educational Leadership and Supervision, Involved in Legislative and community actions concerning educational success at all age levels,  Mother of 3 young boys, ages 9, 5 and 3.) 
Mrs. Whitener praises the protocol followed at Sandy Hook, sheds light on current methods used in school systems and gives suggestions for improvements and discloses the hard fact--educational funding cuts.
• Actions taken at Sandy Hook Elementary School 
• Various Steps Implemented at Variety of School Systems 
• Advances and Upgrades Worth Consideration and Funding
• Should Teachers be Armed in the Classroom? 
• An Educator, a Board Member, A PARENT Comments  
Commentary: "THE BIG PICTURE"  Rudi's perspective eliminates the petty, selfish interests and automatic reponses always made after such a horrific event and puts the emphasis on the heart wrenching facts, the reality that hearts have been ripped out of suffering individuals all across America.    NOTICE:  This commentary is an emotional, honest and candid exposure of the REALITY, it's not the rhetoric being spread by biased, partisan medias, politicians or public figures with agendas backed by huge donations.  This commentary is about LIFE. 


December 8, 2012

Our Guest:  John Ammon, MD   President of Docs4PatientCare (AZ chapter).  Dr Ammon is the only person I have ever met that has actually taken the time to read the entire Affordable Healthcare Act (nearly 2,700 pages) and has taken to the time to understand how invasive this will be.  This law, the government and political appointees to the IPAB will become the final word on healthcare.  America's position, rated #1 in the world, in regards to healthcare, already shows signs of degression.  The valued relationship between doctor and patient, concerning decisions on care, is not only threatened, it seems to be on the chopping block. The compassion that has guided physicians will be a thing of the past.  IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH, THAT OF YOUR FAMILY, YOU NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH---NOW!!!
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• First: Unrest in Egypt--Here's What Was Known--What Else Would You Expect? 
• Three Major Concerns Regarding Affordable Healthcare Act (aka: Obamacare) 
• The Reality: Physician-Patient Decisions Taken Away and Given to IPAB 
• Not Healthcare Reform--It Is Government Control--Obamacare 
• Fiscal, Budget, Spending Issues--Yet, Obamacare Will Tax America More 
• What Patients Are Confiding in & to Their Doctors
• State Exchange Burdensome, Detrimental to Business Growth
• Government Knowledge Of MY Health Info is of NO Benefit to America
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• 7 Fears Physicians Have About Obamacare 
• Physicians Are Disheartened And Leaving Medicine  
• ACOs Are Herding Graduates into Employment Positions  
• O.R. Surgeons Witness heretofore Unusual Conditions
• Straining Privilege of Doctor-Patient Relationship
• Dr. Ammon Predicts Conditions & Changes in Healthcare--Next 4 Yrs  
• Polls, Media Hype--Governmental Tripe 
Commentary:  "It's The American People: That's The Problem"  Get a dose of reality with this perspective on how politicians consider themselves.  They make speeches, you hear their words, but do you REALLY HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING?  Rudi K puts it on the line-- "Just maybe the American People would come out ahead...FINALLY.

December 1, 2012
If "WE THE PEOPLE" are the government and congress has ONLY the POWERS we give it to act on our behalf, then why do they hold secret meetings that you and I can't attend or listen to???? And why isn't TRANSPARENCY the rule? Do we have the power or are we kidding ourselves?
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• According to the Constitution, "WE THE PEOPLE" Grant Power to the Legislature 
• Current Fiscal Issues: Stalled, Stalemated: Why Would We Expect Anything Else?
• But "True Insiders" Know...Why Aren't "WE THE PEOPLE" in the Know? 
• Signing Pledges, Tax Hikes and One Lobbyist's Power?  His Power?
• Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions: Secrecy vs Peoples Right to Know
• Why Secret Meetings on Spending--It's "WE THE PEOPLE" Money 
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• "WE THE PEOPLE" said NO, NO and NO to the Affordable Care Act 
• "WE THE PEOPLE" Were Rendered Powerless, The Bill Became Law
• Who Took Our Power, How Did We Lose the Right to Govern? 
• DACA Proponents Demand "WE" Change OUR State Laws
• Winning Elections Deemed a Deciding Factor on Some Laws 
• The Rule of Law: Amnesty--What About "WE THE PEOPLE"

Listeners' Comments: At the beginning of the program, Rudi asked listeners to call in with their views on "WHAT IS GOING WELL IN AMERICA and WHAT ISN"T GOING WELL IN AMERICA".  Throughout the program we took a few calls. Hear what the listeners had to say.  We apologize for those that called and were unable to get on the air due to time constraints.  We appreciate your views and would like to hear from you again.

DON'T JUMP! If you have the facts, know the truth---you can make a wise choice.

November 24, 2012
Our guest, Larry Doyle, is a former Wall Street Executive and currently the originator and author of "The Best Financial Blog of 2012.  Mr. Doyle, a Main Street listener favorite, is regarded an expert on financial matters and national interest issues and is a regular contributor on other national radio, TV and financial periodicals.
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• The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said: "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than....." 
• Wall Street Thoughts Before & After Election--Numbing of the Public
• Federal Reserve Printing $$--Monetizing Debt--Future Conflicts
• Disparity Between the Market & Reality of American Families
• The Stock Act--Insider Info Continues to Flow--Exemptions Abound
• The Fiscal Cliff: What is it? Entitlements/Reform/Cuts What has to be Done?
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• Economy is "Walking Pneumonia" with Major Drags
• Housing Market NOT Healthy, Real Unemployment 10% + 
• Short Upswing Reports vs. Time Line Realities
• Structural Reform w/"Real Regulators" Needed--NOT More Laws 
• Another Trillion $ Deficit--America's Credit Rating? Interest Rates?
• Gov't Has an Eye on Personal Retirement Accounts--Can They? 
• Update on East Coast Conditions 1 month after Hurricane Sandy 

Commentary: Rudi K's perspective on the burden we face.  The fiscal cliff is the end result of spending money we don't have.  We are a nation out of control with one piggy bank, that of the American Taxpayer and 535 politicians all shaking every last penny out of it. We must INSIST on accountability, lip service is NOT acceptable.  Our choices are clear, the consequences are real.  Choose wisely. 


November 17, 2012
The election is over and there is an endless amount of attention given to who won, why, who lost, why and theory after theory of what went wrong, who was at fault, etc, etc. It's time to move on, but look what that means to some and let's see who's doing what to whom, what's in our future, who can alter the outcome and what needs to be done to make POSITIVE ADVANCEMENTS that are so dearly needed.
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• Israel is One of This Nation's Most Faithful & Strongest Allies--Be Attentive, Stand With Her
• Campaigns Are Over, New Agendas Want $$ Contributions--Did You Get Your Thank You Yet?
• Politicians Now Positioning For 2014--Never Ends--What About America's Issues
• Secession Talk:  Ridiculous and UNAMERICAN (Straight Talk regarding Americans)
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• An Honest Look at Where We Are Today
• Based On Where We Are and Who We're With--What's Ahead and What's the Outcome 
• Congress has Pathetic Approval Rating--Americans Complain--Then Re-elect them--Why?
• We know Who's to Blame--Time to Accept Change Starts at the Foundation 
• We CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE--Starting Today, Starting at Home
• Insist on Accountable OR Cut off Their Heads--Your Vote is Your Sword

Rudi K delivers an impassioned message that strikes at the heart of the American family.  The truth is that doing things the way we have, for more than most of would care to admit, hasn't worked out too well for us or our beloved country.  We need to return to the guidelines our founding fathers set for themselves as they guided this nation on the path to become the greatest nation on earth.  On their honor, we relied and grew into "ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL".  Nothing else is acceptable--NOTHING.


November 10, 2012
Our guests are the real heroes that were with Easy Company, as depicted in the book "BAND OF BROTHERS" that later became an award winning HBO miniseries by the same name. Easy Company was in the US Army's 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.  The men from Camp Toccoa, Ga. fought in many combat operations. Some of those ETO combats included: Normandy Invasion (D-Day), Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge), Holland (Operation Market Garden) and the march to Hitler's Eagle Nest (Kehlsteinhaus above Berchtesgaden). Out of respect, we won't outline the topics, we only list the guests and a few of their medals and citations. Sometimes there aren't words to describe---sometimes it's best to let you feel.
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• Ssgt Albert "Al" Mampre: Purple Heart(2), Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, various regimental citations
• PFC Edwin "Ed" Pepping: Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Pres. Citation, ETO Medal w/in D-Day Spear  
• T-4 George Luz (Son George Luz, Jr. for his dad): Purple Heart, Bronze Star, WWII Victory, Pres. Citation
• Added Guest: Tim Gray, Founder/Chairman of WWII Foundation, Award winning doc. film producer
NOTE:  All of these men still serve, volunteering their time and talents to educate, lecture and support worthwhile projects and organizations.
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We continue with our VERY SPECIAL VETERANS DAY PROGRAM.  WWII Veterans, Al Mampre and Ed Pepping continue sharing their experiences with us.  We are now joined by three special women.  These ladies worked in the aircraft plants, and are among the sisterhood that became known as "ROSIE THE RIVETERS".  American women became the driving force and critical support team that, through their service, made sure our fighting forces had everything they needed, everything this nation could possibly provide--and PDQ. We list their names and their contribution to the war effort. These ladies now serve as officers in the American Rosie the Riveters Association (AZ--largest chapter in the US)  Hear these individuals as they share among each other and with us.  It's a time of Service and Pride for America by Americans.  Share it with your family and friends.
• France Ellis: Boeing Plant--Bulk Heads of the P-38   Today: President of ARRA (AZ) 
• Arlene Crary: Boeing Plant--Skins on end half of wings of the B-17 & B-29   Today: V.P. ARRA (AZ) 
• Wilma Rees: Boeing Plant--Skins on end half of wings of the B-17  Today: Sec. ARRA (AZ)
Closing: Rudi K, on behalf of everyone involved with Main Street Out Loud, sums it up with a few words:  We are humbled, honored and grateful for having the opportunity to speak and learn from these men and women--THE REAL HEROES.  Because of them--WE ARE FREE.  Because of them--WE ARE!

November 3, 2012
We start the program with our guest, Jerrol LeBaron, Executive Producer of the exceptional documentary film entitled **"Fools on the Hill". When you're ready to make a difference, what does it take to make a change?
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• Politicians say they understand & relate--Examples: They don't have a clue 
• Political leaders have ONE purpose:  Solve Problems--Why they are delelect 
• Getting petitions on a ballot costs mega $$, organizations pay "volunteers" for signatures
• Eye Opener: It's a long & difficult road to change "business as usual" in Congress
• More than 12,500 PAGES OF LAWS secretively passed in the past 4 years
• Congress never argues bills--they argue positions for power--Time for MAJOR overhaul
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We continue with our guest, Jerrol LeBaron. And--we discuss the reality of the vote this coming Tuesday, Nov. 6th. We don't tell you who to vote for---BUT--we ask you to cast an educated vote---YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  
• Party Line Voting--Easy to do--But not the job description of elected officials 
• Jerrol gives reasons for NOT voting for candidate--reasons FOR voting for a candidate 
• Political Parties have one interest: Attaining more POWER 
• Political Reform has never worked--Focus needs to be on Transparency
• Washington is broken--Incumbents are responsible--VOTE ALL OUT
Commentary: Today, BILLIONS of $$$ are raised during campaigns.  How much more will it cost us for true leadership and representation.  The more campaigns cost, the less we can expect.  Money is ruining our basic form of government.  MSOL also looks at reasons that keep some very exceptional individuals from considering running for public office. 
**"Fools on the Hill"--
To order your copy of this "must see" documentary and/or to learn more on how you can help change Washington, CLICK HERE 

October 27, 2012
Our guest embodies the qualities we want in leadership. He is strong in character, guided by good morals, honesty, ethics, decency, principles, selflessness and he is a man of honor. Bill Montgomery is as American as apple pie and baseball.  We interview this exceptional individual on topics of both local and national interest.  Hear truth, candor and know that there are people worth your support---you just need to find them in your area.  America needs great leadership---YOU deserve great leaders.

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• Phx PD Operation: Arrests 20 Gang Members: Murder, Drugs, Money Laundering, etc. 
• Rapist Arrested, But Evidence Testing Delays May Cause Legal Obligation to Release
• Medical Marijuana: Federal Law Trumps State Law on Growing, Dispensing, Possession & Use
• Dispenseries are Preferred Targets For Criminals Wanting #1 Cash and #2 Drugs 
• Medical Purposes? Surprising Statistics on Who Register for Medical Marijuana Needs
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We continue hearing what an Exemplary Example of Great Leadership has to say on a variety of subjects, including domestic and international issues.   At West Point, he studied National Security and Public Affairs under some very noted military and private educators.  He presents a clear and understandable view on the utter failure in Libya and the war in Afghanistan.
• Political Idea to Restrict Choices Within Election Process:  Proposition 121 is a VERY BAD Idea
• Legal Issues Raised + Money Will Continue to be Most Influential Point of Elections 

• When Political Commercials are Misleading or Lies, is there a Desire to Prosecute?
• At West Point, Montgomery Studied Nat'l Security % Public Affairs--Hear Educated Opinion on Lybia Failure     
• Afghanistan, an 11 Year War:  As a Decorated Combat Veteran Shares Facts & His Military-Minded Opinion 
We appreciate all the calls we had during these two hours.  Some very strong points made by callers.  As we always say:  We have the smartest listeners and their calls are the most thoughtful presented on any program.

October 20, 2012

Dr. Byron Schlomach, noted economist, author, lecturer, consultant and director of the Goldwater Institute’s Center for Economic Prosperity joins us for both hours.  Dr. Schlomach is known for his plain spoken and candid views and is one of Main Street's most popular guests. We look at the facts and truthfully explain the end result. Plus, Dr. Schlomach and Rudi K each disclose their vote.

: Click to hear this broadcast
• Proposition 114-Crime Victim Protection From Liability for Damages (A no-brainer) 
• Proposition 115-Deals with Judicial Terms/Retirement/Appointments/Nominees   
• Proposition 116-Property Tax Exemptions (What does it do for business & the state?)  
• Proposition 117-Property Tax on Assessed Value (Is it a more fair tax for everyone?) 
• Proposition 118-Establishing Permanent Funds
(mention carries into next hour)
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
We continue examining and clarifying AZ Propositions with Dr. Schlomach
• Proposition 118-Establishing Permanent Funds (Capping revenue to schools, univ. & prisons)
• Proposition 119-Exchange State Trust Lands for other Public Land in AZ (amending an oversight) 

• Proposition 120-State Sovereignty
(AZ controls it's public land, air, water, minerals, wildlife, etc) 
• Proposition 121-Direct Primary Election Law
(This is a badly written proposal with too many loose ends)
• Proposition 204-Taxation (Another attempt to raise sales tax in AZ--PERMANENTLY--BAD TIMING & MISLEADING
.  This proposition uses the old standby "education" as the reason for the increase, while the funds go for much else.) 
We apologize to all the callers that we were unable to get to during these two hours.  We had great input by callers, our lines were lit up. Due to time constraints, we left many calls unanswered.  Main Street Out Loud is about YOU---please call again.

Oct. 13--Special Guests
(L-R) Dr. Banjrauh, M. Edwards, Dr. Walker, P. Miller, H. Saghari, Dr. Moorthy, M. Carpenter

October 13, 2012
Breast Cancer Awareness
The most comprehensive, informative and advanced program presented on this disease and the road to a cure. HEAR--HOPE--LIVE
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Rudi starts this hour with a perspective, yet to be heard, about the debate between V.P. Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.  Plus, he holds nothing back about the way the talk show "puffers" play their listeners like a fiddle.  Think America--don't be diverted from the real issues that affect this nation.  All this political "rock throwing" may be good radio and tv controversy, but it does nothing for our real problems.
Guest: Dr. Hedieh Saghari--Radiologist, Neuroradiologist, Published author in medical field and popular lecturer 
• Dr. Saghari addresses the unreliable information being put out by the government and some insurance companies on who should have mammograms and other female check ups.  We also discuss the accuracy of the 3 types of mammograms.  Always insist on 3-D 
Guest: Dr. Lise Walker--Noted Breast Surgeon, First & youngest woman appointed Chief of Surgery-Army Corps of Engineers Hospital
• Dr. Walker updates us on the latest procedures regarding Lymph nodes, location of some lymph nodes, purpose of lymph nodes, types of breast cancer surgeries 
Guest: Dr. Brenda Moorthy--Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, combines sound oncology principles with plastic surgery for best results
• Dr. Moorthy defines one of the latest surgical procedures called "nipple sparing surgery". How it differs from what surgeons consider as a "normal" mastectomy. How this surgery benefits a patient and who is qualifed to have this surgery.  What are the chances for recurrence with this surgery? 
Guest: Dr. Robert Bajnrauh--Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, proficient in microsurgical transfer, implants, local flaps and the advanced technique of the DIEP free-flap breast reconstruction 
• Dr. Bajnrauh explains the advantages of single stage breast reconstruction after mastectomy, Who is good candidate for this surgery, What are the drawbacks
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
We continue with our doctors from the first hour and after the break:  We add 3 ladies that are breast cancer survivors.
Dr. Bajnrauh continues explaining the additional options, other than implants, after breast cancer.  He gives a detailed description of the DIEP procedure and the added options this gives a woman. 
Guest: Paulla Miller--Survivor of 4 years.  Paulla also is the Community Outreach & Patient Resource Manager at JCLBHRC
Guest: Mindy Carpenter-- Survivor of 17 years.  Mindy is the Project Manager for Arizona YOUNG Breast Cancer Survivor Support Initiative
Guest: Mikala Edwards--Survivor of just over 1 year.  Mikala is Community Educator with YOUNG Breast Cancer Survivor Support Initiative
The three survivors speak frankly about experiences dealing with hearing about their own diagnosis, the importance of the right kind of support, the thought process, health, surgery, life long support and what is available for others.  These ladies are survivors, they are conquerors.  They are the living example of HOPE.  If you are in doubt, if you feel a need for a diagnosis, don't let anyone deter you from getting an answer.  IT'S YOUR RIGHT Contact a recognized breast cancer center for educational material and the answer to your questions. Do not rely on searching the internet ---not all information is reliable.  AND ABOVE ALL: REMEMBER THAT EARLY DETECTION IS KEY.  There is REASON to HOPE---and----there IS A CURE---INSIST ON FINDING IT!
  In loving memory of Erin Voll (8/27/1983--9/28/2012)

Guests on Oct. 6, 2012
(L-R) Miller, Carpenter,(Louise M), Cunnliff, (Rudi K), Gage, Dr. Murty, Dr. Khattab

October 6, 2012       
Breast Cancer Awareness
The most comprehensive, informative and advanced program presented on this disease and the road to a cure.  ONE out of EIGHT women are affected by breast cancer.  Over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and more than 41,000 lives are lost, annually, to this disease.  YOU NEED TO LISTEN---YOU NEED TO KNOW THERE IS HOPE.

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Intro by Rudi K, Dedication of Series in Memory of a Special Lady: Erin Voll
Guest:  Dr. Heather Cunliffe--Assoc. Prof. Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) & Heads up Breast & Ovarian Cancer Research Unit 
• Dr. Cunliffe addresses how cancer forms, DNA, basic types of cancer, genetics, myths, statistics, best times to give self-examinations 
Guest: Sherry Gage, Director of John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center & a Breast Cancer Survivor (6 1/2 yrs)
• Ms. Gage addresses early signs of breast cancer, self observations and examinations,  history of mammography, types, latest advancements, why 3-D is best, who needs and when to start having mammograms
Guest:  Paulla Miller--Community Outreach & Patient Resource Mngr (JCLBHRC) & a Breast Cancer Survivor (4yrs)
• Mrs. Miller gives some details on how to give self-examination, when not to examine, more signs of abnormalities,  how to administer an examination to someone else.  She identifies areas for support through state and federal resources, how to apply, pluse help for those unqualified persons. 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
We continue with our Guests from the first hour, clarifying funding available, considerations of estrogen therapy and further understanding 3-D mammography and .  We then add 3 more guests during this hour.
Sherry Gage continues with us and gives us some insight into John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center. She also reminds us breast cancer does not follow any rules and the new regulations (with Affordable Care Act) that restrict or suggest less need for examinations or mammograms are not necessarily in your best interest. Don't rely on the media to inform you, you must EDUCATE YOURSELF.
Guest: Mazen Khattab, MD--Medical Practitioner focusing on Oncology and Hematology with medical treatment emphasis through Chemo Therapy medications
Guest: Murali Murty, MD, MPA--Medical Practitioner, focusing on treatment of breast cancer including whole breast and accelerated partial breast irradiation via high dose rate brachy-therapy
• Doctors Khattab and Murty, highly regarded by peers and patients, explain early screening, they discuss the different treatments for breast cancer, the reasons for one over the other, if or when both types of treatments are used as a combination of treatment, the side affects of these treatments--Chemo Therapy and Radiation Therapy.   
Guest: Mindy Carpenter-- Project Manager for Arizona YOUNG Breast Cancer Survivor Support Inititative, backed by the CDC.  She is also a Breast Cancer Survivor (17yrs), diagnosed at the young age of 20. 
• Mrs. Carpenter explains the unique questions and issues young women have with dating, fertility, relationships and how does diagnosis differ from those diagnosed later in life. 
Rudi K asks the guests:  What is the NUMBER ONE question you get from those diagnosed with Breast Cancer?  The answer to Rudi's question tells us there are many women (and men) that are not aware of what needs to be done, what options are available and what advancements have been made.  We  must strive to continue educating and emphasising the importance of EARLY DETECTION.  There is REASON to HOPE---and----there IS A CURE---INSIST ON FINDING IT!


September 29, 2012
"AMERICA FIRST" (Part V) "Campaigns, Candidates and Candy"
Fanfare, fund raisers, rallies, caravans, extravaganzas, speeches, promises, deals, kissing babies, shaking hands and lots of candy.  We remove the sugar coating and bring you the facts, truthfully and without bias, partisanship, political correctness or allusive tap-dancing.  We keep it real.  LISTEN IF YOU'RE READY FOR STRAIGHT TALK

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Winking at Wall Street, Thumbing Their Nose at Tax Paying Americans 
• What Happnes if Congress Bribes Public with the Publics Money 
• Organizers Use $$ to Pay People to Support or Disrupt Political Rallies
• Main Stream Media Doctors Video, Manipulates the Truth in Reporting 
• Asking fAmericans to Sacrifice, While Living High on Tax Payer Money
• Fair Play "Everyone Plays by the Same Set of Rules"--Really?
• Astute, Strong & On Target Statement--Proves to be Idle Words
• Calling a Spade a Spade--The Polls, Political Endorsements--
This "NOW" is not a game, America is not the game board and Americans are not the game pieces or pawns!


September 15, 2012
"AMERICA FIRST" (Part IV) "Voter ID: Depriving or Assuring"
If you plan on living in America and if your children plan on staying and living in America, you MUST think about certain, specific issues. We are presenting an "IN YOUR FACE" look at critical issues that must be considered before we cast our votes. This election will determine the future of America.  LISTEN IF YOU'RE READY FOR STRAIGHT TALK
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Overview of Uprisings in Middle East --Over a Video? 9-11 Coincidence?
• Diversions Add to Unsolved Issues--AMERICA FIRST--We MUST FOCUS  
• Voter ID:  Disenfranchising of Citizens?  Definition Not Applicable
• National Study of Effects:  Reliable? Race Driven? Hidden Agenda? The Truth
• Why Minorities Should be Offended by Opinions Offered in Study 
• The Overwhelming Proof that Similar Cautions (Proof of Identification) Are Used Every
• Extreme, Offensive Measures Used to Identify Grandma--BUT--Blind Eye for Voters  
• Safety of 135 Passengers More Important than Freedoms of 300 Million (+) Americans
This "NOW" is not a game, America is not the game board and Americans are not the game pieces or pawns!  


September 8, 2012
"AMERICA FIRST" (Part III) "Law & Order vs Ma & the Border" 
If you plan on living in America and if your children plan on staying and living in America, you MUST think about certain, specific issues. We are presenting an "IN YOUR FACE" look at critical issues that must be considered before we cast our vote.  Listen, if you want the truth--STRAIGHT TALK.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Extravagant, Expensive, Excessive--Conventions Are Big Money Pep Rallies
• Critiquing the Best Speakers, the Messages & Who's Telling the Truth  
• Observing 9/11--Sending Troops to Fight--Unsecure Borders--What Message? 
• "No Papers, No Fear" Organization Travels America, Mandates American Laws Change 
• Illegal Immigrants Get Closer to the "Dream Act" With Law Stopping Deportation
• Splitting Families is a Sympathy Pitch for This Side of Border--No Problem Other Side 
• The Drain on America:  America and Americans in America MUST be First 
• A MUST: First: America First in ALL things for Americans in America


September 1, 2012
"AMERICA FIRST" (Part II) "Education:  Questionable Examples"
If you plan on living in America and if your children plan on staying and living in America, you MUST think about certain, specific issues. We are presenting an "IN YOUR FACE" look at critical issues that must be considered before we cast our votes. Listen if you're ready for STRAIGHT TALK
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• WARNING: Decision: You can Hear the Truth or Go Watch Cartoons 
• Celebrities & Politicians with Uncivil, Evil, Even Race Baiting Vitriol--Why? 
• Education: Subjecting America's Youth to Teachings That Shape Tomorrow's Leaders  
• President Honors Activist That Praises Dictator & States Republicans Hate Latinos  
• If Public School Invites a Speaker that Lies to Students-- Right of Free Speech? 
• What Your Child Thinks About America, Freedom and the Future?  Do You Know?
• Board of Education, Quality & Doctrines Taught--Your Vote Decides a Child's Education  
• A MUST: First: America First in ALL things for Americans in America


August 25, 2012
"AMERICA FIRST" (Part I)  "America First for Americans"
If you plan on living in America and if your children plan on staying and living in America, you MUST think about certain, specific issues.  We are presenting a FOUR PART, "in your face" look at these issues and we're letting the chips fall where they may.  We're giving you some perspectives for you to consider before you decide how you'll vote.  We understand how bold our statement is, but it is needed. STRAIGHT TALK--before the political convention(s) hype.
 HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Warning:  This program may not be suitable for...... 
• Two-Thirds of Americans Blame Same People Running For Re-Election
• The Foxes Steal Your Chickens and Send You to the Soup Line 
• Cronyism & Insideous Relationship Between D.C. & Wall Street
• A Weaker America On Their Watch--Why Return Them to Washington?
• Political Endorsements, Backroom Deals Made--You're Not Included 
• Parties and PACs Prefer Destruction Over Education 
• A MUST:  First:  America First in ALL things for Americans in America

August 18, 2012
We look at some of the money-making scams that people come up with to pad their pockets, enhance their wealth, all in the name of caring about you, this nation, preserving freedom, The Constitution, etcThey call themselves patriots, but If what they preach and teach is in the best interest of America, if they care about you and the future of this nation; if it's the truth and it's about freedom, why do you have to pay them? 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• "Liberty in a bottle", Debt Interest Payments, We Re-elect "THEM?" 
• Political Parties Aren't the Answer--Why Let Them Control You?
• The Constitution Doesn't Favor Anyone--It Protects Everyone
• Ineffective Congress--New Approach, New Faces..Voters Decide
• Super PACs--Secret Ways for Super Rich to Influence & Corrupt System
Commentary:  Beware of people, websites and organizations that promote hatred and violence through unfounded comments and accusations.  Piting American against American is a history lesson this nation doesn't need to repeat.  America needs leaders that are committed to the common good of all Americans.  America needs leadership that puts AMERICA FIRST.  (Click here to read this entire commentary)

August 11, 2012
There was a time when intuition played a big part in everyday life and, more often than not, when we heeded that "inner voice" and our gut feelings, it worked out better for us. What has happened to us today? Why do we rely on the main stream media to interpret things for us, tell us what we should think and do---we're smarter than ever, why can't we make our own decisions? We look at some signs.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Laws Written by Politicians To Govern All--But Exempt Themselves
• Lesson of Chick-fil-A, Minority Preaches One Thing, Acts Differently
• Anti-Hunting Group Wants U.S. Olympian to Die, Kill Herself
• Senator Uses Senate Position to Spread "Rumor"-What About Jobs, etc?
• Candidates are Unapproachable by "The People"
• Don't Need a Change in Office--We Need Change in Values

August 4, 2012
Our guest, Mr. Bill Montgomery, the Maricopa County (AZ) attorney gives us a clear insight into the issues you want clarified.  We had so much to discuss, time ran out before we were able to cover all the issues and we regret for leaving so many of your phone calls unanswered.  But, here are the issues we were able to present to you. 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Laws on Free Speech, Religion, Commerce (Chic-Fil-A incident)
• Tolerance and Acceptance is Touted, But Not Displayed 
• Redistricting, the Process and Why
• Child Welfare--Staggering Data--Staggering Overload
• New Reporting-Investigator Training-Diligent Improvement of System
• UN ATT Sidelined--Bigger Picture if W/O Controls Right of Gun Ownership 
• Stats on Gun Laws, Assault Weapons, Mass Killings, Ability to Protect

July 28, 2012
Our guest, Mr. Larry Doyle, former Wall Street executive, author, lecturer and Radio, TV and print media personality sought for his wisdom in the areas of economy, finance, regulatory procedures and other areas of monetary concerns.  Always candid, Mr. Doyle is plain spoken and delivers the TRUTH. 
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Commodity Futures Trading Comm.--Moves Behind Closed Doors
• Goldman, Chase, Citigroup, BofA Suffer Credit Ratings Cuts
• Credit Downgrades..Europe..Recession..Cause and Effect
• 18% Americans on Food Stamps and Disability..More to Come 
• Higher Learning..Cost of Education..Dismal Results.."A RACKET"
• Student Loans..Nearly One Trillion $$..Is This Next Bubble?
• LIBOR (London Interbank Overnight Rate)..Gigantic Corruption Scandal

Bottom Line: Beware of the links between politicians and the investment banking industry.  Favorable considerations for heavy campaign contributions, these are the makings of serious, egregious and corrupt practices that could bring America and other nations closer to the edge of the abyss.

Gov't Control of Healthcare: Bad Law--Bad Medicine
Doctors Stressed Over Pressure to Comply With Bad Practices

July 21, 2012
"AFFORDABLE CARE ACT--Obamacare".  Hear our guests, both highly respected medical practitioners, speak about the real facts about the national healthcare system that is coming to your doctor's office (provided he still has an office).  These two physicians speak candidly as to what is going on that is making your doctor think about closing shop.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• First: A Statement Regarding the Aurora, Colorado Tragedy
• Why are Majority of Medical Practitioners Against Obamacare?
• What is the Truth as to Why Healthcare is so Expensive?
• Government Interference With Doctor-Patient Relationship 
• FCCCER and the ACO Rules--Retread of Failed HMO System
• Practices Being Bought Up, Doctors Working FOR Hospitals
• First Time in America--Longevity of Life To Decrease

We ran out of time and could not get to the issue of TRUE healthcare reform.  Therefore, we have scheduled to have a group of medical practitioners with us on August 25, 2012.  Mark your calendars and tune in for a serious discussion about definite, logical, workable reform steps that need to be taken.

July14, 2012
"You've Got Questions--We've Got Some Truthful Answers"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• How Long Avg. American Works to Pay Share of Gov't Spending
• Could Gov't Force You to Give Your Paycheck Up?
• Americans Held 60% of GM Stock--We Were Promised Profits
• Has TARP Program Paid Dividends--Are We Better Off? 

• IRS Hiring Thousands to Deal With Tax Laws of Obamacare
• What is Real Amount of Penalty and Maximum--Can IRS Collect?
• Gov't Attys Bet Americans Will be Scared (Jefferson Warned Us) 
COMMENTARY: OUR TRIBUTE TO VETERANS (We just celebrated the anniversary of our independence.  Everyday that we are free, is a day that we should be thankful to all those that have ever served and all those that still serve--it is only through their commitment to protect and defend America that we remain free.  You may also read this tribute, it is posted on the Essays Page.

July 7, 2012
"FROM INDEPENDENCE TO INSANITY"  Albert Einstein's definition of Insanity:  "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".  We have just celebrate our 236th Anniversary of Independence.  We look at where we are and how we got here--doing the same thing over and over.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Examples of Where We Are--Laying a Foundation
• Senator Puts it in Plain English--Lays Into Political Inefficiencies
• Examples of Laws Passed--Another Broken Promise to America
• When Washington Runs Business--Failures Abound 
• 7/3/08, BHO Calls Bush Unpatriotic (debt)--And Today? 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
Doing the same thing over and over, electing the same people, time and again, and expecting them to change things?  They're the ones that have been in office and led us to where we are today. And, they want us to re-elect them to do what?????
• House and Senate Work Very Few Days--Earn Plenty 
• No Wonder They Want To Stay--It's NOT a Job!
• Americans Lose Jobs, Homes, Savings--Politicians Become Millionaires
• Realty Hits Again--Jobs, Economy Not Good
• Since 2006---Before Recession--Plenty of Reality
• Win War or Bring Them Home--End Politics, Ambitions, Profits
• If Your Work Results Were as Poor as Politicians--You're Fired
BOTTOM LINE:  It's time we face reality; that we can't rely on the same people that have driven us to the edge of the cliff.  We can't buy into their empty promises or tolerate their broken promises. We can't re-elect them.  If they were in office in 2006, then they were responsible for where we are today.  And we're not in good shape.  If we re-elect these people and believe things will be different, we're INSANE.   We'll have more of the same and we, as Americans, can't settle, any longer, for what we are becoming.  This is America, we're Americans and Americans don't compromise when it comes to INDEPENDENCE, our family or our future---DO WE? 

June 30, 2012
So many Americans are asking:  "What is going on in America?", "Why aren't we getting answers?" and "What's happening to us?".  There are plenty of questions, there just aren't many willing to give us HONEST answers.  Today, our guests give us candid, clear answers.  "We're Getting Answers--We're Getting The Truth"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Our guest is Larry Doyle, author & former Wall Street Exec.
• The Four Reasons Wall Street Can't Be Trusted
• Economy is a "Walking Pneumonia"--How Long?
• The Insidious Tie Between Wall Street and Washington D.C 
• Outlook for Economy By Year's End
• What Should Avg. Americans Do NOW? 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
Our Guest, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa Co., AZ
• SCOTUS Decision--Any Teeth in SB1070?
• President Directs DHS & ICE to End Help to AZ
• What's Behind These Latest Orders?
• DOJ, Eric Holder Takes Arpaio to Court
• Latest in Investigation into Pres. Obama's Birth Certificate
• CIS (D.C. Think Tank) Reveals Terrorists Exploiting Easing Laws

June 23, 2012
Our Theme Is: "Who Do You Trust--Who Can You Trust"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Media Producer Calls Liberal Media Deceptive & Untruthful
• More Revealed of Drones Spying on Americans
• SCOTUS Upholds Strip Search, Anytime/Anywhere/Anything
• NDAA, HR347 Do They Limit Rights of Americans? 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• Background on Contempt of Congress Vote
• Has AG Lied, Snubbed & Denied Committee?
• Is F&F Probe About Justice or About Politics? 
• Pelosi Accuses Republicans of Limiting Voters
• POTUS Says Diners Will Determine Nation's Future
Bottom Line: Elected leaders need to throw politics out the window and act like adults.  Instead of party, party, party being the focus, it is time to get back to making decisions that will enhance the well-being, safety and security of all Americans.  If they can't do this, if party politics are their focus, then it is time for them to step down.  We will demand their resignation, or vote them out of office.  They need to pack up their personal belongings and save this nation and it's people further disrespect, hardships and even, loss of life.  Today, Washington, D.C. and those that we have sent there, are becoming a disgrace to the American system of justice, our way of government and our supposed rule of law.  Is it any wonder that we are at odds with one another?  Our elected, once respected, representatives, as national leaders, are miserable, failing examples in decency, truth and trust.

June 16, 2012
Our Theme Is: "It's Not About The Law, It's Not About America"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Majority of Americans Agree on Obeying Laws
• Judges First Ruling--Did Pressure Cause Change in Ruling
• Leaks Out About President's Coming Fiat 
• President Sidesteps Congress With Executive Order 
• President Contradicts His Own Statement--Is Order Legal? 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• President's interview by Latino News Group Sept. 28, 2011
• President: We Are a Nation of Laws--BUT....
• President: We Have to Pass Bills Through Legislature 
• President: Health Care Reform Important to Latino Community
• President: Latino Population Exploding--Numbers Means Power
Bottom Line: The goal of government is no longer about a nation under the rule of law.  Today, it's not about the well being, safety and security of the American people.  Today, government is about power--period. The common good for all Americans is not the common goal that was, once upon a time,  the single most important purpose of forming, what became a government of, by and for the people.  You and I, we can start the process that takes us back to once upon a time and moves us forward to a better tomorrow.

June 9, 2012
Are YOU "In Tune" or Are YOU "Out of Touch"?  Find Out For Yourself
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
Here's What Was Known--Why Take So Long To Let Us In On The Truth?
• Some Suggest BEA May Be Cooking The Books
• What's to Consider--Political Parties Need to Stop Childish Squabbling
• Europe Nations Sinking, Bailouts Needed, How Is America Affected?
• President Says Private Sector Is Fine--Is He "Out of Touch?" 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• So Many Economic Woes--Federal Spending Grows--Is Gov't Friend or Foe?
• Who's Watching You And What Are They Doing With That Information?
• American Gov't Spying On American Citizens--Threat to Privacy & Security 
• If Drones Fall Victim to Malfunctions or Terrorist Hackers--Then What?
• Why Re-elect Those In Office For Last 6 Yrs?  Haven't They Done Enough Harm?
We can't keep re-electing these same people that have run time after time on promises of jobs, economy, illegal immigration, border security and other issues.  If this was your track record at work, promising and not delivering---would you still have your job? So, why should they keep theirs?

June2, 2012
When Politicians tell you that if you elect them, they'll take care of things, what do they mean?
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Mayor of America's Most Populated City Focuses on Big Picture--Slurpy Downsizing
• US Bureau of Labor Statistics--Unveils The Real Picture, Wall Street Gets It--Do YOU?
• Elected County Assessor Steps Aside Due to Inquiry--But, Keeps His Huge Salary
• Elected County Supervisor Sues Her County--Wants $975,000.00 + Legal Fees Paid
Yet, the constituents of these elected leaders  are jobless, no longer receive unemployment benefits, are losing their homes and can't afford the prices at the grocery store or the gas pump.  But??
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
If that's what our locally elected officials, that live in our neighborhood are doing to us, then pray tell,  what are those on the federal level doing to us?
• Congressman Decides to Fly Across America With Panel to Look Into Border Issues
• So Much Tax Money Spent on Travel, Lodging, Meals, etc--THEY LEARNED THIS? 
• Nothing But a Taxpayer Funded Ploy to Posture For Upcoming Campaign
• Fund Raisers Do Well When Border Issues Are Part of Platform--
• What If We Eliminate ALL Incumbents That Have Held Office Since 2006?
PROGRAM NOTE:  The aircraft referred to was the B-24 aka "The Liberator".  American manufacturing rolled this needed aircraft out at the rate of  ONE PER HOUR during WWII.  And today? With all our advancements in technology, tremendous tools and equipment---yet, in 30 YEARS, we're unable to do more than build just a few miles of fencing on our border. these aircraft had to fly, our border hasn't moved, it's still the same and in the same place, as it was over 100 years ago. Seems that no one is really serious about a secure border.
We can't keep re-electing these same people that have run time after time on promises of jobs, economy, illegal immigration, border security and other issues.  Overall, we are in terrible shape and still Congress continues to borrow more,  spend more, still refuses to work within a budget and we're in debt, we owe the staggering reality of over $15 Trillion Dollars.  And they want re-elected?  If this was your track record at work, promising your boss for six years and not accomplishing what you promised---would you still have your job?

Honoring Some of America's Best...
Passed On and Now Laid at Rest

May 26, 2012
"THE VOICES OF VETERANS" (A Memorial Weekend Special)
Every year, at this time, to honor and remember those that served and gave all, ceremonies are held throughout America and in other nations. The ceremonies, too often, are filled with speeches by celebrities, politicians and others that never served, even some (during draft status) that finagled exemptions. At MSOL, we feel this is a time to hear from those that served, that wore the uniform and were prepared to give all. The guidelines to today's program were simple: Only Veterans and those intricately involved with organizations that provide direct support for our military men and women are invited to call in. We gave them open time to talk about anything they felt needed to be said. We let them speak at length. Wouldn't you agree that it's TIME TO HEAR FROM THE VETERANS.

HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Active/Veteran speaks about National Guard deployments and employment issues
• Vietnam Veteran wrote "Is It Okay To Cry Now"  (Read by Rudi K)
• Marine SSgt Tim Chambers Calls with Update on Rolling Thunder from Washington, D.C.
• Combat Veteran, Injured/Disabled, Speaks on Frustration with VA & it's inattentiveness
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast  
In this hour we continue to take calls from Veterans and the founders of military support organizations. 
• Chris Siedentop, Founder of The Phoenix Soldiers, Honoring Veterans & Speaks of Current Veteran Needs 
• Veteran, Whose Son is Now Serving, Addresses Concerns Regarding NDAA and Potential Unlawful Orders 
• Karen Stark, Co-Founder of The Hugs Project, Reminds People Some Troops Feel Neglected, Frustration W/Those Americans That "Just Don't Get It" 
We encourage you to prod the politicians in Washington and in your state to fund programs that our veterans need today and to insist that the Veterans Administration has the staff, gets rid of the waste and becomes as efficient in their efforts as the men and women that we send to war.  The time has come to put Veterans issues on the front page, not to turn away, about face. 
Please Support the men and women of our Armed Forces through these exceptional groups from today's program. To learn how you can make a difference, click on these links:
The Phoenix Soldiers , The Saluting Marine, The Hugs Project 


May 19, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Armed Forces Day Facts and First Celebration
• Conversation w/Chris Seidentop, Founder of The Phoenix Soldiers 
• Live w/SSgt Tim Chambers (Saluting Marine) in route with "Run For The Wall" 
• Conversation w/Harold Thomas, Capt. of AZ Patriot Guard Riders
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• A Remarkable Trait That is the Common Thread Among Our Guests 
• One of Life's Lessons Through The Eyes of an Innocent Child 
• The Phoenix Soldiers offers Free Veteran Services & to Live Like Millionaire
• A Look at "There Was a Time In America When.."
Please Support the men and women of our Armed Forces through these exceptional groups from today's program.  To learn how you can make a difference, click on these links:   The Phoenix Soldiers , The Saluting Marine , Patriot Guard Riders (AZ)

May 12, 2012
"Damned If You Do--Damned If You Don't"
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Same Sex Marriage, Game Forfeit, Veterans Lack While Congress Spends
• Another Obama Czar--To Curtail Free Speech in Broadcasting?  
• Americans Concerned Over Liberties 
• Demonstrations--Free Expression or Crossing the Line
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
Damned If You Do--Damned If You Don't (Cont'd)
• Specific Statements Made 9 Mos. Ago--What's Changed? 
• Poll Shows Presidential Candidates Not What Americans Want
• Politicians To Far Removed to Understand Americans
• Significant Majority of Americans Would Remove ALL From Office--ALL
Bottom Line:  It may take a few elections, but within 2,4 or 6 years, by sending ALL incumbents home, our ELECTED representatives will eventually listen to the people.  Sixty-Nine (69%) percent of Americans say we're on the wrong path.  The drastic measure of removing everyone currently in office through every upcoming election might create a few set backs, but how can we continue to support  those that have led us down the path we have been on for so long? 

SSgt Tim Chambers

May 5, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Introduction and a FIRST.  The first on-air interview given by SSgt Tim Chambers.  Millions upon millions upon millions of people all around the world have seen the videos on You Tube and the videos have been passed around by veterans and civilians time and again.  TV cameras have caught the action, newspapers have reported on this man's remarkable dedication to honor the POWs, MIAs, KIAs, Veterans, Active duty and families.  Now, hear him as he expresses his views, shares his experiences in his own words--not the words of broadcasters and news anchors.     
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
We continue our interview and hear a special message that SSgt Tim Chambers wanted to send out specifically to every Vietnam Veteran. After this message, former radio talk show host, Tim Horn, finished out the program for Rudi K, who, with SSgt Chambers, left to attend the Meet and Greet being held at Airpark Dodge/Ram/Chrysler/Jeep and Fiat of Scottsdale, in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
From Rudi K:  This is a very special broadcast. If you haven't heard it yet, you should listen to it.  If you are active duty or a veteran, you should listen to this broadcast.  If you are a Vietnam Veteran--YOU NEED TO HEAR THE SPECIAL MESSAGE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOU.  SSgt Chambers wishes me to add on his behalf:  "Semper Fi".

Future Leaders of America
What are we teaching them in class and through our examples?

April 28, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• Federal Gov't Ties Common Core to Fed Waivers of NCLB
• Federal Control of Education--Results Dubious
• CA. Lawmakers Kill Plan on Law to Protect Students 
• Porn Star in Classroom--Who's Hiring These Teachers?
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast 
• Teacher Lines Up Students, Pulls Out Handgun & Fires 
• Psychological Testing of Teachers--Protecting Our Children
• Kindergarten Class Denied Bathroom Break--Inevitable Happens
• Teacher Ejects Students For Anti-Gay Views--School Alters Record
Bottom Line:  Get government out of schools, education belongs on local levels, eliminate bloat of administrative personnel, reassess and limit union control in education system & concentrate on basics of education: Provide funds to 1. Deliver proven teaching methods, 2. Select only quality instructors and 3. Provide a safe environment.

April 21, 2012
There was a time when people actually thought things through for themselves.  Today, when we want answers, many of us just type in a question into our web browser, click and there's our answer--no thinking required. Today, networks and talking heads tell their followers what issues are important and, as they feed their own egos, they go on endlessly about their views--leaving you fully informed---about how wonderful they and their ideas are. The main stream media, unreliable as it is, spins things and creates stories to take on a life of their own according to the bias and partisanship of the editors and publishers.  Too many of us no longer think---we just "ACCEPT". 

MSOL presents a strong argument for a new awareness and for people to think.  We look at real stories, issues and spins--what Americans were told was important, what needed airing, when, in reality, it was just partisan spins and a waste of our time.  And we look at what is important to all of us--but wasn't covered.
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
• So Much Attention to So-Called Celebrities--Why?
• Poor Example of Expression or Was it More?
• The Upside of a Family Vacation With Their Pet
• Foreign Lands and Customs--Hype and Criticism
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast 
We continue with issues not covered--yet, important to all Americans  
• Beware: NDAA of 2012 Denies Constitutional Rights of American Citizens 
• This Administration Wanted Protection Provision for Citizens Removed
• State of Virginia Ready to Pass State Law to Protect It's Citizens
• Has The Federal Government Crossed The Line? 
It's time to dust off the cobwebs, oil the wheels and THINK things through. 

Once Patient, Family & Doctor Decided What's Best
Under law, will the IPAB have control over what is allowed?

April 14, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast

Guests: Diane Cohen, Dr. Byron Schlomach,
Dr. John Ammon (See Mar.31) 
• Supreme Court Pressure to Agree, Time Needed to Make Decisions Public  
• Most Powerful, Largest Expansion of Gov't and Control Over People
• Law Gives (Appointed) Secretary of HHS Extreme Power Over PPAHA
• Employers Will Drop Insurance--Prefer Fines Over Cost of Premiums 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
We continue with our plain spoken, exceptionally qualified guests
• Single Payer System and IPAB--Is This The End of Doctor-Patient 
• Medicare Stripped by Law--What Happens to Senior Healthcare
• What Doctors Say--What Doctors Can Do to End Obamacare 
• IRS Hiring Thousands to Enforce Compliance, Fines And Audits
Perspective: "Protecting the President of the United States of America" 

APRIL 7, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast

MSOL, on Mar. 28, Published Their Questions Regarding MSM and Racism 
What You Didn't Hear Reported from the MSM--Why?
Now the Facts:  NBC, ABC and CNN lied, spoke mistruths, reported false info--Why?
• Such National Attention and Involvement, What Underlying Agenda Stirs Civil Unrest--WHY THE LIES?
Americans Need to Come Together, to Work Together, to Stop Buying Everything They're Told
This nation has enough problems, civil unrest, a divided people is not anything this nation can tolerate.  It is time that all Americans truly accept and believe that we are all related, no matter how distant.  Yes, we are all brothers and sisters, and by the hands of our creator, we must believe in our hearts and minds that  "All men ARE created equal".
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast 
• AZ Legislature Pulls Guns on Campus Bill--Lack of Interest--Good 
• AZ Lawmaker Wants to Censor Internet Postings--Bad  
• VP Biden Sums Up Why Some Seek Job in Gov't--Bad 
• School Tries to Omit "God Bless" from Song--Bad or Good?
• Modern Miracle--Saved Through a Closed Window--VERY GOOD!

The Affordable Healthcare Act Controversy
Now the truth---FINALLY!

March 31, 2012
HOUR 1: Click to hear this broadcast
This Entire Program Looks at the 3 Dimensions: Legal, Economic & Medical
Diane Cohen, Esq.--Noted, Sr. Attorney w/Supreme Court Experience 
Dr. Byron Schlomach--Nationally Known Economist, Author & Lecturer
Dr. John Ammon--Medical Dr. & Pres. Docs4PatientCare (AZ  Chapter)
• In this Hour:  The first two days of Supreme Court hearings, Tax vs. Penalty, Mandate, Commerce Clause + 3-Payer Programs, Costly Health Care, Tax Benefits, Insurance Monopolies
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast 
We continue with our plain spoken, exceptionally qualified guests   
• Reality of Who Benefits from this Act + State Ins. Exchange & "The Carrot"  
• Is Healthcare Only a Step to Further Gov't Controls Over People? 
• Tax Code, HSA, Catastrophic Policies, Uncompensated Care,   
• U.S. Healthcare vs. UK Healthcare--Private vs Gov't
• Supreme Court Considers Severability--Mandate Central Issue
Bottom LineThe Supreme Court, politicians and most Americans are now tied up in a time-consuming, costly debate over a law that the majority of Americans didn't want, was argued against by physicians everywhere, but, was voted on and passed by legislators that have yet to read the bill.  It was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010 .  Today, the nation continues with concerns over it's legality,  the questionable strains it puts on our economy, problems associated with  affordable insurance, quality medical care, patient-doctor rights and the IPAB, to name but a few .  We are pleased to announce that OUR THREE GUESTS HAVE AGREED TO RETURN, ON APRIL 14th to address the very latest issues surrounding the Affordable Healthcare Act.

March 24, 2012
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• It started in with a pacakage to my son--Kathleen Lewis, Founder of PFH 
• Over 700,000 Troops Have Received Items Through Packages From Home 
• Your Questions on Items, Volunteering, Support Through $$    
• PTSD--Symptoms and Where to Start When Wanting Help
• Learn More About PFH--visit our "Supporting Our Military" page 
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• Politicians: Campaigning on Mistruths, Broken Promises & Still Running 
• Luxury Coaches, Private Jets, Chauffered Limos--All in a Day of Job Hunting  
• Indecent & Immoral Lows in Classrooms Today--This is NOT Education
• Parents, Stop Trying to be Your Child's Best Friend--Be a Parent
• Look in a Mirror--You're too Old to Fit in Your Child's Crowd--Be a Parent

March 17, 2012
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• Pelosi Blames Wall Street for Oil Prices 
• President Wants to Make Efforts so Consumers AREN'T hurt???     
• Poll Shows Consumer Confidence Not Great---Duh??
• Fed Reserve: "Consumer Borrowing Up--Good Sign" Huh?
• Borrowing Your Way Out of Debt--DOESN'T work! 
• Housing Report---Haven't We Learned Anything?  
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• Fed. Gov't Okays Killing or Capture of American Bald Eagles 
• What Would You Cut From Gov't Expense? Near Unanimous Answer  
• Infidelity in Politics--Discrimination Filed, Wants Taxpayers to Pay $$ 
• Political Privilege & Entitlement vs Americans in the "REAL WORLD"
• Examples for Our Youth + Definition of Hypocrite 


March 10, 2012
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• Our Guests: Three Industry Leaders with "Hands-On" Field Involvement 
• Definitions of Buzz Words Used in Energy/Alternative Fuel Field     
• BioDiesel, CNG, Ethanol, Propane Apps--Maintenance & Costs
• AZ and other States Import 100% of Fuel
• 97% Transportation in USA Relies on Petroleum Products 
• Emissions: Alarming Cancer Rates confirmed in Study  
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• Auto Maker Named #1 for Fuel Efficiency & Low Emissions 
• Converting Gas Vehicles to Alternative Fuel, Regs & Costs  
• Used Cooking Oil Processed into Fuel-low cost & Maintenance
• Recycle Waste into Fuels & Helpful Organisms (Awesome
• Tax Credits, Benefits--Costs to Buy & Operate-- Industry Updates
Bottom Line:  Rudi says: I never gave this much thought before.  I have to admit, I am blown away and awed by the technology of the industry, the applications and savings through alternative fuels--Energy.  We will definitely plan another special edition on this topic. And, we will cover other energy sources that we just didn't have time for today.  STAY TUNED. Get your own updates---Send name, city and state to:  


March 3, 2012
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Recently, the President issued an apology (as President of the greatest nation on earth) over an action by our military.  He then called a student and expressed his sentiment over her comments that, in turn, were discussed by a talk show host that slurred her on the air.  What do these actions by the President tell the world about the most powerful office in the world?  Is this micro-management by the Government? 
• Apology for Burning of Books Containing Notes to Further Terrorism? 
• Apologies proper when Warranted-- Some President Might Consider     
• We're Paying Legislators to Pass Laws on "What We can Wear"?
• Elected Officials Against Showing "Beautiful Person in Print
• Elected Officials Suggest  "Bicyclist 16 or Older Can Ignore Law"?   
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We are constantly bombarded with politicians and wanna-be-politicians sending us, calling us, advertising for us to support their attempt to get a job in Washington.  They ALL INCLUDE THIS SAME MESSAGE "I NEED YOUR SUPPORT".  We consider a perspective that few, if any, have ever offered.  We wonder if maybe they should try a different job, something they can do on their own.  If they need money to get the job, maybe they should get a loan. They can pay it back with the big money they'll make, most become millionaires in record time.  If they can't get the job without OUR help, maybe they're not qualified.  After all, who got you your job?   
• An Update on Medical Marijuana and Driving Under the Influence Arrests
• We're so Distracted/Self-Obsessed--Toddler Opens Door of Moving Car--Mom Clueless  
• Average American is Responsible for Own Career, Future, Retirement
• Average American Pays for Health Ins., Medical Issues, Vacations, Education, Family Welfare
• Yet, People vying to "SERVE" (words used by very rich politicians)--We Pay for their Job Search? 
• Doctors "SERVE", pay for educ/equip/office, earn big $$, pay off their loans--Why not Politicians?

February 25, 2012
We read about, watch or hear about issues that affect you and me.  Some of us stop to analyze the information and understand the true meaning.  Unfortunately, too many of us simply read the article, watch the event, hear the words and then move on to the next item.  We never give it another thought.  We are heard to say, over and over, "So, what do you want me to do about it", or "I'm just one person, I can't do anything about it", or "I'll just have to learn to live with it".  And that, my friends is considered condtioning.  Today, we will analyze some information, to get to the real meaning.  And you can decide:  How far along you are in the conditioning process as we look at "THE CONDITIONING OF AMERICANS"
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• Reality TV Program Ends--Many Reruns Filled With Half-Truths and Lies
• Arizona Gov. Brewer to Decline Political Ploy in Form of a Senate Invitation   
• Fuel Prices Rising Faster Than Anticipated & Forecast.  SO WHAT?
• President Gives Hispanic Network Interview--Addresses Immigration and Assures He'll Be Re-elected
• President Blames Congress, Says He's "one man" and not a king 
• Are You Seeing Signs of Conditioning Within Yourself?  
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• President Speaks About Energy Issues, Fuel Prices  
• President Explains "No Silver Bullet" and Fault Lies Elsewhere 
• Americans Used to Want Solutions--Now Seem Satisfied With Excuses 
• Your Donations to Politicans Buy Favors of Power Among Colleagues
• Corruption = Politics as Usual--IT NEVER ENDS! Conditioning Made it the Norm in Gov't Today  
ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: We examined current issues, current leaders and the use of lots of money to buy favors.  Once this was unthinkable. These people and these methods would never have survived the scrutiny of the men and women of our American Revolution, the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the founding fathers that gave us "The Constitution of the United States of America". Yet today,  many simply shrug their shoulders, snicker and comment "politics as usual". Is this you?  The politicians that have led us into the mess we are in, now ask for your financial support and your vote as they campaign for "re-election".  If you think this is the right path for America, if you think you have no other choice, and are heard to say: "I guess I'll have to accept it", "What else can I do", "They do what they want anyway", "They won't listen to me", "They don't care what I think" or other comments of complacency: Then---YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED. 

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February 18, 2012
Three years ago, on Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The day before the bill was passed by Congress, the President said "Once Congress passes this plan and I sign it into law, a new wave of innovation, activity and construction will be unleashed all across America".  On June 13, 2011, the President "JOKED" about the 'jobs-creation' part of the plan that had failed miserably.  Today, we look at the specific intentions of the plan and the truthful conditions under which Americans are carrying a greater burden than ever before.
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• Plan was 1,073 Pages, Given Congress Just Hours Before Vote--Voting Ignorance
• Create Millions of Jobs, Aid Families, Tax Breaks, Leverage Economic Activity/Growth   
• Today: 19.2% Unemployment (Gallop Poll), Millions Foreclosed, Sm. Businesses BK 
• Increased Nat'l Debt By More than All $$ from Revolutionary War--G. Ford's Presidency
• Americans Worse off, Households Suffer--Fin. Industry, Big Business Boast Record Profits
• The Irony: Now Political Leaders Ask You to Support/Give for Re-Election Campaign 
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• FACT: The ARRA of 2009 was a Miserable Failure  
• Last Week President Presented NEW Budget--Reasonable? An Overview 
• Update on Last Week's Education Issue--MSOL Supports AZ SB1202  
Commentary: "United or Divided-- Just Support (Give $$) This Cause" 
THROUGHOUT THESE TWO HOURS:  We had some great calls from listeners regarding questions and expressing their views.  Main Street Out Loud is the voice of Americans and businesses from Main Streets all across this nation.

February 11, 2012
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• Follow up & Reactions to our Series "When Power and Wealth Trump Law"
• Investigation Begun on Cogressional Member--We Name Others to Investigate  
• World Economic Forum Identifies Growing Chasm Between Have, Have-Nots 
• There Comes a Time to Stand Against Education that Promotes Hatred 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• Tax Payers Support Public Education--Now Students Sue Tax Payers?  
• When Students Can Sue to Dictate Cirriculum, Education has Failed  
• The Law is the Law--Except When it Isn't the Law (We cite examples)
• Super PACs--What You Should Know Before Donating or Buying Into Messages
THROUGHOUT THESE TWO HOURS In observance of Abraham Lincoln's birthday on Feb. 12, we cite some facts about this great president that you may have never heard.  Also, on Feb. 14, Arizona , the state, celebrates its 100th birthday.  On Feb. 14, 1912, President Taft signed the declaration of statehood, admitting the 48th state within our union.  Our program coordinator, Louise, gives us some very interesting facts about the Grand Canyon State.


February 4, 2012
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The MSOL series"When Power and Wealth Trump Law" 
  "COMMON THREADS"   (This is the final part in our series on the Economic Crisis) 
• The Actions of Politicians do NOT Uphold "Oath of Office" 
• Why JW Lists the president on "Most Corrupt in 2011" 
• Gingrich & Romney--Past Issues & Questionable Financial Ties  
• The Ties to Financial Industry Continue to Thrive in Politics  
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• If Politics is so Rewarding, Why are so Many of 112th Congress Retiring  
• How Politicians Use Your Money to Secure Jobs with Huge Paydays
• Corruption, Fraud & Politics as Usual--We Can MUST Get Things Under Control
• Main Street Americans Must Insist on Prosecuting Manipulators that Caused Crisis--NOW!   
We presented this series, because SOMEONE SHOULD.  This NINE HOUR chronology of events and people was presented to give you absolute clarity as to why, who, what, when, where and how  a relatively few people were able to manipulate the financial industry of the greatest nation on earth and others around the world.  We need to be totally educated so that we would never be fooled again into falling prey to such greed and fraud.  And we must act NOW.  We must prevent such from ever happening again, we might not be able to recover from another near-collapse.
If you have listened to this series, you understand what happened and who the major fraudulent manipulators were.  NOW YOU MUST ACT.  Contact your Senator, your Representative and the President and ask: "Why aren't those responsible being prosecuted and why have they been allowed to keep the money they took, while I and my country are paying for their fraudulent,corrupt and manipulative greed?"  "I respectfully ask that you recall the oath of office you took and that you act to uphold your responsibility to that oath--NOW."


January 28, 2012
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The MSOL series"When Power and Wealth Trump Law" 
  "ACCOUNTABILITY" OR More Correctly; The Lack of It. 
• Why isn't Gov. pursuing illegal acts, fraud & political influence that created crisis?   
• Does "Too Big To Fail" also mean "Too Big To Prosecute"? 
• Names: They Increased Corporate and Personal Wealth Beyond Measure
• Appointments in Gov't Suggests Financial Industry Controls D.C. 
• A Interwoven Clique of Wolves that Use Tax Payers as Sheep for Financial Slaughter 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• It's Time for a Panel of OUR Peers--Not THEIR Peers--Investigate Fraud That Created Financial Crisis   
• Return Billions $$ to Tax Payers Acquired & Kept by Those That Manipulated Financial Industry 
• A Separate, Independent Council Needed--Congress Can't Police Itself 
• According to Judicial Watch:  Most Corrupt Politicians in D.C. (They're Still in Office!!!!)  
• Naming 6 of the Top 10--Ethics Charges, Insider Trading, Favors Paid, Abuse of Power, etc. 


January 21, 2012
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The MSOL series"When Power and Wealth Trump Law" 
PART II: A Timeline of Who Did What and How They Got Away With It.  It's NOT the First Time!
• We Insist Gov't Stays Out of our Private Lives--But Pry Into Private Affairs of Others
• Late 80's Saving & Loan Collapse--Financial Ruin-- A Lesson Not Learned
• Power & Politics Ignore Glass Steagall Act, Donations Flow, Law Overturned
• Greed Corrupts Financial Industry--Powerful Manipulate thru Derivatives 
• Buffet & Others Warn Against Collapse--Derivatives "Product of Mass Destruction" 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• Financial Investment Firms Manufacture Wealth Thru Derivatives, CDOs and CDSs   
• Investment Firms, Rating Agencies, Top Execs Take Billions w/o Penalty or Consequences
• The Crisis:  Millions Lose All, Insiders Keep Wealth, Taxpayers Pay for Bailouts of ???  
• People & Events Directly Responsible--Lost Nothing--Gained Mega Millions

(Click on photo to enlarge for reading)

January 14, 2012
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The controversy over the video that was made public, depicting four U.S. Marines in a combat zone of Afghanistan. We, at MSOL, could not remain silent.  Hear what you haven't heard.  About this program, Rudi K said: "While on the air, I had a very difficult time keeping my emotions under control, to be civil and I actually had to bite my tongue to keep it in check.  I could feel this one ripping at the core of my soul".  The latter statement he even verbalized on the air, more than once.   This one is NEEDED--share it with others.  There is no such thing as picking and choosing when it comes to supporting our troops--you either do or you don't --Period!  And, at MSOL, WE DO!
• What Has Been Said
• What Hasn't Been Said
• How Can Anyone Criticize--They've Been Through Hell
• Meanwhile: Increasing Debt and a Dysfunctional Congress 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
The MSOL series"When Power and Wealth Trump Law" 
 Lessons Must Be Learned

• FOCUS: How A Relative Few Manipulated the Economy and Ruined Millions of Lives     
• FOCUS: What Happened--Who Was Involved
• FOCUS: Corruption Can't Succeed IF We Focus, Resolve ONE Issue at a Time, Don't Waiver 
• FOCUS: Slay ONE Dragon at a Time--We Can Build a Better America
Closing Thoughts:  A Few Words About Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


January 7, 2012
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The MSOL series"When Power and Wealth Trump Law" 
 "Too Big to Fail" OR Too Powerful/Wealthy to Follow Rules?
We all agree that the economy and jobs are the two most important issues facing Americans in 2012.  Unfortunately, there is much going on that prevents us from moving ahead.  Part of it is due to a dysfunctional Congress, part is corruption and part of the problem is our (the American people) inability to focus long enough on one issue to get it resolved.  We focus--in-depth on greed, wealth and questionable practices. 
• Bailouts and loans: Facts on Who, When and How Much 
• B of A, Citicorp--Received Billions While Recording Billions in Profits
• No Federal Taxes Paid--Tax Refunds in the Billions--How Can That Be?
• Goldman Sachs: Embedded on Wall Street, In Bed in Washington D.C. 
HOUR 2: Click to hear this broadcast
• Goldman Sachs--Bailouts, AIG Repays, Giant Loans, Huge Profits-Little Taxes   
• Millions of Reasons B of A, Citicorp & Goldman Sachs Weather so Well 
• Can Power Trump Law?  Yes! Denying it Makes us an Accomplice to Corruption 
• Sarah McKinley, 18, Acting in Self-Defense, Shoots Intruder 
Commentary:  Some call Mrs. McKinley a hero.  She wears the title well; not hero, but "PARENT"

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