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I never stop thinking about the price of FREEDOM and those that keep AMERICA STRONG.


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They Stood for You---Stand for Them

Freedom Isn't Free

To those that have served and serve today...
We are grateful and thank you--you that stood and stand today, to defend our right to be free.

"As a veteran, I am most honored to have worn the uniform and humbled to have been allowed to serve my country".

I've listed on this page a few organizations that I can personally recommend to my listeners.  I have a close connection to each of these organizations and know them well.  Many of the founders have served or are family of those that served, are serving today or have fallen.   These organizations are all about supporting our troops, active, veteran and/or the families.  Remember: Each member of the United States Armed Forces has volunteered, willingly, to stand on your and my behalf.  Some return unharmed, some not so and some return in flag draped coffins.  But all should return to the vocal sounds of "welcome home" and  "thank you"; to smiles of appreciation and to generous expressions of giving from grateful hearts.  Give to those in need---until none need. 

NOTICE:  Recently, we have removed a few organizations that we can no longer recommend.  If you don't see a charity we used list, please select one of those we do have listed.  Times change, organizations change too.  A variety of factors contribute to our listing or removal of a charity.

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American Widow
The founder of this organization was our panel's pick as the "Person of the Year" for 2011.  Founded by Taryn Davis, this non-profit, is dedicated to those who lost their husband to combat.  There is an emphasis on healing through sharing stories, tears and laughter--Military widow to military widow. 

Blue Star Mothers of America
Locate a local chapter near you and join other moms who have children serving, or have served, honorably in the military.  A non-profit organization serving our military children while promoting patriotism.  This organization provides support for active duty military personnel, assists Veterans organizations and is ready to assist in homeland efforts to keep America strong. 

Cell Phones for Soldiers
Donate your old cell phone - they will sell it and use the proceeds to purchase prepaid calling cards for deployed soldiers to call home. Just to be able to hear a loved one's voice can do wonders to dissipate the loneliness that many soldiers feel when they are far from home.  

Heroes Hunting
Reintegration, coming home, settling back into civilian life and communicating with those that have no idea about the conditions, stress and losses experienced in combat theater, is, difficult for most, to say the least.  The founders and active participants of Heroes Hunting are seasoned combat veterans with multiple tours in theater and some have also come home after surviving near fatal injuries.  Today, these individuals reach out to help others returning, by giving them one-on-one time, in casual surroundings and outdoor activities that are conducive to relating stories that need to be told for the healing process that eventually allows them to "come home".  
Rudi K says:  I know some of these founders personally.  I also know their stories of duty, sacrifice, injury and healing.  These individuals are outstanding members of the military and are an absolute asset to the nation.  If you are looking for an organization that sees that every dime is used for the intended purpose--you've found it.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, that light is ---- HEROES HUNTING   

Hugs Project (The)
Sending "HUGS" to every American serving in the Middle East. Packages of love from home filled with needed items, both domestic and strategic items for men and women.  Members of this organization are in every state and an additional 49 foreign countries.  Find an organization near you and get involved with giving of your time and needed items.  Your freedom isn't granted, it is earned by their service. 
Rudi K says:
  "You won't find a finer, more genuine, loving and open-hearted group of people than the founders of THP and its volunteers.  Their dedication to, and love for all those in uniform and veterans touches me beyond words".  This organization, under Ray and Karen Stark's guidance, is right at the top of my list as a 'MOST FAVORITE' ". 

Next Step Service Dogs
Service men and women transitioning to civilians often need two very important things. A job and a community to support them! Next Step has been training Veterans and First Responder service dogs teams turning dis-ability into ability. Next Step (a 501c3 recognized charity) is one of the elite ADI accredited organizations. Through community contributions Next Step is able to train dogs and the Veteran or First Responder to his or her specific needs at no cost r other than their time and a small application fee.  
Rudi says:
  "I have seen both trainers and some of the dogs work and realize the devotion required from both during training.  To see a true job opportunity for veterans, as trainers, is heart warming.  If you are a veteran or know of one needing a dog, seeking a rewarding career or if you are looking for a worthy charity to support, please contact NEXT STEP SERVICE DOGS

Veteran Warriors        "One Family, One Fight"
Veteran Warriors is a Veterans Advocacy and Lobbying Organizations with the focus on presenting solutions and demanding changes to Dept.. of Veterans Affairs and the manner it conducts its business of tending to the needs and cares of our veterans. Veteran warriors was co-founded by Lauren Price, a veteran with direct combat experience as a convoy driver, during "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  
Rudi K says:  "If we, as a nation, do not make it a priority to offer proper medical and mental care for our veterans, who shall we say are more deserving than those that fought and served to keep her alive and free?"  "This organization is vital to setting the guidelines that need to be followed by the VA".  "Support for VETERAN WARRIORS should be on every American citizen's list". 

Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation
Consider this organization that provides assistance to our Wounded EOD Warrior and their familes.  The Wounded EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Warrior Foundation assists these warriors and their families, financially, during their healing and rehabilitation. Family members at their side---often times, that's the best medicine and lightens the therapy process. 

Replace a tear of loneliness with a tear of joy on the face of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine.
Let them know you care.  Support these worthy causes.  Donate money and volunteer your God-Given talents and time.   GET INVOLVED!  When it's about our military sons and daughters, don't be indifferent; donate and YOU will make a difference.

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