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The weblog below is my online journal for our radio show, MAIN STREET OUT LOUD. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include links to longer essays.

Sometimes Rudi K covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that couldn't wait, they needed attending at the time.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think.  Feel free to write us with your thoughts. (Email us here)

 November 21, 2013


Why does the same thing keep haunting me regarding the website issue on the ACA? 
Why does the same thing keep haunting me regarding the money spent for this?
Why does the same thing keep haunting me regarding the way real business runs?
Why does the same thing keep haunting me regarding a NON-Performance clause?
Why hasn't anyone addressed this issue and made it public? WHY?

QUESTION:  Who's got their fingers in the till?
And I keep asking, as all these press conferences are scheduled to offer excuse and so many are running like rats on a sinking ship----why isn't the PERFORMANCE CLAUSE in that no-bid contract, that was awarded to a Canadian firm (CGI) that has a connection to Michelle Obama, has cost us more than $600,000,000.00 so far--why isn't that clause being enforced?

Surely, in such a contract, for $638,000,000.00 (Six Hundred and Thirty Eight Million Dollars) , there's a clause that protects the American Taxpayer---that if they don't deliver the working product, on the due date--we get our money back. There was such a clause, right?  What idiots would ever go into such a huge undertaking and spend so much without a performance clause? Who in their right mind would be so ignorant of such important business procedures? 
With all the high paid staff members, advisors and legal consultants that are on the government payroll, surely we have those that have strong credentials and business acumen beyond question. What contract attorney would ever overlook such an important item?

So, who's getting paid off?

ANSWER:  Cronyism continues to fleece Americans
Could it be that friends and relatives of persons in this administration are given favors, considerations and exemptions that the American taxpayer does not get?  And could it be that these favorable provisions and/or passes eventually lead to added burdens on the taxpayers? Is the well being of the American people of less importance than personal agendas of wealth, power and control?    
Bills are signed into law at the desk in the Oval Office--accountability MUST start and stop at that desk.  If we agree that the buck stops there,  then.....

How about foregoing the teleprompter and just giving the American taxpayers some answers.  And make it the truth, put it out in plain English and with straight talk. 

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 October 25, 2013


Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, etc--are you paying attention?  The administration has been rolling along for quite some time, confident and steadily moving their agenda onto the nation.  But, the wagon is starting to wobble and the wheels could fall off.
Be smart.  It's time to take a page out of the opponents playbook.  "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE".  
Let's look at just a few FACTS, a few TRUTHS, a few things we need to address and correct soon.  We're America and we're better than this.  Wake up, America!

OBAMACARE: Ins. companies are notifying hundreds of thousands that they are being dropped due to Obamacare regulations--you CANNOT keep the policy you like after all. (read more)
WEBSITE SIGN UP:  A bigger bust, the internet world has never known.  An utter failure and the cost is beyond reason and it's climbing and climbing. People are giving up lots of information, but they aren't getting anything in return, except frustrated.  Plus the premiums aren't accurate for the majority.  The truth will shock many when the first bill arrives.  Premiums may be much higher than anticipated.
 (read more) 
THREAT OF TAX INCREASES: Harry Reid says EVERYONE is willing to pay more in taxes.  Who's EVERYBODY?  I don't want to, did you offer to pay more? (read more)
IMMIGRATION REFORM:  90 Million Americans can't find work and the president is pushing to legalize illegal immigrants, give them a right to residency and the legal right to work in America. The Administration isn't enforcing the laws they have on the books, but they want to add more.  (read more)
BENGHAZI: No support sent for our people on the ground in Libya, during a real time of need.  But, the DOD has the means and manpower to fly congress members to a funeral in Florida?  Priorities aren't about Americans. (read more)
FAST AND FURIOUS: The Administration and Democrats blame the killings in America on lax gun controls. Administration fights to remove some weapons and insist on tighter measures for any gun owner.  All the while they illegally condone and aid in running guns to drug cartel members.  They then turn around and use those weapons to kill hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent people. (read more)
MILITARY DEATH BENEFITS: During shut down, Democrats denied payment to 5 families whose sons had been killed in combat.  Yet, there was enough money to pay even bigger death benefits to a congressman's widow. (read more) 
SPYING:  This admin. is responsible for the messy spying fallout.  America's strongest allies are turning a cold shoulder, distancing themselves and showing signs of distrust for America.  Our government spies on quasi-friendly nations and on our enemies, that's understood.  But why spy on American citizens and our loyal allies and their heads of state?  We're actually losing our best and strongest allies---America cannot stand alone.   (read more) 

 When your plans fail, when you continually play the victim card, blame others for your failures, break your promises time and again and fail to enforce your own laws----you can't trust anyone. How can you?  As the victim, you live thinking that, as the victim, you have to get them before they get you. 

If conservatives can't use these REAL truths and facts to start replacing the far left, the liberal, socialistic  movement; if we can't return to the roots of our founding fathers and The Constitution; then nothing will stop the steady demise of the greatest nation on earth.
And then---it will be our wheels that fall off.

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October 18, 2013

PRETEND that the shutdown wasn't a contrived and sinister plan for some time.

PRETEND that the shutdown didn't cost us $24 Billion Dollars that we can't afford.

PRETEND the administration didn't plan shutdowns that targeted "PATRIOTIC" people and places.

PRETEND that the President and Senator Reid didn't strong arm themselves to control the outcome to suit themselves and their need to show who's in control.

PRETEND that, per our Constitution, the House is the only branch that can appropriate funds and authorize spending  and that the President and Harry Reid agree to work within the framework of the Constitution.

PRETEND that there wasn't MORE pork spending added to the CR.

PRETEND that there wasn't a RAISE for ALL government employees in the bill that was passed to reopen government spending.

PRETEND that the politicians that said they wanted their pay stopped during the shutdown, aren't cashing those checks now.

PRETEND that the added trillion dollars of spending won't be wasted on favors for the big Wall Street campaign contributors.

PRETEND that politicians learned something from this shutdown and it won't be 'business as usual'.

PRETEND that the Congress will finally, unanimously and immediately agree to establish and work within a 'real' budget before the end of the year.

PRETEND that we won't be revisiting all of this in a few months.

PRETEND that politicians are putting the needs of American Citizens over all else.

PRETEND that the president carries out the promises he made to lead in the best interest of this nation and not those interests of lobbyists or foreign, outside influences.

PRETEND that illegal immigrants and reform won't take priority over the needs of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS and those patiently and legally applying for visas, legal residency and citizenship.
PRETEND that our system of government is working according to our Constitution and puts the best interests of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST.

PRETEND that we're finally focusing on getting to the bottom of the Benghazi killings, the IRS targeting, the DOJ criminal acts in Fast and Furious and stopping the NSA from unconstitutional acts of spying on American Citizens. 

Do you feel better now?  If not, is it any wonder?  Please keep in mind what our nationally elected and/or appointed government leaders have been trying to tell you.  It wasn't so long ago that Hilary Clinton shouted in defiance,  and now, only yesterday Nancy Pelosi, indignantly reminded us: "What difference does it make?". 

Go ahead---PRETEND that it does.   
BTW:  When you finally take responsibility for putting these people into office--you can STOP PRETENDING and START MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 
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Clinton's statement (click here)
Pelosi's statement (click here)


October 12, 2013

Taken, in part, out of USA Today----Rudi K's comments are in italics and parenthesis (...)

At a meeting of House Republicans on Saturday morning, top leaders said they have no new proposal to offer the White House after President Obama rejected their offer.

 "I'm disappointed that the president has rejected the offer that we put on the table. I know that he's trying to see which Republican senator he can pick off in the Senate. I hope that the Senate Republicans stand strong so we can speak with one voice," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., after the meeting.
(Rudi K: And there are plenty of weak and non-party Republicans for the president to toy with).

Senate Republicans and Democrats huddled in separate private meetings on Saturday as senators in both parties were engaged in active negotiations on and off the Senate floor.
(Rudi K--No matter what, you can always count on these sneaks to make a backroom deal that trades favors for votes--and those favors ALWAYS cost the taxpayers plenty.)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are also engaging more seriously in talks as the nation hit the 12th day of a partial government shutdown, and five days before an Oct. 17 default deadline. Reid dismissed House Republicans on the Senate floor Saturday, and said negotiations between the House GOP and the White House have stalled. "That's over with. It's done. They're not talking anymore."
(Rudi K--Harry Reid has spoken, that's it, it's over. When did the Senator from Nevada (a sparsely populated state of only 2.7 million people--35 in the nation) become the ultimate voice in America?)

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, has been working with senators in both parties on a budget framework that includes a six-month stopgap funding bill through March and a debt ceiling increase through January. Senate Democrats have not embraced Collins' framework, but negotiations were ongoing. Democrats want a higher top-line spending figure than the current $986 billion federal funding level currently embraced by Republicans.

Reid is pushing a simple 15-month extension of the debt ceiling.
(Rudi K--Reid is pushing for a 15-month extension--why? Simple that takes it beyond the election next year and he's hoping that new questionable voters, plus tampering and intimidation at the polls, will bring more Dems to D.C.)

(Rudi K--Bottom line: It's not over yet, but it looks like the Republicans are sewing their white handkerchiefs together to make a flag. And as for the president, he's got a tag team going with Harry and they're sizing up the herd, looking for the injured, the young and weak.)

To read the complete USA Today article(click here)

Targeting the Weak, Injured or Young From the Herd

September 30, 2013

On September 26, 2013, a man was released from jail.  Before he went to jail, much was made over what he had done.  The nation knew who he was and leaders in government had plenty to say about this man that created a firestorm that took the lives of 4 Americans and caused injury to many more.  Why weren't we upset when he was released?  Why was the media so silent on this man's release?  They had plenty to say before he was arrested, the media fanned the flames that lead to outrage and even threats on his life.  Had the media gotten it wrong?  Had justice been served?  What do you think?
The attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi that left 4 dead and many wounded, was blamed on the works of a film maker that no one had ever heard about and a movie that no one had ever seen.
But, Hilary Clinton, as Sec. of State, said that person would be arrested and imprisoned---and sure enough he was.
Now we know that all of this was a lie and spun to the American people by orders from the President and/or his Cabinet. And not one of them ever had to do anything more than shout defiantly "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE".
Well, if you were imprisoned in one way or another, for a year or more for something you DID NOT DO, how would you feel? What difference would it make to you that you were imprisoned and the people that spread the lies about you drew big pay checks, went to fancy dinners, received applause, high honors and awards and, some now are even thought as viable candidates for the highest office in this country. All while your life has been ruined, death threats abound for you and your family and you have a serious criminal record for life---all because the leaders of this nation "UNDER GOD" lied about you.

Read the account (click here)

 September 3, 2013

As we move closer to congress ending their 5 week vacation on 9/9, the politicians are starting to line up, beside and behind each other, speaking for and sounding eager to give the nod to Obama, in his attempt to personally save face. The tactic: offering to sacrifice Americans, money, machines and physical might in another war.  Those on the hill, that Americans elected to serve them, are speaking up for war.    The people throughout America, that politicians are to represent and serve, are speaking out against war. In nationwide polls, an overwhelming majority (70 percent) of Americans are against any involvement in Syria. Politicians only have the power we give them---why are we so reluctant to take it away from them? 

Political campaigns will soon get into high gear and that means garnering lots and lots of money.  Career politicians, especially those that know Americans are fed up with them, can assure themselves huge contributions for their next re-election bid, by all those fat cats, on Wall Street, that will benefit from another war (military contracts mean inflated costs that lead to huge profits).  As for their own children going to war, they'll make it a point to keep them far from any front line combat (as usual).


Americans are war weary, grief stricken over losing family and friends during their service.  Americans also realize that today's veterans are being neglected and not receiving the medical, mental or social aid they need.  Americans also realize that the enemy is on both sides of the conflict in Syria; President al-Assad on one side, Al Qaeda on the other.  Americans want a future for America and that doesn't include funding another war with borrowed foreign money and eventually the burden of higher taxes as we feel the weight of mounting interest and smothering debt.

As mentioned earlier, Congress returns from vacation on September 9th.  Why weren't they called to Washington last week, why can't they return today or tomorrow?  Why not until September 9th?  Shouldn't the issue of war take precedence over personal vacation plans?  Americans  should not fall for the ploy by politicians, should they attempt to twist and use remembering, grieving and raw emotions during the observance of 9/11 as the catalyst to convince the rest of the members of Congress and the American people that a vote for war is necessary to sustain American credibility in the world community.  In other words, in plain English--that we must send a "shot across the bow" in Syria (which enemy?)  to 'save face'.  NO IT ISN'T.  The President's empty and irresponsible "red line" threat became a worldwide joke months ago.  
America says no to any involvement in Syria.  Politicians can call it necessary for the purpose of credibility, necessary because of reported atrocities or because unconventional weapons could someday be a threat to America.  Politicians may want to call for protecting our allies in the region or our political interests.  Politicians can call it whatever they want.  But they should not ask of, they CANNOT CALL ON AMERICANS TO GO TO WAR.    NO WAR--NO MORE. 

**Note:  Replay our program of 8/31/13, as we made a logical, truthful and convincing argument against any American involvement in Syria. 
(click here)

 August 20, 2013


If you don't think the majority of the news media isn't biased and controlled by those loyal to this administration--you need to see if you can't exchange the brain you've got for one that actually works.

As though we don't have issues that are yet unresolved, starting with the economy and going on to jobs, conflicts and war, stifling flaws in healthcare law, government spending, ongoing abuse without a budget, a do-nothing-Congress and a NON-TRANSPARENT administration that continues to delve into greater secrecy by each passing day (so it seems). 

To those items, we are also subjected to the spin and lies regarding how immigration reform would create jobs and be good for the economy,  the shielding of those that should be held accountable for the dark stains on our recent history regarding Fast and Furious, the cover up of the Benghazi terrorist attack, the IRS system of pressuring targeted groups, the DOJ's unlawful retention of private records and the overly zealous and  questionable practice of the DHS acquiring and stockpiling armored, battle ready vehicles  and billions of rounds of ammunition, beyond even the scope required by our military.  I could go on and on. 

With all of this left open, up in the air and draining the American taxpayers of any type of promise for the future---here is what the media focused on and offered up as being the big story of the week: (READ MORE)

  July 23, 2013
"Time to Focus on the Economy--AGAIN"
Yesterday (7/22), President Obama said that he hoped the media and Congress would now focus on the economy. The same economy that has been stagnate for about 6 years. Is this to take the focus off of other issues?  Haven't we been told we're moving in the right direction?  Are the wheels about to fall off? 
IT'S EASY as 1-2-3 

1. Checking our Constitution: I can't find one thing that suggests the media is part of the government or that American citizens elected the media to sit in D.C. and solve the major issues of this nation.
2. Focus on the Economy: Sure, now. The Senate has agreed to allow 20 or 30 million illegal immigrants status as legal residents, and the House is trying to figure out how to do the same thing without angering the majority of Americans. It's a fact that America can't afford to take on this responsibility on the economy in its sickly state. 
3. Focus on the Economy: Right, the economy. This administration has spun this issue to help them before, during and since the election. America has been misled, told that we're moving forward. The reality of the economy can't be ignored any longer. 
Elementary as A-B-C

A. Let's insist Congress sets aside their selfishness and focuses on the issues of the nation. Congress can figure out how to set aside their selfish interests in order to turn up the economy without taxing the hell out of Americans.  
B. The media can take up getting to the truth regarding Benghazi, the IRS and the DOJ---since Congress is too weak and won't go after those responsible. 
C. As for the President and his family: They can stop taking those lavish mega million dollar vacations. They're not helping matters--American taxpayers can't afford them. The economy dictates cutting back, not extravagant spending.

  June 25, 2013
"Paula Deen--Hillary Clinton"

30 years ago, a southern woman used the N word--no one died.
September 11, 2012-- 4 Americans were left to die at the hands of terrorists.
Last week a lady stepped up and admitted, with truthful candor, that she had used the N word, once, maybe even more.
Last month--a politician had to be summoned before Congress about consistent lies told for the last 9 months. She defiantly shouted "What difference does it make?"

Last week, national contracts were cancelled, a charming, friendly lady has been hounded as a common criminal. The southern lady told the truth and, as time bore out---she harmed no one.
Last month, the other woman gave speeches, people applauded and she now contemplates a run for President of the United States---The cover up continues as the nation moves on.
Still today, the graves of 4 men cry out for the truth to be told.
We're not as fair as we like to think we are and we're definitely not "all equal" under the law.
Let's stop kidding ourselves---we're not in a good place. God help us all.

April 1, 2013

"There's a Movement Going On"
There is a movement going on and it's coming at you from the top, the bottom and both sides.
There's a movement going on and it's coming closer and closer to the big cities, to the small towns, to the businesses of Wall Street and the farmlands of rural America.
There's a movement going on and it's targeting adults and children and it's out to have its way in places where decency gives you the right to have it your way.
There's a movement going on that disguises itself as a civil rights issue, that demands recognition of individual rights, that seeks equality, recognition of worth and to be treated with dignity.
There's a movement going on that, in order to achieve its goals, is out to numb individuality, seek special treatment, deny others the observance of their beliefs, suppress the right of privacy and strip others of their dignity.
There's a movement going on and it's in Washington D.C., it's in the county courthouse, it's in city hall, at the park, it's in your school, in the local diner and it's knocking at your door.
There's a movement going on and each step it takes, opens the door that much wider for the next step and the next. Think what you will, speak what you may and accept that which is according to your beliefs.
There's a movement going on and, as much as you may wish to deny it, since the days recorded in the Old Testament, some things are against God's laws.
We can love one another, be kind, charitable and forgiving, but we do not have to accept all things if it means denying our rights and abandoning our beliefs.
There's a movement going on and it's opening the door for another one.
There's a movement going on; where do you stand?
There's a movement going on--- What  type of examples are you setting for your children?

JAN. 28, 2013

"Politicians: Definitions, Diagnoses and Antidotes"
I'm not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg.  In this case, did the disapproval come first or did the definition of a politician come first? Whichever the case, I was truly taken back when I decided to let Webster and his colleagues to stand as the authorities on defining the people that sit in the elected offices of this nation and in state offices.  I checked with 4 widely known and recognized sources for the definition of a politician.  I wanted to know "who are these people, how are they defined"?  

The two online sources, and, defined this person as (1) one who is active in party politics and (2) "a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles" and "someone whose main political motive is self-advancement and whose methods are often unscrupulous".  Oh my, what an assessment.  This isn't what I was looking for, therefore I proceeded to seek a loftier, more reserved definition from more traditional sources.

First, I checked the Merriam-Webster, to find this:  (1) "A person experienced in the art or science of government; especially: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government", and (2) "a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons".  And then went to the King's English and checked with the Oxford Dictionary, to find: (1) "a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office", and (2) "chiefly, US, a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization".  My, oh my.  Four out of four, with nothing uplifting to say, nothing but biting and debasing words to define those that we refer to as politicians.

So this is where we are?  This is what we have come to understand as the accepted term for those that we elect to sit in government, those that are elected to serve this nation.  We look to elected politicians to guide our country, to solve problems, to promote the common good for all Americans, in positive manners as the advances related to the welfare, safety and security of all its citizens.  Something tells me we're not anywhere near where we want to be with the people we're given, as choices, by the two main political parties.  Maybe we had better keep an eye on these, less than admirably defined, people.  Maybe we need to rethink our options as to who's in charge of how we select those that become political candidates. (Read More) 

JAN. 21, 2013

From, By and Of The AMERICAN Constitution for AMERICA
The inauguration of the President of the United States of America, in the United States of America took place today in the District of Columbia, in the United States of America. This is the ceremony that installs the American peoples' choice into the leadership position of the United States of America. That's what this was and that's where it was held.

This is a ceremony that we allow ourselves to indulge in the pomp and circumstance that boasts the very special American celebration of the peaceful and orderly transition of powers. Without parallel, this is the testimony to the republic, under the rule of law, according to the Constitution of the United States of America. This spectacular, through reverent observance of the law and with pride of patriotism, is paid for by the American taxpayer.

So I ask, why? Why at this historic event, with its rich and meaningful tradition, why was the closing prayer of this ceremony ended in a foreign language, a language that very few Americans speak or understand? The prayer, had been printed and was read by the English-speaking rector of St. John’s Episcopal church in Washington, D.C., the church often referred to as “the presidents’ church.”

What was the purpose? Why in Spanish? Why not in the languages of America's closest allies? Why not in the languages of Native Americans? Why was it necessary to end this special American ceremony in a tongue other than the language that more than 96 percent of the people in this nation speak, read and write? Why Spanish? Why at this AMERICAN event. Why?

JAN. 18, 2013

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? (Response to Jan. 17 Blog)
I received many comments, mostly positive,  to my adamant response to FB for finding no fault with a particular website I and many others found offensive.  The issue of the right of free speech was bought up and argued in one particular instance.  Here is part of that conversation,  you may read the entire thread on our FB page: "Main Street Out Loud".  I am ONLY posting this because I would like other opinions on the issue of free speech---is it the blanket of protection that some suggest?  (You can't shout fire in a crowded theater).  What say you?

SB:  Rudi I couldn't disagree with you more. The First Amendment does not give you the right not to be offended. My husband is a retired Marine of 25 years and he would be the first to tell you that when they fight for freedom of speech, they fight for EVERYONE'S freedom of speech. If you don't like what they are saying, make your case and try to win them over to your side. I would NEVER take away someone's freedom of speech because I do not like what they say...that is a slippery slope my friend.

ME:  SB, I'm all for the Constitution and the amendments--all of them. They are the law and I will abide. There is nothing in our constitution that says I have to accept anything I find offensive. As a veteran, I swore to uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Anyone that would chisel away at the morale, bring discomfort, demean or undermine any active or veteran is not something I go along with.  I do not have to condone, nor sit idly by when such unpatriotic and sickening evilness makes statements that are against this nation or the men and women that served and serve her today. Just consider me "NOT" politically correct--- I never was into that "touchy feely oneness with the universe" thing. In my world, some things aren't tolerated--this is definitely one of those things.   And finally, please extend my sincere thanks to your husband for his service.

SB:  If you are a veteran than surely you understand my position, you must support everyone's right to free speech. I am not saying you should not bring this to anyone's attention, I just feel it would be wrong to shut them down, just like it would be wrong for them to shut you down.

ME:  You stated, as a veteran, I MUST support right to free speech. That's incorrect. I MUST support the right of free speech, but there is no MUST in supporting things against my principles, morals or values. I DON'T support the burning of our flag and that's covered under free speech and expression. I DON'T support the freedom of speech and expression of spitting on our troops as they returned from VN. And I DON'T support the original target of my statement on this thread---"soldier w/cancer deserve to die". I MUST not compromise all that is right and decent so that hatred, evil and degradation can thrive under the cloak of free speech. That's my final word on this matter, enjoy your freedom to disagree.

Again, to those of reading this, I ask:  What are your views?  Email me at:

JAN. 17, 2013

HEADS UP:  In the event I am no longer on FB, I want you all to know why and ask that you SHARE this with everyone you know.

I requested that an offensive site be removed from FB, they wrote me and denied my request.  They asked if I was satisfied with the results. 

Facebook also asked me to let them know if I had any comments as to their denial on removing "soldiers with cancer deserve to die".  I had plenty to say.  I may be removed from Facebook for my comments.  If I am no longer on here, spread the word.  No American, veteran, active, first responder or patriotic citizen should ever have to put up with such evilness.   I have copied and pasted their question and my comments here.

FB:  Please tell us why your issue was not resolved:
ME: The page on your site " Soldiers with cancer deserve to die" is an abomination to every man and woman who has ever served our nation or that serves today.  As if we don't have enough to deal with, the dying, the PTSD, the suicides, the lack of veterans' benefits and multiple deployments to a region that hates us---you come along and give this garbage a place to spawn.   Let's face it, Facebook just isn't what it could or should be.  With such pages as this one, your mission ("Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.") should include: "No matter if it's against good conscience, against the values of decency or if it's disgustingly unpatriotic and potentially harmful to those that stand and defend our ability to publish such trash". 

FB:  Anything else you want to share about the process of reporting Pages on Facebook? 
ME:  Yes, there is one more thing:  Get rid of pages such as these.  It is one thing to have differing opinions, it is another to condone and endorse (by allowing) pages as the above referenced, to spread such evil vitriol through wishing others disease and death.  Look around your offices, look outside---it was all given to you by those that served to free this nation and to keep it free.  Get a clue---you're just basking in the benefits of the blood of others.

If you take offense to what I have written, know that it can't compare to how offended I and millions of others are by the site you have decided doesn't warrant being removed from your website.

Jan. 1, 2013

We, at Main Street Out Loud ask that you send letters to the following establishments to support the State of Connecticut and the educational system of Newtown against this deplorable act by an attorney who has filed a $100,000,000.00 suit against the state on behalf of a family and their daughter, a survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  We feel this is an egregious and offensive act taken on the part of this attorney and that we must speak out.  No one should be the target of such a lawsuit, there is no justification whatsoever. 

We asked for letters to be sent during our broadcast on December 29.  This act cannot go unattested by us.

The following letter is a copied letter (with permission) from a listener.  We offer it as a suggestion for you.  The author of this letter has given her permission for anyone to copy the letter if they so desire.  We have posted addtional addresses, just below the letter.  START THE YEAR OFF BY GETTING INVOLVED.  YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   (HINT: USPS letters get more attention than do Emails).  Thank you.

(Date of your letter)

George Jepsen, Attorney General

State of Connecticut Office of the Attorney General
55 Elm Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Dear Mr. Jepsen,

I am writing today to say that my family and I are deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is hard to imagine the state of a person's mind that would convince them that this was a proper course of action for their efforts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire community in the wake of this terrible tragedy. We are glad to learn that the American Federation of Teachers and other organizations will be working closely to help the students, teachers, administrators and their families in Newtown as they recover from this tragedy.

We credit the teachers, staff and administrators for reacting immediately to protect the children. Our thanks go out to all of their first responders for their effort to ensure the safety of all the students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We also want to express our utter disgust with the self-serving attorney that feels it necessary to sue the teachers, and state of Connecticut for one family’s suffering and their “surviving” daughter's emotional trauma. Mr. Pinsky tries to convince us that "It's not about the money".  Of course it is; nothing decent could ever warrant such a despicable action.

We also support the state and all other parties, in defense, against this deplorable, unthinkable and disgustingly uncivil attempt to use the judicial system in an attempt to extort monies from those that have done no wrong.

As a side note:  I had heard of the attorney's intent while listening to Main Street Out Loud, a radio talk show in Phoenix.  The host, Rudi K,  had suggested that listeners write letters in support of the school, the district and the state.  I felt moved to do so before hearing his report, but afterwards, I knew I had to make my position known and offer to help in any way I could.

With heartfelt regards and support,

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cc:   The Honorable Daniel P. Malloy,  State of Connecticut Office of the Governor

        Stefan Pryor, Commissioner,  Connecticut State Department of Education

        Thomas Kuroski, President,  Newtown Federation of Teachers

          Janet Robinson, Superintendent of Schools,  Newton Public Schools District

Additional Names and Addresses for additional letters

The Honorable Daniel P. Malloy

State of Connecticut Office of the Governor

210 Capitol Avenue

Hartford,CT  06106

Stefan Pryor, Commissioner

Connecticut State Department of Education

165 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT  06106

Thomas Kuroski, President
Newtown Federation of Teachers

Newtown Middle School

11 Queen Street

Newtown, CT 06470


Janet Robinson, Superintendent of Schools

Newton Public Schools District

3 Primrose Street

Newtown, CT 06470

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