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November 16, 2011

Preface:  The following comments, regarding a recent political election and a newspaper article about the results, have nothing to do with my preference of one candidate over another.  I did not have a vote in this election since it was outside of my district.  I did follow the debates and the candidates' views, but I did not endorse nor openly support one candidate over the other 

I bring this political contest up for two significant reasons. One deals with the elation over voter turnout, that I want to focus on.  The other deals with the way the candidate ran his campaign.

First, let's look at the headlines and the declarations made about the election of the next mayor of Phoenix, Arizona.  The headline read:  "Phoenix voter turnout sets city-election record".  As I then looked at the article, I read on the first line: "The 2011 Phoenix election will go down in city history for record-breaking voter turnout".   And, in the third paragraph, I read:  "..smashing the 1983 record for most ballots cast in an election by about 18,000 votes,.."

Surely, anyone reading this article at this point, has to be thinking that the people of Phoenix have taken a strong interest in their government and have moved in the direction of voter involvement.  After all, look again at the previous paragraph as to what was written--it says it all.  What else could these words mean? (click here to read more or go to "Essays Page")

*November 1, 2011

On Oct. 24, 2011, President Barrack Obama spoke at the Spanish-style mansion of actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, where about 200 supporters paid at least $5,000 each.

At a private residence, someone's home, a small group of people dropped over $1,000,000.00 in the hat.  During times that the president is trying to get middle America to pay for a jobs bill that will set us back nearly 500 billion dollars, during a time when the president is hard at it to get a program off the ground that will aid families that are underwater and possibly ready to lose their homes---where is this world in which some live and who are these people?

Are these people on the other side of the universe, in some pocket that keeps them immune to the problems of the world? No, these people are gathering in a private home for a party with a small group of friends,  less people than it would take to fill one-half of the new Boeing 747-400.  Yet, this small group of people gathered together and easily gave over a MILLION DOLLARS to feed the campaign coffers of their candidate and surely, now their friend.  Their good friend, the president, the same man that wants to raise taxes on the rich in order to pay for programs that aid the less fortunate.

The irony is that some of these people may not have even had dinner, yet they came and they willingly gave.  And to top it off, they might not have even been friends, contrary to my former suggestion. They might not even have liked some of the people with whom they were hobnobbing .  Yet, the cash flowed freely and I would venture to say, without a real concern about the economy (outside of Wall Street), the jobless rate, the housing foreclosure issues or the exodus within the industrial belt as vacant building after vacant building is being boarded up.

Do you wonder what the president will do with that easily gathered million?  Do you think he will spend it on himself and his agenda to stay president or will he use it to save about 600 families from foreclosure?  Or, what about funding an entire year's payroll for about 30 workers that need jobs?

I'm taking bets on this one---that it's not going to the soon-homeless-families or to relief some of the millions of unemployed workers.  After all, that's a problem for you and me---the taxpayers.  This is campaign money, this is "political campaign money", yes, this is "DONATE lots to ME so I can keep MY job". 

The most amazing part about campaign funds is that they are never ending, creating treasure troves of millions and in some cases, billions of dollars, month after month, year after year---for people that walk among us during appointed times, they speak of promises for a better tomorrow, they shake hands, smile and have photos taken while running for office and then become unapproachable while in office--until it's time to run again.  And each campaign echoes the words of the last one and the one before and the one before.

This type of scenario, filling the campaign coffers of the politicians with such an abundance that the end figures are staggeringly vulgar, while the politician speaks about the economic crisis, the jobless rate and other woes, brings to my mind a vision of a huge elephant sitting in the middle of the room. ELEPHANT:  Something that just can't be ignored---and in this case, that something would be a hypocrite.

So, let's see if we can give some clarity to the word.  Class, sit up straight and "PAY" attention.

Spelling:  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E

Definition:  1. A politician, in office, blaming others for things he/she voted into law.   
               2. A politician, in office, blaming all of the woes of this nation on the 
                  failures of the opposing party to understand the 'real; issues.
3. All politicians, in office, that talk about how much they care about their constituents, while
                  they promote personal agendas as they themselves live lives of entitlement and privilege.

CLASS DISMISSED:   Those of you that are so poor that it was difficult to even "PAY" attention---please study carefully, there is an election coming.  You, and millions just like you, will decide the fate of this nation and your family.

*Note:  This article is a slightly altered version of our commentary, presented on the Oct. 29 broadcast. To hear the audio version, please replay the program found on our archives page at:

OCTOBER 25,2011


At the Republican National Convention in 1988, George H.W. Bush, uttered these words:  "Read my lips, no new taxes".  We are well aware as to why that statement echoes loud and clear every time we look back on campaign promises that go unfulfilled.

In the current campaign, we are hearing the same promises made for more than a generation regarding border security, taxes, the economy, production on American shores and many more.  Maybe these promises should be met with:  Read my lips--No new campaign promises that you won't keep, that you can't keep and/or that you have no clue on how to make them happen.  Read MY lips:  Stop the empty promises.

Ronald Reagan, during his inaugural address in 1981:  "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem".

Most of us would agree with that statement, but do we understand the identity of "the government".  When we think of government, we don't think of you and me, we think of Washington and all those people that occupy the House, the Senate and the White House.  We don't think about the bosses that put the people into office.  The true government is you and it's me.  It is the American People.  America, a land where the government is OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. READ MORE 


TODAY (9/5/11): THE PRESIDENT SAID: "The time for Washington games is over. The time for action is now. No more manufactured crises, no more games. Now is not the time for the people you sent to Washington to worry about their jobs, now is the time for them to worry about your jobs."  Here's the problem with what he had to say:

FIRST--Congress is still on their 5 week vacation. Why is it now so important for action, what about the last 5 weeks of unemployment, dead economy, tight credit lines, lack of faith in political system, distrust of politicians and rising costs for groceries, fuel and other consumer essentials?   So, TODAY, this day, it just isn't going to be a good day for action---we have to wait for everyone to come back in from playtime and take their seats.  With all the traveling, the getting situated and then the TV and radio interviews, the arguing about which party did what, who did what to whom and other displays of boorish behavior--it will be another week before Congress is ready to settle in.  And when that happens, the real finger pointing will start.

SECOND--How can the President say this is no time to worry about their jobs when he's out on the campaign trail?  By now, some us are beginning to understand that hypocrisy might be the biggest problem we have in government.  Can you imagine how much time we would have to address real issues and study remedies if these grown men and women didn't spend so much time trying to influence us with the childish 'he did, she said, they won't, we will, if I can't play, then I'm taking my ball and going home' and other such nonsense.   Imagine a session without time wasted on all the finger pointing. Of course, with this crew, that is a far cry from becoming a reality.

So--what have we here? Politics as usual and everyone trying to get jockey for position. Difference being that the President has the bigger pulpit. Other than that, anything that is said or done will all be about the upcoming campaign and trying to do just that---save THEIR jobs. 

How much longer will we tolerate this farce?  How long can we survive, without taking positive steps to end this crisis that has gripped this nation for far too long? 

As for the American people, well let's face it--we got what we voted for--hope and change.  We hope we can survive until the next election.  We hope we will have better representation, we hope we will have more capable leadership, we hope we have reason to hope that things will change. 

AUGUST 19, 2011


During a discussion, a FB friend (Nancy H.) posted the following (exact copy): "With 14 TRILLION dollars of debt, NO ONE in this country should be hitchhiking, hungry, or homeless. Heck with 14 TRILLION we could have cured cancer and autism. Where did ALL the money go?????? It does NOT seem to be in America, despite the fact that Americans got to pay the debt."

I agreed.  She made an excellent point. I looked at that figure, 14 TRILLION DOLLARS, and wrote it out in my mind---even more staggering when envisioned.  

Although it took awhile to spend us into such debt, we are going at a record pace today and there seems no end to increased poverty and continuing hunger.  Where is this money going?  There is NO BUDGET, there is NO FULL DISCLOSURE.  According to the increasing debt, the only thing I find TRANSPARENTLY CLEAR is: No one should be hungry in this country.
Unfortunately, a huge portion the money hasn't been spent here, has it.

It has gone to impoverished nations that are still impoverished, to aid some relief efforts around the globe that are still requiring relief, to rid lands of regimes bent on enslaving the people within boundaries that are still controlled by other regimes or terrorist groups.
Unfortunately, a huge portion of the money hasn't been spent on these issues either.

It has gone to line the overflowing pockets of power players throughout the world, including those that are our sworn enemies. The money has gone to increase the holdings and bottom lines of banks, of big business, government contracts and, as a side benefit, to increase the net wealth of scores and scores and scores of congressional members. And add to this the waste and untold benefactors of graft and corruption.  And yes, I include the waste of countless vacations by the Administration and Congress during a time of severe crisis in America. Unfortunately, a huge portion of the money HAS been spent on these agendas.

But, unfortunately, a large portion of the money hasn't been spent on this nation's military men and women, this nation's unemployment, its job creation issues, this nation's declining state of affairs, this nation's forlorn or this nation's research to find cures for diseases.  

Isn't it past time to sit back and hope for the best?

Instead of posting on social networks, how many write their representatives, how many call the leaders of the Senate, the House or even the White House? How many give to charities within their community instead of to some government sponsored program?  How many give directly to someone, to a family in need, instead of to some political slickster running for (re)election?

"We have seen the enemy, and it is us". We haven't been too diligent in selecting leadership.  We haven't been too quick to respond to righting the wrongs, though they are blatantly displayed before us. Let's face it, we just haven't been too willing to be involved. Can we afford to continue to ignore the wake up calls.  The next one might be suppressed by those that want us to sit back and amuse ourselves with false hope. 

It seems that one of Ghandi's quotes is cited quite often these days: "Be the change you want to see in the world."  Maybe, before further hardship or calamity befalls us--we'll (you and I) actually be the change we want to see in the world. I am also reminded of another quote:  "Actions speak louder than words."

  320,000,000 AMERICANS FOCUSED on electing leaders according to character & ability.
IMAGINE:  320,000,000 AMERICANS FOCUSED on righting the wrongs, for the common good of all.
 320,000,000 AMERICANS INFORMED AND INVOLVED! "Oh beautiful, for spacious..."

A voluminous bill containing wasteful spending of agendas cleverly buried in pages no one read

AUGUST 11, 2011


The "SUPER COMMITTEE" is being defined by each appointment, from all sides of the aisle. It looks like the "super" part will be those that are permanently entrenched in the game of politics, the super politicians that have sat in Congress for term after term and now make up the senior class.  These politicians that continuously pass bills that are thousands upon thousands of pages long, allocate the spending of mega amounts of taxpayer monies and have no fail safe audits to prevent graft, corruption and wasteful spending.  Generally, the only things that turn out 'SUPER' are the amount of pages, the amount of waste, the amount of added wealth to a select few and the future tax that will be  imposed on the American worker.

As these members are heralded as the newly crowned deliverers of the realm, they will suggest and argue for their friends to join them on the committee.  And when it is all said and done, there may even be the token dissenting one or possibly even two, just to make it appear that change is coming and therefore, a cause for hope.  But, before we throw the confetti and sing "Happy Days Are Here Again", take note of who's selecting and who's serving.  If a coat of paint is applied to a broken down, rotten fence, you get a broken down, rotten fence that looks good, at first glance, from a distance.   Just don't get close enough to lean on it; it won't support you.

Members of this group may seek to make statements to the media, suggesting that this is now the time for reason and that respect for differing opinions and harmony will be the rule.    As long as party politics are in play and they are (that's how they get appointed to the committees), the give and take, the tit for tat, the favor for a favor will be the norm.  We'll be inundated with media reports covering it all, from egos, arguments, increased spending, exemptions for the privileged, agendas, deals, favors, lobbyist influences, etc. OR, to state it in simpler form: Politics as usual.

When you put the same politicians in charge that have been in charge for years, what else can you expect.  The definition of "insanity" comes to mind on this deal.  Doing the same thing, with the same people and expecting a different outcome---INSANITY.

How self-centered and self-important does the Congress have to be to strut this in front of the American people, as a solution to an ever growing crisis that has grown under the tutelage of those now named to shape the committee that will be in charge to "fix" things. .

And when this plays out and the results leave us with another broken down, rotting fence---who will be painted with the broad stroke of a blaming brush this time?


August 8, 2011

As the arbitrary deadline drew nearer, congressional leaders argued over tax cuts, tax increases, spending cuts, spending increases.  Congressional leaders warned of a looming doom, if debt limits weren't raised so that America could meet its financial obligations.   The message was presented over and over:  Increased limits and authorized added borrowing was the direction needed or America could default and her creditworthiness would be in jeopardy.  Many interviews were given by politicians on all sides, numerous secret, closed door meetings were held, but there was little of substance offered.  In the end, the debt limit was raised immediately, spending cuts were held off for the near and distant future. 

This is what America wound up with?  We are to accept a broken system that added more pieces that would contribute to the malfunctioning, out-of-control spending of a government that is much too big and much too controlling?  The waste continues, the debt increases, the nation moves in the wrong direction.  After weeks of orchestrated media exposure to the dog and pony shows, American taxpayers wind up deeper in debt and, to date, there isn't a program that has been successful at the grass root levels of Main Street America.

The same problems exist, in the same or greater proportions:  Unemployment, a lack of manufacturing on America soil, a sluggish economy, a near-closed credit market,  a foreclosure debacle of epic levels and a list of other items that seems to just go on and on.

Now after the hype, over this issue, had ended, surely the nation's leaders would take up the real issues for most Americans:  Jobs, manufacturing on native soil and boosting the economy within the nation.  There was also the immediate issue of over 4,000 FAA employees now out of work, as well as thousands more that relied on the airline industry, and tax revenues, running into the billions, were being lost.  Congress needed to weigh in and address this issue.  Many other issues sat as additional agendas to be moved upon.  The nation needed their representatives to deal with matters that concerned all of Main Street.  And this Congress needed to get it together before the ego and in fighting completely stalled this process of government, the government that was formed of, by and for the people, to benefit the common good of all Americans.  Instead, without further ado, the business of the nation would be laid aside for more than a month. 

The members of Congress decided they deserved to go on ANOTHER PAID VACATION. (click to read more) 

August 3, 2011

America was nearing the end of its borrowed money.  Congress couldn't agree on where or how they could get the right to borrow more.  The almighty clock was ticking---the clock that ticked away the days, the hours and the seconds until they had to work on the most important deal of their lifes---campaigning for the next election.

So, at the last minute, a deal was concluded.  America would not run out of borrowed money, we would borrow more and continue on the path of politics as usual--borrowing and runaway spending, runaway spending and deeper debt, indebtedness nearing the edge of  the abyss-of-no-return.

And Congress packed it up, left Washington in the rear view mirrors of the limousines and private cars that ferried them to airports and private planes that would take them home---to their beloved homelands, the land of favors, fund raising, political party promises, privileged agendas and ever increasing personal wealth.

They left Washington and the janitors (the working class) were now left to clean up the mess that they have left behind.

Yes, with the guarantee that they had set the nation up to float on borrowed funds, funds that would benefit them also, they were satisfied with their efforts.  They could go on another paid vacation.   They knew they had lots of newly tapped funds with which to play.  Home they went,  to assure their power backers, that, if re-elected, that money would see its way to private agenda deals that the powerful want done. 

After it is all said and done, the deal went the way it was always intended to go.  The drama was just a smoke screen.  The real power never doubted the outcome and those on the inside, knew their assignments and played them out as instructed.

Congress went home to let those that fund their campaigns know that the fix is in.  And the world continues to spin, maybe a bit less carefree, but it continues to spin.  And Americans go on about their lives--This deal is done.   Or is it?

In this age of American politics, it is what goes on when Congress is not in session that scares and sickens many of us, even more so than when Congress is session.   Private agendas laid out, future deals agreed to, funds promised and votes assured--these are the workings of a political machine that is a disgrace to this nation's FOUNDING FATHERS, ITS FLAG, ITS MOTTO, ITS FREEDOM.  This is a government no longer of, by or for the people--it is a powerful political machine that is a disgrace to the name--AMERICA and the good people of the REPUBLIC.

This is not a Comedy--This is a Tragedy
Politicians laugh all the way to the bank. Americans cry over more debt. There are NO jobs.

AUGUST 1, 2011

Could American Politicians be any more artificial than they already are?  So much ado about nothing.  Sure, there is a lot at stake and much that needs to be done. But they aren't doing it, they are too busy positioning themselves for the next election.  And that, we can only pray, is much ado about nothing. 

As if we didn't know the debt limit would be raised, please.  As if we didn't know it would come down to the wire and no one would have time to read, debate or offer alternatives to the last-minute-bill submitted--GET REAL.  As if we didn't know that as soon as the bill is signed by the President, the spending will go merrily into overdrive--all the way to the next debt ceiling limit.  And, out of the added spending will come more another batch of millionaires and even a few billionaires.  Matter of fact, some in Congress today, though they now have very limited wealth, will surely be added to that list.

We spelled it out in plain English on the air, this past Saturday.  Replay our broadcast of July 30 (HR 2).  And then tell Washington to stop their farcical attempt at all of this drama.  So much drama, but absolutely not a bit of substance.

Want drama?  Think about the greater debt, the depths to which we have sunk.   Want drama? Think about how we are supposed to pay this debt.  What are we doing to promote job growth in America?  The job market, in this country, is in such a precarious position and our economy is moving at such a slow pace that even snails are lapping it.

Want REAL DRAMA---think what it will be like if we have this Congress, this President for another four years.  All this bickering and dog and pony show is about how it will play in the upcoming campaign, for these people that will run for re-election.  Now---that's not just drama---and that's definitely not comedy----that's a real  tragedy.  You should be shuddering at the thought of such a nightmare.

Advice to Washington politicians:  Leave the drama to daytime TV.   How about spending your time doing what you swore to do; specifically to uphold, support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  And that would include seeing to the well being, the safety and security of America and its people.  And to make it really clear for you, that would include FOCUSING on:

July 25, 2011

"The Citizens' Family Debt Dilemma" (A lesson in debt reduction and priorities in spending)

Democrats and Republicans, the President, his advisors, the Treasurer, the Federal Reserve Chairman and all the other individuals that make up the brain trust on the hill---need to get back to reality.  This crisis about the debt ceiling isn't that difficult to get a handle on.  We don't need this dog and pony show; it just isn't impressing anyone and it's starting to really get old to more than a few of us.  This group of do-nothing, jockeying, positioning and posturing egomaniacs with self interest agendas and an experience track record that spells failure in great big capital letters, needs to take a lesson from John Q. Citizen and Mary Jane Citizen. 

Here's the lesson: (read more)

July 6, 2011

"Is it Resonable to Doubt?"

From the outset of the verdict, the area around the courthouse in Florida became a hot bed for dissention, disenchantment, demonstrations and even resentment by people that had no connection to the events or circumstances that had transpired three years earlier or, for that matter, those in the last few months.  It made me wonder about them, the system and more, much more....

Why are so many people absolutely livid over the verdict in the Casey Anthony case?  They aren't part of the family, they aren't family friends, they weren't called to the stand to testify, they weren't on the jury, they weren't  part of the prosecution team or the defense,  for that matter,  and they weren't even in the courtroom.  But, they are livid, sad, overcome with emotion and/or full of vengeance because they "know" she is guilty.  Based on what?

Some people demonstrated and shouted outside the courthouse.  People lined up to do on-camera interviews in which they gave heated comments and even threatened to make sure Casey paid for the rest of her life.  Who are these people?  How does the world view our judicial system when it witnesses the reactions of individuals, in circumstances such as these?

So many people carried signs and shouted that they wanted justice for Caylee Anthony.  They also said they would not rest until they knew Caylee's murderer was punished.  How do these people know that this little girl was killed?  How do these people know who killed her?  The police thought they knew, arrested a suspect, the prosecution brought a case forward and the end result was that a dozen peers of the accused found her "not guilty", according to the verdicts read on the count of murder, manslaughter, accomplice or involvement. (read more)

May 23, 2011

A Perfect Example of a Lying Hypocrite

Harold Camping, the person that predicted the world would end on May 21st, has now said it will end in October. Who really believes him and what sort of person would continue to give all they own to this man is not the question to which we need answers.

HERE IS THE QUESTION: If this man truly believed the world was to end on May 21st, why did he retain his assets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Doesn't the Bible teach us to do good deeds and to help our fellow man?  Why didn't he close up shop and spend his last days doing good? Why did he spend it giving interviews about how he knew and why his predictions didn't come true in times past? 

And why didn't his followers do the same?  Oh wait, they did!  They were the ones that gave him his worldly wealth.  When do people get a clue and start questioning the words they hear when asked to give all and follow a mere mortal.  This man isn't a god of some sort and he isn't some "chosen one" that God uses to speak to others.  If God has a message for me, I would think He could easily deliver it to me directly.  He doesn't need help--He created the universe.  I think getting my attention wouldn't be much of a task for God, not at all. 

HE says he studies the Bible, he says he believes God's word, then if he isn't a fraud why didn't he give---before May 21st---all he owned to feed the hungry, shelter and clothe the homeless and preach the word through his actions? After all, isn't that what the Bible teaches us to do?

Since he missed that opportunity to be a testimony of God's word, then why doesn't he give it all NOW, without reservation and without delay; to heal the sick and comfort the forelorn and yes, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless?  After all, if, as he truly believes that the world will end in October, what good will all of his wealth do in the after life?  NOTHING.  So--give it to help others---TODAY.

Or is he just panning for more fools to donate to him as he perpetrates this farce on mindless minions that are to blind to see that he ONLY talks the talk (and even that's doubtful)  ----BUT HE DOES NOT WALK THE WALK.

Give it up, Camping; put into action your supposed belief in the Bible and its teachings.  You either believe it or you are a false prophet.  Your inactions have told us what god you really worship---have you carved out a golden calf?

This con man simply found a way to get rich, at the expense of religion.  The Bible even warns us of these type of people and their lies.  Do you ever wonder why God allows these people to thrive at His expense?  I do.  I wonder why millions have no food, why people suffer without a roof over their head, and this guy has millions and lives a life of privilege.  Why?   And with this latest fanfare: Surely this guy has done his devil's share to turn some away from knowing the teachings of God.

The Bible tells us that no one knows the day or the hour, save GOD Himself, alone.  And, according to many faiths, all the gold and silver will not buy you a place in Heaven.

March 8, 2011

"For America's Sake---Stop Spending Money We Don't Have, On Things We Don't Need, That Do Nothing To Enhance The Safety or Welfare of Americans in America"
Let's Focus on Eliminating Waste---Not on a Wasted Sheen
Why do I have this strong conviction that if we cut just waste---nothing but those programs that do nothing to enhance the way of life for all Americans---we could  trim between 25 and 33 percent of our annual spending?  Or, could that portion be even higher?

Parts of this world, that became wealthy and powerful, did so through American aid, trade and through the blood of American military might that supported these governments in a time of crisis.  Today, they help promote economic woes around the world and surely within our country, by lopsided import/export agreements, by raising commodity prices, by limiting needed power supplies and by insisting on astronomical benefits for their countries at the expense of ours.   Today, nations sit back, salivating,  as we overspend ourselves into such debt that we will soon be unable to ever repay.

If we were in need of aid, would they send grain, technology, equipment or even forces to help us?    Other than Great Britian and possibly Germany, what other country would you be willing to put your last dollar on?  Some of these countries that continue to increase their position of power in the world and amass even greater wealth, would turn their backs on us and pick at the carcass if we were not the powerful entity that we are---still, yet.

I believe that if we were to go over our budget, line by line, and truly understood the end recipient of our monies, you and I would revolt against ever paying another penny in taxes until the waste and corruption was eliminated.  I do not advocate that we withdraw support of our government, but I do offer that we have let our government go about its business without being accountable to the "REAL" power within government---WE THE PEOPLE.

While we are on the subject of "the people"  let's remember to  think about the needs of our military on a daily basis.  We should indeed  focus on them and not the rantings of a self-centered actor that is a poor example for our youth.  And to think when it comes to spending, this actor makes more in 30-minutes than a platoon of heroes makes in a year.

Are we so busy with our self interests, that we can't take time to be informed and then get involved?   It's our country, it's our future, it's our now. 

How long before we will have waited too long? 

Jan. 24, 2011

Sound Bites, Cameras, Ratings and Memorials Equal Reality?
Who Are We? Just maybe, w
e need to slow down and take our time.  Look at how we speed through life today.  And by the way, don't tell me you have to do things this way, because there isn't enough time in a day.  Possibly we need to stop for a moment and take a look at what we have set as guidelines for an example and standard of living.

Some of us have decided that we could depend on a TV reality program to show how we can pick life partners in a few short weeks by taking approximately 300 people on a date, at the same time, (okay, only 20 people at a time).

Some of us have agreed that the way to better health is to bare all (literally and physically)  on a TV program that embarrasses us into losing weight in front of millions of viewers.  All in the name of reality TV.  Oh and some money.

Some of us think that the answer to our personal problems and family issues are resolved by going on drug rehab programs and celebrity "psychologists" shows and baring our souls, the most intimated details of our private lives and doing so in front of glaring cameras and an audience of strangers. And these people, sit in a counseling session, in front of only a few million viewers.  And this is done for what?  A few brief minutes of what?  And those that watch this, do so because of what?

Some of us have decided that dealing through the regular legal system is no longer adequate, these people can't let a court decide their fate anymore.  Instead, the lure of standing before celebrity judges and TV lawyers that will hear our cases (stupid, petty and childish) in front of those glaring cameras and a national audience.  People stand and proclaim how the car they stole, the credit cards they stole from a dear friend was an okay thing to do because the friend once used their comb (or some other asinine made-for-TV drama).  And the judge who listens to screaming, swearing, cross talking and waits as the tantrums stop, then lays down the verdict, with humor, sarcastic rhetoric and anything else that will cause a rise from the  gallery.  As if this is how courts conduct business.  Let's face it, it has to be this way or it wouldn't sell.

Recently, some of the media, mainly those that air their "news" on television, seemed to be caught up in what the victims of Tucson are thinking and how they feel about the parents or the monster that killed six and injured thirteen.  And the push to be first with those interviews, to cover that story seems to be, to some, a "need-to-get-it-first" project.  Case in point---
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Jan. 9, 2011

Ignorance Fuels Blame
It is absolutely egregious to realize that some have become so hypocritically biased that even their finger pointing has stooped to an all-time low.  The need to isolate themselves from contributions of wrong and the need to stand aloof, yet with stained hands, in judgment has led to accusations of the most pathetic level and a lack of ethical behavior in civility.  In my opinion, the American people should be appalled over this trend, fanned by some media, their 'poster idols' and those in positions of power that blatantly manipulate the reporting of events, to lean towards their agendas, selfish gain and all in the name of informing and doing the business of the people.  Double standards and hypocracy have become much to familiar and accepted as a way of life in too many circles.

Are we slowly or possibly more correctly, have we turned our backs on "RIGHT", "TRUTH", "HONESTY", "INTEGRITY" AND "CHARACTER"?  Are we on a quick path to becoming an unruly and Godless society? 

Some have stooped to pinning the deranged and monstrous acts of seriously ill and demented individuals, no longer on background, parenting, mental illness or improper environments, but instead, they blame a political party, the words spoken during campaigns or worse; a candidate.  Our election process, our governmental procedures, our elected officials and those that choose to campaign in an effort to serve, for whatever reason, these are now, by insinuation, being hailed as the true villains that spark hideous acts by the aforementioned demented individuals.

Surely this nation is in need of some true guidance back to virtue, truth and responsibility.  We cannot condone this attempt to impregnate, fester and breed more unscrupulous individuals and their outlets to poison this land with manipulative and malicious lies.  We cannot become a nation that ignores the rule of law nor a nation that will sidestep the election process in order to supposedly calm the horrendous demons that take lives in the name of some cause residing in the minds of the demented.

We must stand against spurious politicians, "me-first-scoop" medias filled with misinformation and we must not take for fact the words relayed by a misinformed/uniformed general public.   We must always speak, act and exemplify a civil, truthful, informed and responsible manner, lest we add to the ambiguity of concern over the inevitable question; "what's next".   The answer to "what's next" will be that we need only look within ourselves to see the enemy that will destroy us--that enemy will be our indifference.  
We must do our part to educate.  The time has come for government to act (that's you and me).  Be informed and get involved---your voice, your participation and your vote will make the difference. 

Jan. 5, 2011

A Sigh Of Relief
Nancy Pelosi has turned over the gavel and stepped down as Speaker of the House. While many of us waited until the Health Care Reform Act was passed so we could know what was in it, we didn't have to wait to know what to do today.  Many Americans simply took a deep breath and breathed a sigh of relief.
True to form, when asked as to how she handled things and about things that seemed to be left undone, such as the economy being fragile and the unemployment numbers being high, she replied that she has NO regrets. Is she oblivious to the state of things that were perpetuated and fed by this past congress? 

But, at the moment, it is a time to BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF provided you still remember how, after holding your breath so long. They didn't tax the air and they didn't trade it for loans with China---so the air is still free----for the moment anyway. Or is it?

Actually,  I made a mistake saying she stepped down---It would be more appropriate to say candidly:  The American voters removed her.

Note:  Join us on Jan. 8, for an indepth look at her last day and about other Congressional representatives.

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