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2009 Commentaries

In 2009, at the suggestion of our listeners, Rudi K started logging his thoughts on the website.  Sometimes he covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that needed attending.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think as to what your views are also.  Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself.

The Best Part About Public Speaking Engagements?
I Get to Meet People Face-to-Face and Hear Their Views too.

And so I began to publish "Musings of a Radio Talk Show Host"

The weblog below is my online journal for our radio show, MAIN STREET OUT LOUD. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include links to longer essays.

December 31, 2009

Clueless in Washington
"HOME"land Security----- We're not talking about here, there and everywhere.  We are talking about our country.  From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico and a couple of states and a few territories.  Yes, it seems a large area to cover, but relation to the North American Continent or Asia or some other great mass, it is smaller than you might realize. 

And, while complex, Homeland Security must have some basic rules and guidelines that it just has to follow.

I would think that one of them might be the adherence to communications regarding potential critical information shared between the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service and Homeland Security.  After all, didn't we decide that might have helped us to be on alert prior to the 9-11 attacks? 

I don't understand why we are falling for the seemingly stunned attitude in Washington over the latest breach of security, regarding the near catastrophic event on Christmas Day.  Doesn't it make sense to think that on one of the most recognized holidays, a day of Christian significance, that someone of the Muslim radical community might think this would be a good day for killing Americans?

Doesn't it make sense that on such a day, that with information, from the father of a Muslim Radical, that Homeland Security and the TSA might be on the lookout for this person.  His father said he might be traveling by air and he sensed his son was just not right----and WE EVEN KNEW HIS NAME, yet we did nothing.  And why?  We definitely know why.
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December 5, 2009

Maybe Tiger Should Have Held Onto a Wood and Stayed Out of the Woods

It's the same old story, no matter how many times it is told and no matter who's name you use when telling it.  Whether it's a politician, athlete, entertainer, business person or some other public figure,when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar or their hands on the cookie, they deny and they deny and they deny.  (
Deny is the mild form of lie that just has a softer ring to it).

When the denial becomes rather thin, they then say they are sorry and typically, they give some excuse as to why.  Eventually, no matter the clever and deceptive prowess, the truth comes out and they ask for forgiveness and ask us to mind our own business and go back to paying them, buying tickets or supporting them for whatever it is that they do to earn lavish life styles at the expense of adoring fans and supporters. 

Just a quick observation: 
In all fairness, they are a lot like you and me in one sense, we are pretty good at the denial bit ourselves when confronted with the same situation and circumstances.  But, that is about as far as I would go with the comparison.

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 November 30, 2009

Pushers in Washington and Users on Main Street

Washington continues to amaze even the most skeptical with their spending programs.  Its as though they use them as a pusher uses drugs.  They promise a feel-good result and though these drugs are questionable, they are seemingly legal.  Washington has figured out a way to get Main Street high, and they have done it in such a slick way that neither the pushers nor the users have to look over their shoulder as to who might be watching the selling and use of these drugs.  Main Street principles and hard work seem to have been stepped over in search for another quick fix--another program that increases the size of a government that just continues to spend and spend. 

What about the consequences?  Of course there will be the occasional court cases, but not the type that require a public defender, instead, more like the kind that requires a business attorney to account for the money that was used to buy a quick fix or a good bankruptcy attorney to wash away the debt and bring relief from the troubled assets (remember T.A.R.P?). 

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October 26, 2009

Don't Bring a Stick to a Gun Fight

Have we become numb or indifferent?  Have we forgotten our commitment or have we simply found distractions that have become more important to many of us because we, or our families, are directly affected?  We are engaged in a war and the death toll, civilians included, continues to mount, not so much from conventional weapons, but more so from suicide bomb incidents.  Great numbers are killed in single incidents where vehicles, heavily loaded with explosive devices, are driven into populous areas with unsuspecting workers, shoppers and visitors.  And let's not forget to add to these numbers the devastation from I.E.Ds planted in the roads, along the roadsides, in walking lanes and anywhere else the extremists feel they can take enough innocent and/or unsuspecting lives without being detected. And, how can we overlook the lives taken by those that have explosives strapped to their bodies that they detonate once they are within the deadly proximity of those that these radicals have been sent to kill.

We continue to add to the rising count of American military service personnel, both men and women.  These numbers are made up of the brave souls that volunteered to enlist, to defend, to stand for freedom and to oppose oppression, tyranny and a multitude of other inhumanities.

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September 10, 2009


Before I present my case for MANDATORY health care coverage, let me make one thing clear about the outburst during the President’s speech last evening.   The comment was uncalled for and showed a lack of restraint.  It certainly warranted an apology, personal and without exception.  Whether it was directed at the President of the United States or any other person, the accusation has no place in the public arena of politics or, for that matter, anywhere else.  Crude, rude and uncivil behavior contributes nothing to the welfare of this nation and it sets the wrong example for our youth.

That being said……………

The President’s speech certainly sparked a litany of comments after his address on Health Care.   Not so much of what he said, but what was said from the floor.  Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, with his ‘spontaneous’ outburst emphasized the real need for a modern and extremely comprehensive health plan; specifically designed to cover the ails that seem to plague many in Washington, D.C.   

But, I would offer we need MANDATORY health care coverage for a nation with an increasing number of sick people.  People that have a tendency to speak before thinking, people that can’t control their mouth and people that seem to have a screw missing or at least loose enough to cause some serious damage.

We have much too much disrespect of others and the trend of name calling and accusatory language seems to have taken  a prominent position in Washington.  It goes beyond having a foot in the door; this is quickly becoming an epidemic.  Pelosi and her 'unpatriotic' comment, Charlie Rangel and his 'you are too stupid' comment when asked about his ½ million dollar  omission on his tax return and Harry Reid with his 'you can smell them' comment over tourists in Washington.  Then add the ‘dignity’ comment from the Texas Congresswoman and the ‘no matter what my constituents think, I will vote what I think is right’ comment from another congressman.

I think a team of doctors and scientists could easily get a grant and start working on finding a cure for ‘mouth before thought’, more commonly known in medical circles as MBT (any real medical condition is referred to by letters only).  They should set their offices and laboratories in the wings of Congress and the Senate.  As to costs, much will be saved when it comes to purchasing specimens.  They won’t need to stock up on mice, not with so many rats available.

While we are without an antidote to eradiate MBT;  as long as this condition threatens our  systems, we would be wise to make this coverage mandatory for every person in Washington.  And, as needed, we could extend that coverage to others.  And by the way, we certainly would strike out the pre-existing condition clause of any policy regarding this malady.

Then again:  Maybe we could all just take a deep breath and engage our brains before we open our mouths?  Who knows, if we think first, we might even find the cure for obesity---since we wouldn’t have to eat so much crow or humble pie.  And that includes me with the rat comment (I couldn’t resist).  

August 19, 2009


Just one thing before I start.  I didn’t just jump on this band wagon; I have been voicing my concerns over this industry, bailouts and programs since late last year.  So, as you can see, this Administration, this Congress and this Senate listens to me just as much as it listens to you. My view of this oversight comes in the last paragraph of this article.

'Cash for clunkers' has dealers on edge and hesitant to make any more deals.  The industry has an underlying hum and it isn’t coming from a fuel efficient engine. The program is on hold and that move is initiated by the same industry it is supposed to help.  Why?  The program may have run its course and there may not be any money for subsequent deals.  There are many speculations and even some calculations, but no one, not one person, not one agency can give anything that might resemble real facts.  And so we scratch our heads and ask: How can this be, how can this be happening again? 

Unfortunately, once again, this administration has come up with yet another program to spend tax payer money, without a viable method to control the spending.  It seems as though we have been stuck on this crooked path since this ‘hurry up, give me the money’ started last September.  Remember when Henry Paulson said that the financial markets needed a 700 Billion dollar bail out (T.A.R.P)?  That program continues to be questionable and much of the money is still unaccounted for or not being disclosed as to its use.  And since that fiasco, it seems that every ensuing program just mirrors the unbridled spending and waste.  You would think that once would be enough and someone would get the clue to ride a different pony.    

Let me clear your mind as you continue to read.  When it is all said and done, the ‘cash for clunkers’ program will have cost more than Congress figured, will uncover some real nightmares to deal with, somewhere, the end result of these transactions (the recycle bin) will crush parts of the industry to the point of needing a bailout and we will be put in the position of having to pony up once more.  Stay tuned.  Surprised?  I bet you are thinking I could have left this paragraph to your imagination, right?!

Some auto dealers are as good as out of business.  Why?  (Read More)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I Aired Program on Cambridge Arrest. Was it Racism?

To begin with, I really love America.  And when my country gets a thorn that could fester into a serious wound, I can’t sit back and do nothing.  And since I am fortunate enough to have a forum that reaches tens of thousands of people, I speak up.  Unlike so many talk radio programs, I don’t deal in hype, supposition or conjecture that reeks of controversy, all for the sake of ratings.  I present the facts and I try to give non-biased commentary based upon the findings.  My personal views have no place in reports.  Luckily, this is not a report; instead it is the reasoning for my latest broadcast on July 27, 2009.    

The topic of race is often one that people only approach from the edges and skirt around the possibility of true, in-depth studies or conclusions.  Too often, humorous and ‘what a shame’ comments divert any real attempts to get closure.  Recently, the issue of an arrest made the headlines.  A local incident became a national incident as soon as the President weighed in with some words, by his own admission; that were not based on facts.  Was the President racist, was the professor racist, was the policeman racist?  Was the incident filled with racial profiling, as the professor stated?  And it was a topic that most wanted to stay away from.  They would discuss the President’s comment and dissect that, but otherwise, most seemed to ask questions that they expected the air to answer.  The news channels had their regular anchors  and the interviews were with, you guessed it, persons of color.  As though only an African-American could answer the question of ‘should President Obama have commented?’, ‘do you think this was racially motivated?’ and misdirected questions, such as ‘do we really have a race issue in America?’.  The dance around the facts was farcical and degrading.   As for me, I wanted the factual details and I wanted to relay the truth. 

I understand that many would raise an eye brow or dismiss my thoughts.  Surely you are familiar with the thinking that asks  'what does a "white" man know about color discrimination?’.  What could a "white" man say that made any sense to a person of color?  I have heard it all in past years and I have to say, I don’t hear it too often, anymore.  By the way, Tom Sawyer got his friends to paint a picket fence white, and, according to that guideline, I am not "white".

Just before I went on the air, I recalled a comment I made years ago, as a panel member that addressed the issue of separations within America.  It was that if you do not discriminate, if you are unbiased and truly blind to color, race and nationality, you may be chastised for the content or leaning of your words, but never for expressing your opinion.

I started off my broadcast with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He said:  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.  I asked the audience to keep this quote in mind.  My personal feelings about Dr. King are irrelevant at this time, but I will state, for the purpose of this writing, I admired him, his principles, his character, his integrity and his love for God and all peoples.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You to Our Defenders
It was a privilege and honor to host an exceptional group of individuals today, made up of veterans and active duty military personnel. My personal thanks go to each one of you not only for all that you do in defense of Freedom, but for taking the time to be with us on the air today. To everyone else, if you missed the show, be sure to go to our ARCHIVES page to listen to it, it will be the best hour of your week!
Here is a quick synopsis of today's panel, four individuals from a group of the special people who stand between you and those who would harm you... always remember that they volunteered for these jobs willingly and for that, they are to be honored all the more:
[In alphabetical order]
Michael Focareto: United States Navy -- Disabled veteran (voluntarily joined the Navy in 1988), attained rank of Petty Officer Second Class. He started his Naval career at the US Naval Academy.  He served on the USS Virginia during the Gulf War (1992).  Michael is presently the founder and CEO of Veteran Tickets Foundation.  Donate, volunteer or check on active/veteran services at  Their motto:  "Give something to those who gave."
SGT Lorenzo Fuentes:
  United States Marine Corp -- Active Duty (voluntarily joined the Marines in 2003).  He volunteered to serve his country after completing high school in Florida.   He has completed three deployments to Iraq from 2004 through 2007, with both MWS373 (twice) and MWS372.  Sergeant Fuentes is currently serving stateside, working with the Marine Reserves. In his words:  "I love the Marine Corp, it's a good career for anyone."
SSGT Yvonne Tijerina
:  United States Air Force -- Active Duty (volunteered in 2002) .  She has completed three deployments to the Middle East, including the UAE and twice to Kuwait and Iraq where she served as a .50 caliber gunner.  Staff Sergeant Tijerina is preparing to deploy again; this time having to leave her new baby.  In her words: "I am going to continue to help by defending and fighting for our freedom." 
SGTFC Randy Wombles:  
United States Army -- Active (volunteered in 1988).   He volunteered to enlist while living in Kentucky.  He has served in a variety of locations Stateside and has seen foreign duty in Turkey.  He has received over 40 accomodations and declarations, including the Glen E. Morrel Award (Army's highest honor for recruitment). In Sergeant First Class Wombles' words: "I'll continue to serve until the Army makes me retire."  

I regret that we were not able to have a representative from the U. S. Coast Guard on our panel today, then the panel would have been complete. Time and geographic constraints however prevented it.

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Mon, June 29, 2009 | link

Freedom is Worth Defending - Meet the Defenders
As we look forward to the July 4th weekend celebrations, we have an exceptional line up of guests who have made it a point to make the weekend possible.  Our guests will be some of the men and women that serve and have served in uniform to protect you and keep you free. 
They aren't just some other parents' child, they are the brave who have stood between you and those that want to defeat your right to be free; these men and women have volunteered to fight for you and your family.  Do you know them?
Now you can know some of them by name, and you can thank them.  Some have paid a heavy price; all have stood, with honor and duty, to protect certain inalienable rights that most of us take for granted.  These men and women know, first hand, that freedom isn't free.  They have experienced the high price of each free moment.   All have fought for freedom, with no concern of personal gain.  Their reward:   Knowing you can celebrate freely and openly, this coming Independence Day.
Join us on TODAY, June 29th  at 4:00 PM.  Call in and say THANK YOU.  These military sons and daughters deserve your support and your gratitude.
Stop the car, hang up the phone, put down the remote, just stop and take a moment ----- GIVE THANKS.  Then call and express your support --- OUT LOUD.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Topic:  Tempe Mayor and City Council asks court for do-over, citing the lame excuse of "My dog ate my book and so I wasn't ready for the test the first time."
Topic:  Arizona:  Budget or bust; what will happen to Arizona if the government shuts down?  How deep will you have to dig into your pockets?   Temporary tax, what the heck is a temporary tax?
Our guests will be Mr. Clint Bolick and Dr. Tom Patterson.
Clint Bolick serves as the director of the Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation at the Goldwater Institute.  Mr. Bolick has been recognized as Lawyer of the Year by American Lawyer, has been the recipient of the Bradley Prize for excellence in “strengthening American democratic capitalism” and has authored several books.  At present, he is the lead attorney in a case defending the small business owner -- Preston v. Hallman (Tempe Mayor and City Council).
Dr. Tom Patterson has been Chairman of the Goldwater Institute since 2000. He was elected to the Arizona State Senate in 1989, and served as Minority Leader from 1991-92 and Majority Leader from 1993-96. Patterson was the author of legislation creating Arizona's cutting-edge charter school system and welfare reform program. He warned of the problems that former governor Napolitano would leave the state; he spoke out against bailouts; and on Monday, June 22, he will address the budget, tax and law suit issues facing the state government.
Monday, June 22 at 4:00 PM.  Tune in, educate yourself and then let your voice be heard.  It's Main Street Out Loud covering "What's on your mind".
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Interview with a (former) Chrysler dealership owner
My thanks go to Mr. Dan Arnold for appearing on our program today, with his candid responses to our questions and for giving us the real skinny on who was on the short end of the Chrysler assembly line.

Dan Arnold is the owner of Arnold Motor Sales, a Chrysler dealership in Superior, AZ (about 40 miles from Mesa, AZ). Er, make that a FORMER Chrysler dealership, since Chrysler Corporation just shut them down. Mr. Arnold's family has owned this reputable and successful Chrysler dealership for over 70 years, have offered only American-made products, and have been extremely loyal to the manufacturer, yet Chrysler put them out of business with calculated coldness. Dan explained what really happened in stark detail.

Missed the show but want to hear the whole story without any sugar coating? Please go to our ARCHIVES page and click on the June 15 2009 broadcast. 
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Mon, June 15, 2009 | link

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