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Sometimes Rudi K covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that couldn't wait, they needed attending at the time.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think.  Feel free to write us with your thoughts. (Email us here)

December 30, 2014


I can't speak for any branch, but, when I was in the USAF, we took an oath to obey orders, do our duty and defend. That's it. We left our personal issues at home. I don't recall anything about the Air Force promising me that they would conform to my wants and pleasures.

When I was in, if you couldn't follow orders, you were sent packing. The military isn't a place for lots of customs and conditions---it's all about the bottom line: DEFENDING AMERICA!  And there is nothing strategic or in the best interest of America--by growing a beard, whether it's Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard.


NOTICE:  This is in reply to an article as to how CAIR was suing the Navy for not allowing Muslims to grow beards while in the service of OUR Military Branch--The United States Navy.  To read the article in Political Outcast (click here)

December 11, 2014


If this Republic is to survive beyond our generation and into the generations of our children and grandchildren, then:

We can no longer be the weak "voters" that come along and act as the pawns and elect, to office, the person that the money people give us.  In far too many recent elections, the money decides who they want (someone that will be good for them and to them) and then they shove that person to the front and leave him/her for us to vote into office. 

While we think, then, that our candidate won, the truth is, their candidate won, we were just the pawns that carried out their mandate.  We must resist those pushed upon us, no matter how much money they have behind them.  Look at where we are and then tell me that the way we've been doing elections is what's best for America.

It's time to stand, as a unified people.  If we do that, no matter how much money comes at us---we can't lose.  Our history shows that United American Citizens can, indeed, do whatever needs to be done.  In this case, we need to clean out DC and dump that good old boy network that is so pervasive in what our founding fathers called "government, of, by and for the people". 

We can get back to that government the Constitution of the United States of America outlines for us--- AS SOON AS WE CLEAN UP OUR ACT.

NOTICE:  This commentary is in response to an article regarding the election in 2016 and what the money people are considering.  Be sure to read the article at: 

November 24, 2014




















November 17, 2014


The election in 2008 was blown up by the media as a "HISTORIC" election because of the color of the president-elect's skin. That was a racist opinion and most areas of contention, either positive or negative, during this president's time in office, have continued to be labeled as racism.

If people of color agree with the president, it is said it's all because the president is of color. If Caucasians disagree with the president, it is said it's because they are against the president because of the color of his skin.

Add to this the president and members of his cabinet (i.e. Eric Holder), seem to speak quite often from a position of color. Why? Why is division so prominent, shouldn't we be focusing on the fact we're all Americans and many of us (without distinction) love this country, each other and want nothing but peace, law and order and to exercise our rights as citizens. Yet, the focus seems to be on who's black, who's white, who's brown, who's yellow, who's red, who's pink, blue and green. WHY?

To sustain life, we need blood and, no matter who's blood, it's always red.

The racial tension is again heightened, not because of an event in Ferguson, Mo., but because the people in DC continue to promote race division, with the help of the two 'camera seeking-race-baiting-community unrest instigating-self promoting-cashing in on race-bigots named Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

This isn't the first time. The nation was on alert after the Zimmerman verdict in the Martin case. Demonstrations, TV cameras and news crews were dispatched to "flash point" cities, ready to cover rioting and mayhem. It didn't happen immediately after the verdict was announced and camera crews, interviewing certain people, were obviously trying to get something started. Americans saw through the attempts to aggravate locals into any act of a riotous nature. While not everyone agreed with the decision, Americans decided that beating, burning, killing and robbing each other was--quite simply--WRONG.

The need for a governor to call out the NG isn't because of the people that live in Ferguson, Missouri. The need for this vigil and caution is because of the people that sit in DC and send their messengers to Ferguson---to promote an uprising. This isn't the first time--but we could send a strong message to DC, if Americans choose not to be the pawns DC hopes they will be.


To read the article that prompted this blog: (click here) 

November 4, 2014

Can you imagine (before you got your job) your boss hiring you without ever interviewing you, without ever reading your resume, without ever verifying your work history or without checking you out through your references?  Can you imagine your immediate boss not even requiring a meeting with him before hiring you?

Of course not.  Only someone incompetent, foolish or plain stupid, entrusted with the responsibility of hiring, would ever do such a thing.  So, when it comes to hiring someone to work for you---how thorough are you?

Approximately 317,000,000 people are depending on you to make the right decision; to hire the right people to work for them, with them, in this huge company that we refer to as America.

What did you know about the person you selected to run this company--America?

What did you know about the persons you selected to help him run things--in America?

What did you know about the person you selected to go to work for you, representing you to all those that run the company--America?

What did you know about the person you selected to look after you and the state you live in--your governor?

What did you know about the person you selected to look after you, your family and your neighborhood--your district representative?

What did you know about the person you selected to be in charge of enforcing the laws that protect and keep your family safe and free--your Attorney General and Sheriff?

What did you know about the people you selected to sit in the courts, hold trial, hear testimony, instruct juries and pass judgment, fines and sentences on those found guilty of a litany of civil and criminal acts--all those judges?

If you answered honestly, don't feel bad about.  You're not alone.

Now do you understand why we are in the mess we're in?

August 26, 2014


It became more of a main stream media spectacle, promoted by over zealous individuals trying to promote an agenda, and using a funeral to get their point across.
The area was flooded with communication vehicles, satellites atop, reporters, remote camera feeds, live streaming of the entire funeral, microphones shoved in anyone's face willing to talk and the crowd (for the funeral alone), rivaled the "normal" population of the town, which is only 21,000 residents.

The White House sent 3 representatives to attend this funeral.  Civic and political leaders who had never knew the young man lying in the casket or even heard of a town called Ferguson.   And, there was Al Sharpton; he came to give one of the two eulogies.  Aren't eulogies reserved for close friends and relatives?  Whatever it takes to get some camera time, huh Al?  By the way, I wonder who paid Al's expenses?  And lost in all of this, were the parents that had no time to reflect or be alone with their thoughts and grief.  Instead, the media had turned their words into sound bites for the cameras and so called "news" coverage. 

Oh and did I mention there were plenty of side shows going on outside of the church. Yes, T-shirts were sold, information on voting was touted and there were those showing genuine love by SELLING bottled water for 10 times the going price.  Feel the love?  All that attention to bury Michael Brown, a boy that became famous for all the wrong reasons---famous because of media blitz to divide Americans according to race. Why such a concentrated focus on this?

Meanwhile, in the same month of August, with no media presence and no news coverage, save the possibility of a 4 second sound bite mentioning a soldier, from the local area, had been killed, loved ones gathered silently to some of our great American Heroes. 

The spouses, parents, children and loved ones of those that stood to defend EVERYONE in this country, laid to rest their sons.  These were some of the men and women that stand guard over the freedoms of this nation, day and night.  These were some of America's finest that volunteered to stand and defend the rights of all Americans.  These men fought for everyone's freedom.  These men chose to take the place of so many others, others that will never serve this country--they're too self-absorbed, looking out for #1--themselves.

During the month of August, the following named, received no recognition from the White House, from civic and political leaders or activists.  These heroes served without reward and went to their graves, unknown by the majority of Americans that owe their slice of freedom to each of these men.  These men did what others would not:  SERVE ALL OF US--regardless of race, color or creed.  Why isn't the focus on these and other heroes like them? 

There were no side shows at these funerals.  There was sadness and weeping over the lives lost too soon and there was a solemn gesture, by presenting the flag that draped the casket of the man that had taken an oath to protect it,  to ever let it wave, "o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave".

 SSGT G. D. GASS, JR. of Lumber Bridge, NC KIA 8/3/14 RIP
 MAJ GEN H. J. GREENE of Schenectady, NY KIA 8/6/14 RIP
SFC  S. C. HAIRSTON of Houston, TX KIA 8/12/14 RIP
SFC M. I. LEGGETT of Ruskin, FL KIA 8/20/14 RIP
SGT C. W. MALALLAY of Eureka, CA KIA 8/22/14 RIP

Where were the White House Representatives to pay tribute?
Where were the cameras to memorialize those that made the ultimate sacrifice?
Where were the people, en masse', to show gratitude for being free?  

No matter what you call it, no matter how you see it, the truth is:  Our values and sense of respect have really become twisted. 

August 21, 2014

Yes, Obama headed off to play golf after his lackluster speech yesterday. But he and his handlers would like for you to keep this in mind:

1. He had already scheduled to play golf--the beheading came as a surprise. It wasn't even on the schedule.
2. If you play golf, you know how precious Tee times can be, especially at exclusive country clubs where only the super rich and famous play.
3. Americans listened to what he had to say, and afterwards, Americans went back to focusing on themselves---is the president any different?
4. He said what he had to say---it amounted to nothing, so off he went to keep that precious Tee time
5. Let's keep in mind--he IS ON VACATION.  How would you like it if you were on vacation and they called you back to work?  Plus, let's not forget about the Congress--they're on vacation too.
Yes, the above is satirical--but only in part.

I am just as disgusted with and in anguish over this president and the reputation of America today.) And yet, I know that MOST Americans (the legal voters) will go to the polls this November and vote the same people back into office as are there today. How UNAMERICAN is that?

To know America has been declining and still voting those back into office that led her down the road to ruin--that's UNAMERICAN.

And yet, so many are upset because he played golf? In comparison, playing golf isn't even on the radar when it comes to what Americans have allowed their Congress and their President to get away with---and every bit of it has been and continues to be accepted, supported and promoted by the eligible (legal and registered) voters.

Let's level the blame where it belongs---on THOSE THAT VOTE AND THOSE THAT DON'T. 

August 14, 2014


So?  If we aren't racist, if we aren't bigoted, if we aren't intolerant, if we aren't segregated, but instead are a United States of America, what difference does it make as to the color of an officer's skin or how many are of color?

So?  If we believe in law and order, if our law enforcement officers are there to protect and serve (all of us), if we are a nation under the rule of law and if we are citizens that obey those laws, then what difference does it make as to the color of the individual that has sworn to uphold the law or how many are of color?

So? If it is a big issue that there are only 3 officers of color in a department of 53 officers, if it is a condition to note that the town of Ferguson has a population of color somewhere above 60 %, if it is necessary to state that most of the city officials are "not" of color and if it is important to note that 10 times as many persons of color are arrested than are OTC (other than color), then we are racist and race is the issue.  And we should hire based on color and not on the content of their character.

So?  If race is the issue, then the race baiters will have a field day and Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. will have led the fight for civil rights for naught and the United States of America has not united under this administration, but instead it has been further divided.

Isn't it time to stop the division before it destroys us?  Don't give this administration an excuse to enact martial law.  How long before we wake up as to what the underlying agenda has been?  Will we be fools enough to sit idly by as we are torn asunder? 

As for me, I believe the immortal declaration, first written as an absolute within the Declaration of Independence: "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL". PERIOD! 

August 11, 2014

Looters? They're thieves, period and some are arsonists. Here's what some of them want you to think is the message "Okay, Police Dept., City, County, State and Nation--Listen up: If we don't get justice (whatever justice is to us, we can't define, but we want it) then we're just going to keep breaking the law, giving doses of injustice."

Before anyone tries to twist this into something other than what it is, the public should ask: Those of you that robbed and burned the place--how many of voted in the last election? How many of you even know what happened or the names of who shot whom? How many of you work for a living? How many of you have a record that includes stealing? How many of you pay taxes? How many of you have ever served your country? How many of you are living off the welfare system that is supported by the taxes paid from the people you robbed and burned out?

This act doesn't have a damn thing to do with a police shooting, with injustice, frustration or racism. This is nothing more than a bunch of thieves all focusing on the same victims, local stores--nothing more.  This is about a lot of people seeing that thieves were making off with free bounty and thinking, why should those thieves get everything and so they decided to steal too. 

What did these stores, the proprietors, the franchisees, the franchisors or the patrons that depend on these business do that they should be the victims of mob thievery and then be burned out?

There are always those looking for a handout or an excuse to steal. These dredges of society can't express themselves, nor do they care to participate (they're too lazy) in anything that would help their community, so they do what they know best---steal what doesn't belong to them and destroy what isn't theirs.

Article regarding these remarks is about a mob riot in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 10, 2014 (Click here to read)

May 7, 2014


First, what has the make up of the committee got to do with getting to the truth? The Democrats (Pelosi and Hoyer) are saying a 7 (Republican) and 5 (Democrat) makeup isn't fair. Really? Why not, I ask.

Could they be suggesting that when they (Pelosi and Hoyer) have a democratic majority, committees aren't fair? Are they suggesting that our elected officials aren't after the truth, but instead out to save face of the party?

Of course, that's exactly what they're saying. You don't have to read between the lines, their statements are quite clear as to how they run things when in power. End of that story.

As for the time line, it has be exactly that---open ended. You can count on Obama, Hilary, Holder, Kerry, Reid and Pelosi to try to derail the investigation at every turn. Why? Because I have a feeling that the truth could decimate the hold this administration has in DC and with that, goes all those tied to it.

I hope that Trey Gowdy stays true to the task at hand and doesn't become another Issa. Lord knows we have had enough show boating and dog and pony shows with his feeble attempts to look into (to name a couple) Fast and Furious and IRS targeting of certain groups or individuals.


This opinion piece is in response to an article in the Washington Times on 5/7/14.  Among other items, it reported on certain remarks by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer regarding the makeup of the committee investigating the terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, that resulted in the death of four Americans.  You can read the article by clicking on this link:

April 9, 2014



I would have held a press conference, but I thought "why would I do that?" Do I really think that my sexual preference is worthy of making the news. Why would I announce it?

I am not so self-centered that I think this should get media attention, but there are those that think their sexual preference should make the headlines. Why?

Hey main stream media, here's a suggestion: Stop trying to create greater divides and stir the homosexual, minority community into feeling they aren't wanted, welcomed or accepted.

And while we're at it: Those of you that are homosexual, athletes, actors, public figures or whatever---announce it to your partner and stop calling for media attention---the world really doesn't give a s...t. Why do you make public statements? Is there a contract in the wings, a book deal, a starring role, etc? Are you trying to tell this minority faction that you're available? Why not just take an ad out in some LGBT magazine or on some LGBT website? Why do you think you have to notify the main stream media as to the fact you prefer to sleep with your own sex?

When I was much younger, I never thought that I needed to get the media's attention every time I dated a female or had sex with one. Why would I? How wrapped up in myself would I have been to feel anyone else cared---how super wrapped up within myself to think it was worth media attention and that the world needed to know?

As for the LGBT community: We get it. Some people aren't attracted to the opposite sex. Some people aren't comfortable in using the restroom of their anatomical makeup. BUT, THOSE SAME PEOPLE ARE DAMN COMFORTABLE with media attention.

Live and let live.  I'M PRETTY SURE THAT I GET IT...DO YOU?

Let's hear what you have to say.  Send email to:    Subject Line:  Extra, Extra

March 20, 2014

After decades, the world saw an end to the "Cold War" and the threat of a nuclear war. President Reagan and President Gorbachev ended a threat of a nuclear war and the potential of world annihilation.

"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall."  Ronald Reagan, June 1987
"The end of the Cold War is our common victory."  Mikhail Gorbachev, January 1992

And now, just 22 years later, we have, what can't be ignored.  It started small and it has continued to grow.  It's not a standoff.  It's a push and shove match that needs to be stopped.  It's time for egos to take a back seat and for nations to consider the well being of their citizens.

We can't dictate what other nation's chose to do, but we should have control over the path this nation takes.  And that means our leaders need to do that which we ask of others.

Once, our nation's leader won the Nobel Peace Prize, or more aptly named here:   The Nobel Peace "PRICE".  Yes, the prize has come at a costly price.

Many people bought into this ruse as a deserving prize for the new leader of the free world.  Today, we are paying the price for all those uninformed and dream-wishing voters that accepted the empty promises of "hope" and "change". 

The true message was in the (then candidate's) words spoken, just days before the vote: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America".  

Today, we have a pretty clear understanding of what he really meant.  Unfortunately, "we're a day late and coming up a dollar short".

For some indepth information on the current on goings between the leaders of America and Russia:  (click here)

Let's hear what you have to say.  Send email to:    Subject Line: Cold War   

February 27, 2014


Now that Governor Brewer has vetoed SB1062, according to the main stream media, the majority of Arizonans are exhaling with a sigh of satisfaction. 

Supposedly, Arizona has dodged an economic collapse and all the threats from businesses are subsiding and the moving vans are being cancelled.  

Now that the bully of the sports world, the NFL, headed up by Roger Goodell, isn't taking its ball and looking for another venue, the members of the City of Glendale City Council have put down the razor blades.   Subsequently, the Hotel and Restaurant Trade, the Visitor and Tourism Board, the Chamber of Commerce of every city within 150 miles of University of Phoenix Stadium (home to the AZ Cardinals) and every retail chain and small business are doing a happy dance over the thought of all that money coming to town for the Super Bowl in 2015.   

Now that the promoters of the demonstrations, that fed the news media the spins to report, are elated in their ability to control the focus, according to their agenda,  they're thinking of the next message for the next batch of printed posters.   

And what about all those people that NEVER read the bill and, to this day, have very little or no idea as to the history that led to this bill, good or bad?  They showed up, they had plenty to say, they shouted in unison, they carried signs and they cheered and they booed.  Today, they are either reveling in their thrill of victory or they're reeling in their agony of defeat.  

Now that it's all said and done, here's the lingering question:  
Did rational debate and respect for religious beliefs take a back seat to the fallout of promoting demonstrations that insisted on acceptance of all life styles, claiming discrimination while desiring a seat at every kitchen table, under the blanket of equality

LET'S HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.  Send us your comments (click here)  Email address:

February 3, 2014


The main stream media continues to go nonstop with its coverage of the death of an individual due to an apparent heroin overdose.  The cameras report the reactions of numerous celebrities, as they speak in superlatives and laudatory terms as to the greatness of a heroin user, whose lifeless body now lies on a refrigerated unit in the coroner's office.

He has a name, but so do all those that died of overdoses with their drug of choice yesterday---but we don't know them, we don't know anything about them, not even their name.  Every day, in America, approximately 109 people die from the overdose of drugs.  EVERY DAY = 109.

And, the reality is that none of us care enough to find out who ALL of them were, what they had accomplished or where they lived. We will never know about the families they left behind, the dreams left unfulfilled or the promises of greatness ended.  They all died the same way---they fell victim to their drug of choice. 

In an instant they were gone, all leaving a void.  Who were they?  They were all born into this world through the same process--they all left this earth the same way and they all stand before the creator---none more important than another.

Why are we bombarded with so much information on the past lives of celebrities, politicians and other individuals the media deems important?  It isn't as though we knew them any better than we know our neighbors. 

Why doesn't the main stream media tell us: Who was the 14 year old child?  Who was the mother of 3?  Who was the young decorated soldier?  Who was the well dressed elderly man?  Who were the two found in the alley?  Do the families of these grieve any less?  Do friends feel the void left any the less? 

Why doesn't the main stream media tell us: Who was the 14 year old child?  Who was the mother of 3?  Who was the young decorated soldier?  Who was the well dressed elderly man?  Who were the two found in the alley?  Do the families of these grieve any less?  Do friends feel the void left any the less? 

Today, we know so much more about an actor who died with a needle in his arm.  Why?

Life isn't a movie, there is no replay.  Who were the others that died?

It is highly unlikely we will ever know all the names of all the people that die daily from their weakness for drugs, but it is extremely likely that we all will agree---DRUGS WILL KILL USERS, it's only a matter of time, regardless of age, sex, race, education, career or the lack of one.  What is so difficult to understand?  DRUGS KILL.

Let's not send the wrong message to anyone, especially our youth.  Let's not sugar coat the reality of "having fun" with drugs, it leads to a lifelong habit that is always craving "just  this one last time".  There is no recognition or praise in dying from an overdose, there is no greatness that heroin cannot destroy.  What once might have been just an "one time, curiosity, fun" idea, becomes the habit that kills.  There is no glory in a wasted life.  There is no fame, when drugs are part of the game.

NOTICE:  I intentionally did not include the actor's name, because I didn't know the names of all the others that gave in to their weakness and led to their overdose of the drugs that killed them today. 

Now it's your turn:   Write us and tell us what you think.  Email (click here) 


January 14, 2014


There was a school shooting in Roswell, New Mexico today.  The shooter was a 12 year old boy and his weapon was a 12 gauge shotgun.  To read the account, we have supplied you with the link:  (click here)
Let me start off by saying I couldn't wait, I had to 'pull the trigger' on this one and I had to add my personal experience when I was a child.  This event is still too new for people to have time to digest the tragedy or to let their views known. But, I know what's coming, you know what's coming and the focus is as wrong today as it has been every time these tragic events take place, no matter the number of lives taken or injured.  My convictions are deep rooted and no matter how I tried to hold off until more information was available, I couldn't ignore the tug within to speak out.

And now, "How Old Were You?"

I was 12 years old, when I got a 20 gauge shotgun for Christmas.  I had been hunting with my dad and other adult family members many times, but only as an observer, fetcher, game cleaner, gun cleaner, etc.  Of course, my dad taught me about weapons and taught me how to shoot (hands on), taught me countless safety procedures and the consequences of improper use, caring for and carrying.


I WAS 12 and the thought NEVER CROSSED MY MIND to raise a weapon against another human being. Only after I joined the USAF, and because of combat training, did I ever contemplate otherwise.   I am one of 100's of millions before me and after me.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT  GUNS---It's about the lack of family time, discipline, good values, respect for life and taking responsibility.

These are the guidelines that are missing in homes today.  Don't act so shocked, this isn't the first time you've heard or read such a statement.  They've been replaced by children left alone to text , play video games, surf internet websites that detail horrific acts of terror and revenge. 

The good and positive guidelines are deliberately left out of the indoctrination policies in our school systems, in favor, instead, of unisex bathrooms, tolerating sexual advances of others, reporting behavior of parents to school officials or Child Services organizations.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT A CHILD WITH A GUN---IT'S ABOUT A WAKE UP CALL.  We're seeing the results of the ever growing attitudes of a morally corrupt society.

To all of you naysayers that grew up playing video games, spent most of your leisure time in your room, glued to your computers and don't really have a social life today--you're much too busy working to pay the bills on all of "these things":  I know you are adamantly against such a ludicrous suggestion as to removing aggressive video games, insisting on taking comprehensive looks at your child's Ipod, Laptop, Iphone, Ipad, Play Station, Wii or in their room,  backpack, closet, dresser, chest of drawers and yes, even jewelry cases, diaries (it's your child's life we're talking about here) or some boxes stuffed away in the corners.  I know you're against it because, as far as you're concerned, it's the guns that shoot the bullets that blow away parts of children and adds them to the fatality list.  But, here's something you can't deny: Leaving these things for your child hasn't made anything better.  How about everyone getting on the same page for a, let's say, one year trial run and then let's look at the numbers and the progress.  Surely, you and your children can survive for twelve months if it would increase the odds that they'd be alive to graduate.  What do you say?

Put down your signs that demand gun control reform and instead, pick up your child and get acquainted.  You can start the process by letting your child know you're their parent, not their BFF. 

HOW OLD WERE YOU, when your parents let you run the show?

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