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Sometimes Rudi K covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that couldn't wait, they needed attending at the time.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think.  Feel free to write us with your thoughts. (Email us here)

Dec 16, 2012


On Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut,  at Sandy Hook Elementary School,  first responders, fire and police, showed up, witnessed and reported a scene that no man, woman or child should ever have to deal with---little children's bodies lying here and there with physical wounds that obviously rendered them dead.  And among the 20 children,  another 6 bodies of adults, these the educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As the first responders, duty bound and compassionate,  went about the gruesome task they had to perform, they cried, they had to go off and be alone for moments at a time, they hugged one another, they consoled each other, they gave support to one another---and they cried.  And they also stood strong,  supporting the moms and dads that would come to identify their children.

A fleet of ambulances lined up at the school to rush the injured to the waiting staff at the hospital. 

Not far from the school, Dr. Murphy, head of Danbury Hospital, amassed a team of 80 doctors and nurses to handle the injured.  At first, ambulances brought in three injured, all within a 10 minute window.  After no further activity for more than 30 minutes, the hospital staff were crushed, they knew there would be no more injured arriving and, to them, that meant there were many that were dead.

Most ambulances left without their lights flashing---there were no injured, there was no need to rush.

Hundreds of parents showed up at the school, many left hand-in-hand with their child or children.  Some parents walked away, sobbing, crying out in anguish and holding onto only each other.  Their child would not walk hand-in-hand  with them---not ever again.

The school teachers, the office personnel, the other students, all the families that enrolled their children at Sandy Hook Elementary and the townspeople have all been affected by this tragic event that took the lives of little people and the teachers that loved teaching these little minds.  Such an horrific event can stunt the emotional, psychological and mental growth of anyone, especially the mind of such a young child.  This tragedy did not end for them with the last shot fired, it will continue for years, and for some, for a lifetime.

The state of Connecticut, the state of this union, the entire nation has been affected.  The nation has been affected by similar horrific events, in times before. (READ MORE)

Dec. 11, 2012


Obamacare-- it's just unfair.
Your health info, you now must share.
Good medical care will become rare,
Once the Government controls the fare.
Will you stand and dare,
Or just accept substandard care?

Dec 4, 2012

My views and beliefs are no secret, that's for sure.  I am as conservative as the next person, maybe even more so.  I am quite concerned as to the direction of our nation and am opposed to many, if not most, initiatives the current and next administration continues to promote.  But, geez people---get a life. We just ended an election whereby the man that stays in office was elected through the process we cherish and much of the world wants---the right to cast a vote FREELY.

All of this sour grapes regarding the election is a bit over the top, don't you think?  Why are so many still focused on the ins-and-outs of how the campaigns were run and examining the profiles of voters.  As though we have nothing better to do than cry over spilled milk.   If those now going on and on about how they think, know, assume, figure, surmise, plan, plot, relay, excuse, accept, etc, etc.---were to examine their own efforts during the campaigns, we could sum this up real quick. 

Where were all these lay people that are flooding the social networks with all these rude, crude, uncalled for, disrespectful and poor examples of adult behavior?  They were in the same place they are today:   sitting on their duffs and typing away, expounding their views on social internet pages, such as Facebook and Twitter.  They didn't DO anything before or during and they aren't DOING anything now.   Don't they get it: Social media "Type Talking" doesn't get it. 

If you are one of these spewing forth hatred, mockery, insults and other examples of rotten behavior, here's a clue: Typing about it on FB doesn't cut it. You, of course, should have figured that from the election results?  All that griping, harping, complaining, blaming and degrading you and others were displaying, along with the smug rhetorical attitudes about when "you take over"; it hasn't worked out too well for you.

As for myself, I don't see how all of this is doing anything but alienating more people; voters to be more exact.  If ever there was a need for unification, isn't that now?  If you recall, it was the widely splintered factions that, void of a concentrated effort, were the forerunners of the defeat.  

Try doing something positive---get off of the social media pages and actually do something to make a difference. Then, for a change, don't say a word about what you did, but do keep up trying to make a positive difference.  Do that until it just comes natural---then you can show the world:  Let your "LIVING" examples speak for themselves.

Stop the negative and divisive chatter.  Instead, try uniting others for a positive change.  DON'T TALK ABOUT IT--JUST DO IT!

Oh, and one last thing:  Let's make it a point to keep this idea of people casting a vote freely, for the person or persons they feel best qualified to lead.  You might even appreciate this right, should your candidate win in the future.

November 19, 2012


What message is America sending? President Obama goes to Thailand, Cambodia and Burma. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta goes to Australia and then to Southeast Asia for meetings.  And Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is asking other world leaders to use their influence to bring about an easing of tensions in the area.   

In the meantime, Israel, America's strongest and most faithful ally in the Middle East and, arguably, the world, continues to defend itself from attacks--ALONE.

Every Israeli life lost, every Israeli injured leaves another question about America's resolve to protect Israel. Every move by Hamas, The Palestinians, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood against Israel is a breach of peace treaties that Israel has honored.  Every missile that crosses into Israeli air space fans the flames of war.  America must stop muttering and sputtering.  Living up to her word, showing her undeniable support---why is America so mute on the promises she made to Israel? AS BROTHER TO BROTHER, SISTER TO SISTER--AMERICA MUST HONOR ITS WORD--WE OWE IT TO ISRAEL.

November 15, 2012

"Secession Talk---Ridiculous and UNAMERICAN"
Why is there so much attention being given to this nonsense about states seceding?  Have any of these people that are signing these worthless petitions given a thought about the legality of such an attempt?  It's unlawful, folks, you can't do it.  The constitution of this country, the one from which you want to sever your ties, that constitution does NOT allow unilateral secession.  A state or a group of states cannot simply leave the Union over objections of the national government. 

If you recall, the democrats thought the same thing would be a good idea after the 2004 election.  That never got off the ground either.  These attempts do nothing more than give a few people some notoriety by the media that is gullible enough to even cover this nonsense.  It gets them noticed, maybe promotes their job-a-bility to motivate and dupe others into following, like little lost sheep.  Whatever the real agenda, it certainly doesn't do a thing for those that blindly sign away and start crusades within their neighborhood.  Yes, some of these people actually talk about this happening.  

And some actually wonder why this nation seems to be stuck in reverse, why congress can't function as one body, why the administration can't come up with positive steps to turn the economy around, lessen unemployment, put manufacturing back on our shores, winning a war or bring our troops home--NOW.  Is it really that puzzling, when you stop to take notice of  how people just flit and flutter from one thing to the next, how we just can't seem to do the sensible thing---like FOCUS.  We are continually distracted by the smallest of deterents.  Why not FOCUS on the REAL issues, the issues that, with proper attention, positive steps and a commitment to work together,  will take us from the pits of despair, back to a healthy America and a proud people.

Instead we have people throwing tantrums, stomping their feet, crying over spilled milk and acting like children that have been offended on the playground.  Since many of their peers don't want to do things their way, their answer is to "take my ball back and go home".  Here's a thought:  It's past time to act like spoiled brats.  Grow up, take responsibility to make a difference.  Stop trying to run away from the problem---stand and present a solution.  Yes, instead of complaining, take a stand and actually do something to make a difference.  Stop texting your friends, get off of the social media bandwagon, pick up a shovel and let's dig our way out of this mess.  Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

For those that just can't stand the thought of doing something, that don't find it embarrassing to cut tail and run, for those that would rather just cry about things, well okay.  For you:  If you really want to start your own, separate country, state or territory, go for it.  Find yourself some unclaimed, uninhabited, undeveloped corner of the world and knock yourself out.  But, as for the state you reside in---leave it alone.  Don't attempt to tear off a piece of this land I love--MY country.   

We've got work to do and we don't need any more problems, not even the ridiculous ones, as this latest imbecilic notion.  We are the "UNITED" States of America and being torn apart isn't an option and neither is running away.  Let's get back to who we are and what we do.  WE ARE AMERICANS; WE STAND TOGETHER AND DELIVER.

October 17, 2012

"Debate: Not Great"

I watched the debate, stayed totally focused and without any preconceived notions and tried to be very neutral to either candidate. I took copious notes and replayed a few segments for more clarity. We'll look at the results on Saturday's broadcast. We will take each issue and tell you how we saw it, who made the better point.  As to making points, it's not just what was said, but can it become a reality in America according to how things are done in Washington. 

In summary:  There were 11 areas covered. Here's who got my nod on each.
Obama Best ---2 -- 18% of the issues
Romney Best---5 -- 45% of the issues
Neither won-----4 -- 36% of the issues
Notation:  There was ONE BIG faux pas and THREE "gotcha ya"s

And yes, I watched the same debate as you.  The atmosphere was sterile, the audience cold and tense and the candidates distant. Let's hope the next one gives us more than what we got last night.  Remember, tune in Saturday, Oct. 20th for our full assessment.  Broadcast info

September 25, 2012


Let me start off by saying I really, really, really love really like football.  Love seems like the wrong word.  Today, it is my favorite spectator sport and I watch both collegiate and professional GAMEs.  I have my favorite teams and have celebrated and died with them for decades.  Now with that said:

ENOUGH:  Instead of reports that would make you think that the entire sports world is crumbling, how about keeping it real.  Yes, of course, there are some super wealthy owners, some highly paid players, some bettors and bookies very unhappy over ONE particular play.  And they are making sure that, along with some fans, everyone knows it. There's a mark in the "W" column of one team and a mark in the "L" column of another. Why has this incident, seen by a relative small portion of people in this country,  taken over the headlines, the newscasts, social medias and conversations at the water cooler?    

The GAME, yes, it's a GAME, is over and all that revenue from the gate, concessions, advertising, broadcasting, print media, team shops, bets, etc. has made it to the bank.  The players have all gotten huge checks, cashed them and they spent a night or two as celebrities at dinners and parties.  Sports analysts, commentators, athletes and even referees have had a field day with repetitive showings of the play and parroting  comments of what happened, what didn't happen, who was wrong, who was right and who got robbed.  Social websites are off the charts with chatter and the reaction of anyone that has ever played or watched anything that would remotely resemble a sport, has been just short of (actually, I can't think of anything it would be short of).    

GAME:  As I said, it's a GAME and this type of GAME is timed by a clock and when the final whistle blows, the GAME is over.  The players, coaches, team attendants all leave the field of PLAY (yes, it's known as the "field of PLAY"), they go to the locker room happy, sad, proud or disgusted, they clean up, dress up and step up to do more interviews and then they go home.  The team owners, management team and friends chat awhile and then leave those huge, luxurious private suites and go home. 

And, oh yes, the referees that stood over that play, as to what they have had to say, well they haven't said a thing.  Why?  (read more)

August 18, 2012


Beware of those that spew forth the rhetoric that is becoming much too common today.  Beware of those that initiate rumors, instigate unrest, promote hatred and advocate violence.  Remember that social medias, blogs, open forums and other avenues to be heard are open to all comers.  We know there are sick, predatory and evil people that are looking for victims and it's never been easier for them.

Today, all that is needed is a computer, an Ipad or a cell phone and multitudes can be contacted and the potential influence of agendas and evil are only reined in or stopped through education, sensibility, reasoning without bias,  the common threads of respect for the rights of others and a sincere belief in the statement "that all men are created equal".

On the August 18th program, I read, on the air, a few excerpts of comments by hate mongers that were posted on a website.  They were indicative of the ills that are plaguing this nation.  There is there such a thirst, by some, for blood and why is it being fueled by websites, both private and social.  Why?

Ask yourself, why would anyone allow such posts, why would anyone add gasoline to what seems to be a slow flame that is burning in this country?  What about America?  What about fellow Americans?  Why would anyone promote evil in a land that is has so many struggling already? (READ MORE)

July 21, 2012

MSOL Statement On Tragedy, The Media, The Law and Today's Programming

We understand that much of the nation either is occupied with, or will turn its attention to, the event that killed so many and injured even more, in a movie theater in Colorado.

We know the mainstream media will cover every angle, make plenty of assumptions, even skew comments, make assumptions and intrude into the private lives of families during time that many sneed in order to deal with pain, deaths and injuries.

We also realize there will be much said about gun reform and we'll get plenty of input from pundits that want to tell us what we should derive out of this.

During this time, in a rush to get to the story first, there will be plenty of misinformation, some of it will be retracted, some of it will go ignored by those that spread it---they'll say it is an honest mistake in an effort to deliver the 'news'.  Nevertheless, it is a condition that has prevailed in the past and it shall continue today, tomorrow and into the next (heaven forbid) tragedy.

To the families that have lost loved ones, to the families of those injured, the reality is that their loved one is dead, hospitalized, injured or dealing with shock, mental and physical disorders. We, at Main Street Out Loud, sympathize, send sincere condolences and offer prayers for all concerned.

America has been given another reason to wonder how, once again, a mass murderer has felt an urge, a need or even to act out a fantasy, without regard, to take innocent lives, injure numbers, to rain terror and create such heart-wrenching pain on so many.

Main Street Out Loud (MSOL) does not feel it would benefit or serve the best interests of the families involved, to jump in on the media frenzy of cameras, microphones and invasion of private time now needed for grief, making arrangements and comforting others within the immediate families.

Nor, do we feel, that the multiple law enforcement agencies that are or will be asked to give an account, need to deal with constant questions posed by inquiring reporters, hoping to land an exclusive. They have a job to do and they need uninterrupted time to carry out their duties, professionally and efficiently, without the possibilities of mistakes by an overly persistent and ever growing media presence. This nation has been the stage for far too many of these mass murderers, especially in recent years. This case requires the utmost attention to due diligence, not belligerence.

We will go forward with our scheduled, LIVE broadcast dealing with the TRUTH about the Affordable Health Act (Obamacare). Our guests are medical practitioners who will present the facts, clearly and with candor. If you have medical insurance or not, if you are in excellent health or not, if you think you and your doctor should determine your treatment or not---you need to hear this very revealing and informative program.

July 9, 2012

"They Are Called by One Name: 'VETERAN'"

U.S. ARMY:  Since June 14, 1775.  The motto: "THIS WE'LL DEFEND".  The song:  "Over hill, over dale, We will hit the dusty trail.......You will always know, That those Caissons go rolling along"

U.S. NAVY:  With roots that go back to Oct. 13, 1775.  The motto, though not official, most often cited:  "NON SIBI SED PATRIAE" (NOT SELF BUT COUNTRY).  The song:  "Anchors aweigh my boys, anchors aweigh.....until we meet once more, here's wishing you a happy voyage home."

U.S. MARINES:  Since November 10, 1775.  The motto:  "SEMPER FIDELIS" (ALWAYS FAITHFUL).  The song:  "From the halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli,......We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine."

 U.S. COAST GUARD:  Formed August 4, 1790.  The motto: "SEMPER PARATUS" (ALWAYS READY).  The song:  "From Aztec Shore to Arctic Zone, To Europe and Far East,.....To fight to save or fight and die! Aye! Coast Guard, we are for you." 

 U.S. AIR FORCE:  Since 1907, formed as a separate branch on September 18, 1947.  The motto: "AIM HIGH, FLY-FIGHT-WIN".  The song:  Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun,....In echelon we carry on.  Hey! Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force".

Different branches, all with their unique history--and all with their individual mottos and songs.  But, there is a common thread---all  have a common purpose---to preserve freedom, to safeguard the nation and insure the well-being and security of all who live in the land called America. 

In their common cause, they are not known as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, they are known more mightily as the ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  And so too, the selfless acts of individuals, are evident in our history---a history filled with honor, loyalty and duty.

For 237 years, this nation has been defended by some very exceptional individuals.  Yet, through all of these years, there is only one name for them, they are not identified as individuals, they are not identified as coming from a certain family, background, ethnicity, color, creed or religion.   (Read More)


May 30, 2012 

The Vile, The Selfish And--Thank God--The Kind and Caring

This past weekend was full of people trying to make money off of the nation's Memorial Observance. There were sales going on everywhere, there were all sort of offers that if you buy, "some" of the money goes to various military support organizations, there were plenty of "I'm raising money" for veterans, disabled, injured, etc. and there were plenty of people taking center stage to draw attention to themselves by using a variety of good, decent, caring venues that are so generous and grateful in their support of our military men and women.

As to those that fit the disgusting, sleazy, corrupt and vile category of using our military, we can hope that what goes around, comes around (and we hope soon) and that those that profited, rot as their new wealth turns to ashes.

And there were plenty of others that could care less that it was a time of Memorial, reflection and remembrance--to them it was just another weekend about themselves. In particular, I and others received a few emails from politicians that never even bothered to mention this special time, but they talked about how important it was for others to work for them, to vote for them, to support them.

To these self-centered, selfish and self-absorbed, self-appointed and self-anointed prima donnas, we can only hope they receive no votes, and that they are miserable within their own skin and left alone to waste away.

But, THANK GOD:  To all those that spent the weekend serving others, giving of self, promoting kindness and caring and being ever grateful to all that served and are now at rest, thank you. You are what's right in this land, you set good, decent, moral, ethical and principled examples of which people of all nations could learn.  You are the sunshine that lights up the darkness.  And your presence is a breath of fresh air, you are the oxygen needed to replace the foulness.

As the song goes, you that serve others for all the right reasons: "Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you."   THANK YOU.

May 9, 2012 
The following is by Frank T. Church Vietnam Veteran  
G Troop, 2/11  11th Armored Cavalry  69-70,

"Is It O.K. To Cry Now?"

I left my family and friends in tears, I had to be strong.
I saw children and women in rags, I hid my compassion.
I saw the wounded and maimed, I could show no emotion.
I felt my buddy's last breath leave his body, I had to hold mine.
I saw my enemy dead and wounded, I could only stare.
I felt the blood run from my body, I could only curse.
I came home to indifference, I could only wonder why.

I say the pledge of allegiance, my heart beat quickens.
I see a flag at half mast; I get a knot in my stomach.
I say "welcome home" to a vet; I get a lump in my throat.
I hear taps, my knees get weak.
I touch a name on "The Wall", my eyes fill with tears.

Years of emotion fill my soul' it's getting harder to hold back.
Years of pain fill my heart; I can hardly take it anymore.

A fellow Vet reaches out to me, the pain subsides, the emotion builds.
Is it O.K. to cry now?

A personal message from Rudi K:  Generally, we do not publish complete works by others.  But, the above poem had to be an exception.  It touched me beyond words and has continued to prod me from somewhere deep within my own soul.  Please take time to share this and please take time to thank all veterans and active military for their service to this nation and for you. 
 who have served honorably and especially those that served in combat, I respect your service, am grateful for your sacrifices and am awed by your selflessness.  If you felt the pain, pang and the persecution, then the words of  " Is It O.K. To Cry Now?" are all too real and yes, it's okay to have felt a tear run down your cheek yesterday, and to  feel a tear run down your cheek today and for many tomorrows.  Some understand much too well.  As a mist forms over my eyes, please accept my most humble and sincere "Thank You, Welcome Home" 

APRIL 14, 2012

"Protecting The President Of The United States"
We could discuss the latest allegations that could involve up to a dozen secret service agents.  It is alleged that these individuals had encounters with prostitutes in Columbia, prior to this weekend's visit by the President of the United States.

Thirty world leaders are meeting in Columbia to discuss various issues of international matters.  One of the President's agenda is to boost trade with Latin American Countries to help the economy.

It seems that the secret service individuals did their part.  I wonder if the big hassle is all about chain of command and overstepping authority?  I doubt if these secret service agents were given the authority to deal in diplomatic trade negotiations or international trade contracts--these matters were probably way beyond their pay level.

All kidding aside, who is vetting these individuals that are then put into a position of service; protecting the President of the United States of America--our President.

Whether you like him, voted for him, agree with his policies OR NOT, the fact remains he is the leader of the free world and it is imperative that security surrounding our President is of the highest order.

This alleged consorting in South America, with prostitutes is not only wrong and dangerous, it is derelict of duty and an affront to more than 300 million Americans that have a right to insist on the utmost discretion, loyalty and dedication to duty--anything less is a serious crime and should carry extreme consequences.

Militarily, he is the commander-in-chief and those that protect him must be alert and must carry out their duty.  In the military, if you are found wanton in duty, you could face a court martial, and, at times, be brought up on charges of treason.  Again, the protection of this Nation's President is such a high priority that there is no room for compromise or second chances---NONE! 

The assignment of protecting our President, whomever the man or woman, is not a game.  It is not something that has room for error or misjudgment. 

The Office of the President has a right to expect and demand much more.  And, as for us, politics aside, AS AMERICANS, when it comes to OUR PRESIDENT,  WE DESERVE MORE!

March 28, 2012

"Main Stream Media:  All Men Are NOT Created Equal"
The Main Stream Media continues to be the ill wind that drives the flames of racism and civil discord. Why? There's definitely a big difference between reporting and pointing out injustices & the sensationalism used to stir things up and create a story to draw in a larger number of people. 

A latest "so-called" poll suggests that 33% of Americans believe the Florida shooting was in cold blood.  As if they were there and have all the facts.  They have what the media fed them---incorrect assumptions, racism supposition and hype that has torn a city and a state apart.  An incident, pounced upon by the media, twisted into a tale to arouse and divide Americans. 

This is a story that has taken on a life of its own--far removed from the reality within the hearts and minds of all the families involved in this tragedy.  There is no consideration for the legal process, no respect given for a time of grief, there is only a race to be first with the next headline of where and when the next shoe drops.  Read More

March 7, 2012

"Politicians Say...Do They Mean It And Tell Me Who Are These People?  
Do politicians really mean what they say?  It is campaign time and, it seems, that anything goes, especially when you're being solicited to work on behalf of the campaign to get this person elected or re-elected.   They want you to not only work for them, they want you to support them too.     

Most Americans would agree that the top issues in the nation, at this time, are the economic crisis we're still dealing with and the unemployment picture that just isn't good for a large portion of Americans.  And politicians talk about these issues, without ceasing.  They talk about how dire situations with unemployment and the economy---they stress the points and tell you they know how you feel and what you're going through--they're "Just like you".  

They ask you to help them at their campaign offices, to make calls from your home phone or use your cell phone, to go out and drive an area (with your car and your gas), post signs, walk a neighborhood and ask for signatures on petitions and, of course, give the campaign more money.

If they really know that the economy is bad and that the average American family is suffering, then why do they ask for money--lots and lots of money, over and over.  The "we need your immediate support" never seems to stop, not while they're campaigning; NOT even after they get into office!

Do they really believe the unemployment issue is straining the average American family as they try to find work, any work, to keep a roof over their head and bread on the table? If they understand it, really understand it, then why do they schedule events in the middle of the day, when most Americans are working?  They ask you to show up--as if you can just take the day off.  Well you could, but it might be permanent.  Of course, they might be suggesting that unemployed people go to their functions instead of using that time to try and find a job.

And, who are all of these people that seem to head up special interest groups, attend lots of rallies, demonstrations and special events?  How do these people get the time off, or what's their story?  They contact you through various sources,  ask you to show up, lots of you to show up, because the more that gather, the more the chance that the media will cover their event.  They furnish you with signs, tell you what to say, ask you to march, to work, to give and give to some cause that you know little about.  They call it a 'grass roots' movement, but that's a loose term when used as a tag for political interest groups that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants that promote the agendas of politicians and/or special interest groups, also known as PACs.  And they all operate off of donations---a free ride on other people's time and money. You have little time for anything other than work and taking care of your family and home, heck, you're still saving up enough for a family-night at the movies. So you begin to wonder:   Who are these people that don't seem to work and have all this time available?   Read More

January 24, 2012

How much better off are we today, now that Governor Mitt Romney released his tax returns. Great isn't it? Personally, I don't feel any different, and I can't think of one thing that has changed, in my life, for the better or worse, by his disclosure.  Over a couple of years, Romney made $42 million in investments and pay over $6 million in taxes--I DIDN'T.  Quite frankly, as far as pouring over his returns; that's a bit much for me to understand, out of my league--period.  Heck, I'll bet some of those speedy tax chains would have trouble trying to comprehend his return.  And for comparison's sake, well, my income's a bit short of those numbers. How short, you ask?

Here's the short answer:  I don't have to tell you. Haven't you heard of my ''right to privacy?

I am willing to bet that the majority of you agree with me on, at least, these two items.  I believe in a smaller government and I also want that government to stay out of my personal affairs.  Those that disagree, you're excused.  You needn't read any further.   

With that said, then, why do so many of us insist that others disclose, to us, that which we feel is private and we won't disclose?  It seems as though we have two sets of rules by which we want to play.  Come to think of it, politicians also seem to have two sets of rules by which they play. 

Imagine if we all had just one set of rules among all of us.  Naw, we wouldn't want that; would we?  After all, who decides what the rules will be. And, more importantly,  how would we make sure they favor you and me----well---at least me.

Okay, for those of you that just have to know more about Governor Romney's tax return, here it is:
Romney releases returns
(Forget it--You're still not getting mine.)

Sarah McKinley and Her Baby
The parent, calmly and politely, asked if she could shoot the intruder.

January 10, 2012

Sarah McKinley, an 18 year old widow of ten days and the mother of a 3 month old baby, stood guard, inside her home as two men tried to break down the door.  She had placed a call to 911, but due to the remote area she lived in, law enforcement, while on their way, were more than a few minutes away. 

As she waited for the police, she armed herself with a shotgun and a pistol.  She asked the 911 operator if she could shoot the intruders if they entered her home.  She stayed calm and communicated with the dispatcher, on the line, to the very end. When they broke into the home, she declared that she was about to shoot one of them and she did.  He died and the other intruder ran away.

She said she feels bad, but that she has no regrets.  "I felt like what I did was the best decision for my son and I. Obviously when someone breaks into your house with a deadly weapon, they're not here for anything good. But I am very sorry and it's not something I ever wanted to do."

The county attorney said he would not prosecute this woman.  She was within her right to protect her baby and herself.  (From MSOL--AMEN!)

We are forever pointing out on Main Street Out Loud that our youth need good examples and that parents need to make sure they set those examples, not by words, but by their actions.  We also agree that community, state and national leaders, as well as corporate heads are an influence, good or bad, truthfully or hypocritically in the development of how our youth will one day take over as business heads, civic, social and congressional leaders.

So often parents wonder if their children are ever listening, if they hear what they are being told.  Instead of wondering if they are listening, parents should be more concerned as to what these young minds are seeing.  To use a couple of adages:  Actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand words.  These may be cliches, but they are on the mark. 

So much has been made about how this teenage mother, whose husband died on Christmas Day after his battle with cancer, how she lived in a remote area, that she and her three month old child were on their own and that she called for help.

While all of those points are true, I would like to think that there is more to this than what has been reported.  I wouldn't paint her with the broad brush of "teenager", nor would I necessarily label her as a "hero".  But, I would offer that this lady, this woman, this mother, this widow is definitely an example of hope.  Yes, hope.

In the case of Mrs. Sarah McKinley, I would like to think that an adult or a few adults brought this woman up to understand right and wrong, being responsible and taking  proper and lawful actions when a situation warrants.

Mrs. McKinley, is not a teenage girl, widowed and now raising a child on her own.  While those may be conditions in her life, they are not who she is.

Mrs. Sarah McKinley is an adult that, through her calm and decisive manner, accepted her role as an adult and a mother, stood courageous, though alone and accepted her responsibility as a parent.

Mrs. McKinley is an example for the youth of this nation.  Pure and simple:  She is a lesson, in time, in maturing, when accepting responsibility is part of the process.   With Sarah as her mother, this child has a head start in this world.  Sarah wears the title well---maybe "hero"---but more correctly "PARENT".

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