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The weblog below is my online journal for our radio show, MAIN STREET OUT LOUD. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include links to longer essays.

Sometimes Rudi K covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that couldn't wait, they needed attending at the time.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think.  Feel free to write us with your thoughts. (Email us here)

Dec. 9, 2010

I could go on and on, giving statistics and detailing records from our history, but it really isn't necessary, we have principles and we know the difference between right and wrong.  We either stand and exist as a nation of laws or we don't.  This proposed act is no more than a ploy to soften us up for the next measure and the next, until amnesty is the rule and our laws are null and void.  And it is a sublte effort to further dependecy upon government programs.
We should not be misled by using the concept of "innocent" children to tug at our heart strings so we can dilute the argument against this act.  It is a bad act for a variety of reasons, but at the head of the list is the undeniable fact that this is just another step to accepting the concept of amnesty and (according to the agendas of some congressional members) an eventual effort to have open borders.  

Are we to continually be a nation that continues to weaken its position through compromise?  Do we not profess to be a nation that exists under the 'rule of law'?  So often, we hear that we are such a nation---it is either lip service or we must insist (of our elected officials) that they must follow the laws that they swear to uphold.
Is it any wonder, with such considerations and compromises, that our borders are continually breeched?  There are no consequences.  And a nation that won't stand up for its principles, that instead continues to compromise, is a nation lost.

This nation is made up of the most diversified citizenry of any nation on earth and we can be proud of that.  It is a testimony of our leniency and compassion.  We are an example that all people are created equal and can live together, in harmony.  We also can be proud to stand up for our nation---a nation that was formed, grew, prospered and gained strength, from its inception, because it is a nation under the rule of law. 

November 22, 2010

ENTITLEMENT vs. EQUALITY (Security Measures---Unreasonable and Not for the Privileged)
I keep being asked if I will join in (as a participant) the airport protest this Thanksgiving week.  Let me make this clear: No, not this one nor any coming up.  I am against most forms of demonstrations that are intended to be disruptive to the normal course of lawful business or gatherings, whether they are organized or not. I do not feel that the demonstrations of the disgruntled (myself included) should cause unhealthy apprehensions, discomfort, disruption or bring about a sense of trepidation in others. In this case, pushing the agenda of those demonstrating upon those that are traveling is wrong. They (the demonstrators) and their agenda is no less abusive and intrusive than that of those they target. The old adage is alive and well: "Two wrongs don't make a right".

Now, as far as the recent security measures go, I totally disagree with the misuse of power by the TSA.  To begin with, security is not a crap shoot.  Security measures are extended across the board or they are defined to a specific target.  With that in mind, why is a congressman/congresswoman privileged enough to forego security measures including the x-ray or the pat down when you or I, as Americans, have given no cause for alarm and having no background of threatening the safety and security of other Americans or this nation, are not given equality of treatment?  If an American, who happens to be a congressional leader or some government official gets to show an ID and move on, then why can't you or I, also Americans, be offered the same standard.  Last I heard, I was part of the "all men are created equal" deal.  My mother and your mother as tax-paying, law-abiding women are subjected to a stranger's hands groping over private areas of their bodies; but some tax-evading, lying and disingenuous congressional member or other government employee simply gets a pass, not having to subject themselves to the same rigorous and abusive examination.  And the exemption is justified because of a sense of entitlement---really? 
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October 31, 2010 

In light of the recent brouhaha (or should I have said brew ha ha?) over T-shirts that have references to Tea Party Organizations, I thought I would let you know where this could go and may have already gone.  More and more cases, around the country, are filed for emergency hearings over the weekend or on the Monday before the general election.  Have we lost our minds?  Are those in some official capacity for this election so drunk on power that they need to display their importance by heading up the CLOTHES "POLLITHE"? ("POLLITHE"---the newly self-ordained enforcement arm to tend to the inane, hyper-superfluous and inconsequential concerns of busy bodies and thereby this arm allows the REAL POLICE to tend to matters of greater concern to Americans that take the time to exercise the privilege of voting and the duty of being a part of government according to the U.S. Constitution).

I am having lots trouble trying to find something to wear to my polling station.  It seems that I have to be rather stark appearing and can't wear anything suggestive towards a political party, an American organization or association, a candidate, a former candidate,  a former office holder, a noted quotation of a political figure or a noted quotation of a supporter of a political figure or a noted quotation of a family member of a political figure.  And I can't wear anything that would suggest that I know anyone in politics, running for political office and I certainly can't mention (they're watching and listening) that I like one candidate over another or wish to see one proposition passed and possibly another fail.
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October 20, 2010 

Doesn't anyone in politics get it?  Don't these people wanting to go into politics get it?  Do any of the campaign honchos and the fund raising gurus get it?  Don't they understand they aren't any different than that which they degrade and ridicule?  Do they ever stop to read what they say, see how they act, understand what they project?   

Unfortunately, what could be a great movement in America among individuals, has taken on the grab for power, notoriety, vindictive nature, name calling and other less-than-kind characteristics of what we are all too aware of---POLITICS AS USUAL.

This constant attempt to make the "other side", whatever side that is, as all wrong and the side of the one promoting, as being all correct is just that--POLITICS AS USUAL. The 'holier-than-thou' attitude seems to go on and on.   It is promoted by the campaign managers, the candidates and the party. And they that are most guilty, can only point fingers and cast dispersions on the "other side", against the "opponent".

I am beginning to think that, being affiliated with any particular party is not the example I want to set for the youth of this nation. We need to make some changes, this scenario of party against party has gone on way too long. Let's deal with candidates and issues from the side of being informed and voting for the best representation that we know. Let's stop letting which campaign has the most funds be the determining factor as to who represents us.

Hasn't the drive for being wealthy and having the most money, cost us enough in recent times?  This is OUR COUNTRY, and it doesn't run well on a housing ruse, Bernie Madoff scams, over-budget spending or Wall Street bailout programs that cost billions of dollars and is all charged to you and me---the American Taxpayer. 

We, as Americans can make a change---

To make a real change, we have to forget about selfish promotions and agendas and truly look to what is in the best interest and welfare of America and ALL Americans. But, the change I want must begin with me. The change you want to see in the world, must begin with you. Let's join together---it will take time, but we WILL make a difference.


I think that politicians and those that campaign on their behalf could use a bit of advice that my dad used to give me. "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all". My dad was a truly smart man. Think how quiet it would be, what good examples our youth would see and---for the  coup de gras...we wouldn't have to hear all those lying, half-truth and falsely insinuating commercials.   : )

October 11, 2010 


Amazing how disposable candidates are to the people that make a living in politics, those that are paid workers, supporting and touting their candidate.  It is amazing how quick transitions take place when their candidate of choice, looses in an primary challenge.  They just discard the one that lost and pick up another one that is still breathing.  

Right up to the election, they tell you how detestable, how sleazy, how wrong for the office, the opponents would be.  And before you know it, they are wearing that person's campaign button, carrying their signs and rallying a new team around their new 'candidate of choice.  And, right on cue, they pick up the chant again about this candidate's character, integrity and loyalty. Their words are as hollow as the promises made by many of those running for office.  Is it any wonder that so many Americans are disgusted with the political process---including the part that starts in the local campaign office with the paid workers?

Is this the lessons we want our youth to learn about the American Political Process?  Please tell me that this act of jumping ship isn't an example we should be giving our youth?  If we allow it, we condone it.  If we condone it, we support it.  If we support it--- we deserve what we get.  Would that be what we want to leave our children?  Educate yourself---you're paying for the lessons.  Be informed, then get involved.

As for those of you that fit in the shoes of those I just wrote about----why not get out of the way?   Stop derailing what could be a truly awesome process of electing leaders to represent us within our nation by, for and of the people's government.

When I first made this public, here is a comment from a reader in New York:  "Very few statements on this or any other site that I've "liked" more. Bravo!"  (signed) b

As we celebrate Columbus Day (yes, it is the 12th, but to have a 3-day weekend, we forego the real for convenience), take the time to DISCOVER how much America means to each of us.  When you and I realize the true sense of being a part of America, we will DISCOVER that we do have the time to be responsible for the process that ensures our rights and freedom.  If you and I take the time, we will DISCOVER that we are part of the solution by being involved.  But, if you or I do nothing---we are not a part of the problem---we are the problem!

If you are as tired of the same old games, if you are tired of politics as usual---then you need to say so by your vote.  Don't leave it up to someone else.  Be informed and then get involved.  Who better to be the change you want to see than yourself? 
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September 21, 2010

I'm having rather conflicting feelings about how I feel versus how I should feel.  I was given the good news and I should be smiling and whistling a happy tune, but, due to the ongoing circumstances around me, I just can't muster the pucker for a carefree whistle.

Unemployment continues to hold at staggering numbers, people around me have used their savings, had their unemployment benefits run out, are now having to depend on food stamps and many families have applied for mortgage modifications, only to be told that they don't qualify and now they are on their last leg before the bank starts foreclosure procedures.

Then there those that have already lost their home, are living in over-crowded shelters and willing to do any kind of work, for any hours and for the most minimum of pay, but there aren't any jobs to be had, even at such low criteria.

And all the while, the banks say 'sorry' at every turn.  They learned their lesson with the mess they created and it won't be cleaned up for a long time to come.  So, the banks have decided to keep the money they got from the government, tighten the screws on Americans and hold out until the government gives them more money, as an enticement to loosen the reins on lending.  After all, the banks have most of our money, they figure they might as well try to get it all.  In the meantime, neighborhoods are looking more like ghost towns as the foreclosures continue to mount faster and faster, surpassing any previous time since records were kept.  I could go on and on about this issue, but I am trying to connect with my "got the memo" happier side.

As for small businesses, unlike those that are too big to fail and get TARP money, stimulus funds and other considerations, there are bankruptcy auctions being held daily,  on main streets all across America.  The Federal Reserve has issued some warning statement and though not foreseen at this moment, there is the nagging threat of a double dip.  A double dip, as in the economy; not ice cream.   And again, no one seems to be able to enjoy the good news.

August 19, 2010

Is it about a mosque/cultural center near the site known as 'ground zero'?  Maybe this isn't about the right to assemble, freedom of expression, right to worship, free speech or any right that some would suggest is denied.  Maybe it's more about shouting fire in a crowded theater.  Could this be about open wounds that haven't had time to heal, about sufferings that continue and about 300,000,000 people whose lives were altered forever by the events of 9/11/01?  On that date, professing to follow the teachings of their religion, individuals, in the name of their god Allah, invaded America and before the smoke cleared had killed nearly 3,000 non-militant and innocent men, women and children.  Today, followers of that same religious order now want to erect a place of worship, including other venues, within the shadows of what once housed the offices, shops and meeting grounds of thousands of workers and millions of visitors that, undoubtedly, practiced faithful observances of every religion in the world. 

Is this really about a religion that claims protection under the First Amendment or is that argument simply to serve as the detraction for a more devious and hidden sleight of hand?  While some would argue that religious freedoms are the obvious issue here, in some cases, they are not always at the core of what would seem to be a denial or denials of the right of religious worship or observance of those tenets.  I state the case of the Branch Davidians, not as a comparison, but as an example of a faith that fell outside of the First Amendment.

I agree that we have a Constitution that must be upheld.  And that we do so without respect to person, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sect, etc., but we are also bound by duty to act within reasonable, respectful and moral parameters for the good and well being  of all mankind.  Is this structure, the mosque, the issue?  Is it really about religious right?  Or, is this more than meets the eye at this very moment?  Is there a future consequence that is veiled beneath the over-active stand on our First Amendment?  Is this about manipulation and an "IN YOUR FACE" attempt to compromise our principles based on the broad interpretation of laws---without exception?  Is this an attempt to weaken from within?  We now are well aware of the events, the deaths, the torn lives and even the subsequent wars after 9/11, what would we have thought had someone suggested a few days earlier that such tragedies would happen?

August 11, 2010

Early Voting Is Slow---HURRAH!
According to past trends, at the rate early ballots are coming in, things are slower than in recent years.  And as far as I am concerned, I think that is a great thing.  The pessimists might say that it simply means less people will vote this primary (in Arizona) than in previous years.  I will take the high road and look at it with optimism and simply relish in the fact that people are more concerned and are being responsible voters. I wrote a friend earlier today about this issue and here is my thought. 

I am pleased to see people are taking their time, hopefully that is the case. Optimistically, I think they don't have enough info and are waiting to know more. Hopefully, we have learned from the last election...
---we need to know who these candidates are and how strong they are on the issues. Will they honor their promises, what does their character say about them? How do they present themselves, how do they act and react to the campaigning? Are they examples that the young and old of this nation can respect and want to emulate or are they just politicians willing to do and say anything to get elected? Too often, there are those that run to get elected; not to serve the will of the people, but their own agendas and the agendas of those within the circle of influential friends.

As many believe, I feel we are at a turning point in this nation---we either go the way of sensibility, of responsibility, sound reasoning and judgment or we travel the road that takes us to a jobless,an indebted and unstable nation with a gigantic bureaucracy that will replace our form of government.  We need those in power that will be guided by principles, integrity, strong character, ethics, honesty, a selfless attitude, decency and a sense of good for ALL of AMERICA, today, tomorrow and the future.  Let's not be cynical; these people exist.  The blueprint of this Republic was outlined by them, the country was led by them and America became the greatest nation on earth.  Remove those that don't measure up and bring in those that do.

Keep studying, challenge the candidates and make up your own mind.  When it is all said and done, endorsements make for headlines and campaign fund raisers, but they don't do much once the election is over and it is time for that elected official to represent the people.  If you and I were informed and responsible voters, then we probably picked the right candidate and we win.  If we were lax in our efforts and simply relied on our neighbor, some political figure or a celebrity to tell us someone was good for us, we might not be as happy.  I can't remind myself enough:  "We can't afford to make any more mistakes".

Final thought:  Have you ever wondered by so many politicans want you to hurry and send in your early ballot?  Part of the answer was disclosed in our July 31st program, in hour 2.  Please visit the archives page and listen to the information given out on early voters.  You're sure to be surprised--I certainly was. 

July 28, 2010

Voting:  Will Haste Make for Further Waste?
Tomorrow, the early ballots will be mailed out in Arizona.   Most Arizonans that signed up for early ballots will receive them on Friday and Saturday.  Some will see names they have never heard of and see positions to be filled that they have no idea as to their function.  It will be the first idea that some will have as to who is running in their district, in their county and/or their state.  These conditions are not exclusive of Arizonans.  The scenario plays out all across the country, before tomorrow, after tomorrow and for another three months, plus a few days.

The disturbing part is that some of these, newly enlightened ballot holders, will vote without any semblance of knowledge.  They will mark their ballot based on familiarity, popularity, ethnicity, party affiliation and other mind-vacant methods.  The responsibility that should accompany every vote, will be dismissed with the signing of the ballot and sending it off.  And afterwards, they will proudly proclaim "I voted".  And they will be correct, they voted, they weren't informed, they didn't vote from a position of strength and knowledge, they just voted. 

This scenario will play out for next few weeks, over and over again.  And the shocking part is yet to come.  On the final day to vote in the primary, while many will have waited, they will know no more than the slick ads have told them.  And it will then be, with this slate in the general election, that we will eventually cast the votes that elect the representatives to guide us.  What degree of responsibility will we have used in carving out the fate of our county, our state and our nation? 

I will also vote, but not with the convenience of an early ballot.  I will continue to study.  I will be as informed as I can be and I will not vote until I have made the effort to understand each entry and the consequences of my vote.   I am an American!  As a young man I served my country with my physical being and today I serve her by seeking wisdom and defending my inalienable rights by casting a ballot of informed choices.  It is the least I can do to show my gratitude for those, in uniform, that continue to defend her today.  And I will vote informed; as an expression of my deep appreciation for the great gift of freedom.

Be informed before you vote.  We can't afford to make any more mistakes.
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July 20, 2010


31 years ago, my family had gathered at my parents home to watch the moon landing. I vividly recall sitting on the edge of my parent's couch watching the slow and deliberate descent as American technology put man on the moon.  It was a 10+ on the goose bump scale and, in this room, as in rooms all across America, respectful silence filled the air.

No one spoke during those last minutes of descent. And then, the Eagle landed. A proud moment for America and its people.

I can recall the details as though this happened only yesterday. Yet; it seems so very long ago since we have collectively felt such pride over a single purpose of accomplishment as a nation.

July 8, 2010


Political election campaigns will soon be entering what is known as 'the political window'.  Depending on the election day for the primaries in a state, that time starts forty-five days before the primary election.  So, in Arizona, where I reside, that window starts July 10th

If history is to repeat itself and there is no reason to suspect it won't, then the fur will start to fly.  If you live in Arizona and are reading this, you might be shaking your head, rubbing your eyes and rereading this to make sure you read it right---the part I said about 'the fur starting to fly'.  You read it right and I wrote it with what should happen.  But in Arizona, the smear tactics have been going on for some time already.  There are a couple of candidates (one incumbent and one former politician) that have been bombarding the internet, print media and the air waves with an onslaught of charges that are anything but in the conscience of good campaign strategies or examples of adult behavior that serve as role models for the youth of this nation to follow.  

While the 'he said---she said' comments seem to just become more petty, the charges of improprieties, the falsehoods and the lack of commitment to party principles become more egregious and severe.  But, no matter the tasteless route these political foes have staked as their way of winning over the voter, there is one thing they both have agreed upon.  They plan to inundate us with their lack of integrity, character and respect as long as you and I continue to send them our money. It still amazes me, the arrogance in the process to political office.  

The basic truth is that politicians campaign to land a cushy job that affords them lots of off-time, benefits and perks that will leave them set for life after only one term, no more than two and they do all of this on your and my dime.  The country has a real unemployment problem.  People are laid off, people have stopped receiving benefits, people are on food stamps, people are losing their homes and some have lost all hope.  But, the politicians are asking you and me to pony up millions upon millions of dollars for them to spend while they try to convince us (their prospective employer) that they are the best choice for the job.  And they do so with seemingly utter disregard for such admirable qualities such as principle, honesty, ethics or integrity and fair play that most employers look for within a potential employee.
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May 27, 2010  
See and Hear the Speech "It's Time" (Securing our Borders)
After numerous requests, we added the video to You Tube for public consideration.  The speech was given Town Hall Meeting on May 27, 2010. SB1070 had been signed by Governor Brewer on April 23rd and President Obama had invited the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, to speak to Congress on May 21st.  Views and opinions abounded, many from people that had never read SB1070 and some opinions, from foreign heads of state, suggested America needed to reconsider its stand on immigration.  As if these governments would open their borders or allow illegal immigration to prevail.  The federal government questioned:  Is the bill legal?  And what about our borders?  Does Arizona have a right to protect its border?  Should Americans expect our state and federal government to secure our border?  How long have we been talking about this and what is being done?  The town hall meeting was a huge success, there wasn't an empty seat in the house and standing room was non-existent.  Now hear the speech that continues to be talked about, the speech that was unanimously accepted and vigorously applauded.  As a side note:  Rudi came to America and became a citizen through the legal immigration process.
A special thank you to Dr. Chris Salvino for sponsoring such an important event.  Learn more about the campaign to elect Dr.Chris Salvino:

Town Hall Meeting on Border Security
Rudi Says "Border Security--It's Time"

May 15, 2010

Today, on the air,  I presented my twelve step program, a program that, I feel, every elected official should enter.  I received an unusual number of comments and requests to put them on the MSOL web site so people could access them with ease.  Therefore, I have done so.  Keep in mind, I respect the efforts and the program of Alcoholic Anonymous.  There are many twelve step programs, but they all seem to take their guide from the original program, as outlined in the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book".  God, or as some prefer to say, higher power, is an integral part of the AA program.  When I wrote these steps it was not my intent, nor is it today, to suggest that God could be replaced in the steps of AA.  Nor would I suggest that we could possibly compare God with mere mortals.  I did not omit God from my steps because of irreverence, but instead, to make it an absolute point to be reverent. I altered the steps and replaced words to also be respectful of the steps, traditions and complete program of AA. 

I tailored these steps  as though any local, state or federal leader were stating them as part of their own twelve step program for economic recovery.  With that said, imagine those that represent us, actually following these steps in all of their affairs and I believe you will agree they really could work---provided our elected officials worked "a program of rigorous honesty". 


Step 1.  We admitted we were powerless over spending, that our budget had become unmanageable.

Step 2.  Came to believe that a constituency greater than ourselves could bring us back to reality.

Step 3.  Made a decision to turn our checkbooks over to the will of the people, by which we were elected.

Step 4.  Made a truthful, transparent and complete list of our past and current personal agendas.

Step 5.  Admitted to the American people the exact nature of each payoff or bribe we entertained or took.

Step 6.  Were entirely ready to have the people remove us through the process of elections or recalls.

Step 7.  We asked our constituents for another chance to show we could overcome the error of our selfish ways--without the need of raising taxes.

Step 8.  Made a list of all budget items that jeopardized the people's welfare and safety and became willing to eliminate them all.

Step 9.  Made direct deposits to all budget areas from which we stole to feed under-funded pet projects, except when those causes were eliminated due to our previous deceitful and selfish ways.

Step 10. Continued to balance the budget and when we were near to being overdrawn, promptly corrected it.

Step 11. Sought through listening to the people and through being rigorously honest, to improve our contact with the people, asking only for clarity so that we could carry out the will of those we represent.

Step 12. Having had an economical and fiscal awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry the message of a balanced budget and to practice responsible and controlled spending in all of our financial affairs.

For a point of reference or for more information about Alcoholics Anonymous, please go to:  Alcoholics Anonymous or for a PDF file of the actual twelve steps of AA, please go to: Twelve Steps

March 28, 2010

(Yesterday, on the air, I closed with a plea for attentive driving.  I have received numerous emails asking that I post that segment of the show for everyone to read.  With time to reflect I have altered the original commentary ever so slightly.    Its original form is available in the archives.  I hope it makes you think enough so that you will replace your bad driving habits with a new respect as to your obligation when operating any vehicle or watercraft.  You might notice that the commentary has no title.  The title is missing---so are people that sat around the dinner table last Sunday.)

To begin with, the entire staff of MSOL extends its deepest sympathies and sends its condolences to each of the individuals, and their familes, that were involved in the fatal incident this past Thursday on Carefree Highway.  The carnage riddled accident involved a dump truck, four vehicles and a vulnerable group of nine riders on eight motorcycles.  The mental image of this tragedy, though chilling and gut wrenching, can in no way be as sanguinary as the actual scene.  The fatal accident has claimed four innocent lives and many others are still hospitalized, in critical or serious conditions, suffering from an endless list of injuries.

The following shouldn't have to be written, spoken or even hinted, yet some are so wrapt in their world of "it's all about me" that we not only have to say it, but some need it drummed into their heads:  PLEASE, WHEN YOU ARE BEHIND THE WHEEL, RESPECT THE OBLIGATION YOU HAVE, TO CONTROL YOUR VEHICLE AND TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU.  Cell phones, navigation screens, DVD players, laptop computers and Ipods hooked to ear phones all have their time and place--but, that time and place should not involve the operator of a moving vehicle.

If you need to make a call, feel the need to text, plot a route, check emails, put on or freshen your make up, comb your hair, obstruct your hearing by doning headphones or check the internet---PULL OVER into a safe location.  Put the car in park, turn off the engine and talk, text, plot, read, reply, make yourself glamourous, *blast out your ear drums and go prematurely deaf and chat on-line to your heart's content.  (*Note to the sound blasters that feel everyone likes what they are listening to---take that sound system to a remote location where only you can hear it.)

But, before you call someone, bluetooth or not, before you text someone, before you deliberately obstruct your hearing with earphones, glance away at a DVD, enter an address on the navigation system, apply lipstick or check the internet WHILE DRIVING, ask yourself this quick question.  "
Will my actions be justified if I kill someone's child, a baby's parents, a grandparent or a child's loved pet--today?"

When will we learn---in particular--when will YOU learn that Thursday's fatality could have just as easily been caused by you, could have just as easily included you, either as a driver or any of the victims.  Lives have been taken, families will suffer, futures have ended and courses have been altered-- FOREVER


March 15, 2010

How Bad Is It?  State Law Presented as Substitute For Parental Control and Direction?

Recently, the Arizona Senate proposed a bill that would prohibit writing, reading or sending text messages and e-mails WHILE DRIVING on a state highway.  The bill was defeated, revived for review and passed and is, at present, waiting for a full senate vote. 

I would think that the essence of the bill would get nothing but a nod of approval by most of us, but I wonder if that would be true of the comments made by supporters of the bill.  I can't believe that we need this law to begin with, I mean how ignorant might we be to feel that such an activity while driving, is a sane deterent to keeping our eyes on the road as we go 55, 65, 75 miles per hour down the long and winding road?  Have things gotten so bad on the homefront that we need this?  And I am not talking about the homefront, in relationship to war, but instead, I am talking about the homefront as in 'FAMILY AND HOME'. 

How did I get to this place from the bill?  Let's look at the supporters' stated reasons for the need of such a bill.
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February 25, 2010

Mental Health May Solve Political Problems

When I first read the headline in the Arizona Republic this morning, I thought someone had found some answers to many of the questions that we are asking regarding solving the problems in our state and national arenas. 

What else was I supposed to think?  Here is--exactly--what the headline screamed with authority:  Mental-health overhaul clears Senate committee.  And, I thought; it should clear more than just a committe of senators, shouldn't it?  If it would clear a Senate committee then surely it would move on.
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February 7, 2010

Even Mother Nature Has Heard Enough Snow Jobs

There is a snow storm happening in the mid-Atlantic states, such as hasn't been seen since Congress started looking into the Teapot Dome scandal and the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C.

I am not one to wish the hardships of winter upon anyone and I am not one to take lightly the hardships that extreme weather storms, as this one, can weigh upon the ill-prepared, the elderly, the young, the needy and the homeless.  With that said, I can't resist focusing on a certain location where those affected by this storm are anything but needy.  

How ironic that, at the center of this storm, is Washington, D.C.  It is almost as though that relatively small area is the target.  Could it be that this administration and this Congress have upset more than just the people of this great nation?  Could it be that the arrogance and the deaf ears of those that are supposed to represent the people has gone too far?  And could it be that voters and nature are now working together to send a message to those that occupy the offices on Capitol Hill? 
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