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December 13, 2016

Just because the CIA says so, doesn't make it so....

1. Common sense and based on the lies told by this administration should have us laughing at this one, if it were not so pathetically obvious there are wheels continuing to turn in attempts to discredit President Elect Trump and his upcoming inauguration.

2. Here's an article (link below) with definite history of lies by the CIA director who's agency has now found "evidence" of Russia's involvement in our election

3. Isn't it time you (we) started thinking for ourselves and lay aside all this dishonesty and division caused by the people that are afraid their control of America is slipping out of their hands.

4. We should still have a bitter taste in our mouths from the lies the main stream media (msm) fed us during the latest election campaigns, trying to manipulate voters to elect people they (the msm) wanted in office.

5. THINK!  All of this JUST became known? It is either A LIE or it was known when it looked (to many) that Hillary would win.

6. THINK!  For those that suggest Trump and his supporters don't want to accept the truth, by asking "us" "what are you afraid of?". The answer is "nothing". The clarification to that is that after eight years of promises and statements that later were uncovered to have been outright lies---another revelation (Russian hacking) has the same affect as crying wolf once too often. Eventually, after enough proof uncovered so many lies---a light bulb goes off, however dim it may be--- it does go off.


The Article regarding the head of the CIA who has now uncovered "evidence" of Russia's involvement, can be read at this link: 

November 15, 2016


Many of you, that have children and you are in your late 30s, in your 40s and 50s---are rotten parents. Instead of being the parent, teaching respect, kindness, tolerance, citizenship, and yes, obedience, you concentrated on being their friend or you left them to parent themselves. The evidence is ever growing.


I only ask you to focus on the SCHOOL children (high school and college age) that are protesting the American way of free elections, defacing/burning the banner of our country, defying law and order, destroying taxpayer and private property, bullying/injuring those who don't join their cause, making demands and, every bit of their actions, outside the legal and lawful methods we have respected for the last 240 years.


And, let me add one other thing: Your children have invested nothing in our nation, have never served anyone but themselves, have never paid for anything of consequences and, most of them, have never taken part in an election. And you, as parents, now let them run the streets as though they own them? Keep in mind, one day your children may be making decisions for this country and your life. None of us can be comfortable with that thought---not even you, the parents of these children.


POINT: I realize that not all high school and/or college age children are stupid enough to be lured into these paid, organized, destructive and riotous acts. But, sitting silently by, doing and saying nothing to condemn and/or dissuade their peers, adds fuel to the fire. Bullies get a sense of greater power and their intimidation grows when there is no resistance.


As always, if this continues (it's gone on too long), our men and women in uniform will be again be called upon to save the American way and its citizens. And the children,  of these parents, without so much as even a scolding, will return to the classrooms  that have clearly become recruiting grounds for paid, bullish, loud, uninformed and easily influenced dissenters. 

One more thing, those that say “Not My President” is either an ignorant comment, or those professing this are NOT Americans and should be deported for anti American acts.



November 11, 2016



 November 8, 2016


Think about all the fires that have had to be put out during Hillary's lifetime. Have you ever known anyone running for office that has even come close to having such serious allegations laid against them over so much time? And keep in mind, while some were suspicion only, some were settled with $$, some mysteriously died off and some were proven, though not carried to justice's end.

During all of these fires, one thing is prominent. From her defending a pedophile rapist that failed a lie detector test, to Arkansas State Troopers, to the extremely questionable suicide of Vince Foster, to White Water, to cattle futures, to her husband's numerous CONFIRMED affairs and pay offs, to stealing America's furniture out of the White House, to the move to NY to take advantage of a senatorial run, to making millions through a charity of questionable purpose and little else than a piggy bank, to reckless handling of America's safety and security via emails, to destruction of government property, to deaths in Benghazi, to proven cases of blatant cheating in her push to be elected----these things and many more suggest one thing.


And Hillary, it is quite clear, has, through calculated and methodical strategies, done whatever was necessary to gain power and wealth and to get rid of, through any means (some quite nefarious), anyone or anything that stood in her way. She seems to have begun her approach from Bill's and her time in the governor's mansion. That focus became more evident during the stay in the White House. All the cover ups and dodging and ducking, the insulation and isolation from so many scandals, improprieties and plain lies. Yet, always someone else had been placed to take the fall and insulate Hillary from the legal process to reach out and touch her. And so that calculated protection carried on through staff, servers, emails, campaigns and today---the payoff is in the wings.


Hillary isn't concerned about America, it's about her. It is just as obvious that the current president made it all about him through race, executive power and a drive for a legacy. As he said, for voters to not elect the one person who will assure "MY LEGACY", he considers it a personal insult. There is nothing in his speech that refers to America. And so it is with Hillary.

Even if investigations continue, even if indictments are eventually handed down, if her health (and she knows she's not well) causes her to step down; no matter what may cause her to step aside---she completed her journey---TO BE FIRST. To Hillary being FIRST is important, and if she secures that, she'll work her damnedest to put out all those fires that are still burning.

For those that have bought into her lies and, if elected, sold the nation to the highest bidder (Hillary and her foreign benefactors), don't expect gratitude or a better life, you were only necessary for the moment. Once, if she is elected, the majority are immaterial. Only a few will continue to be strategically placed as insulators and isolators from the flames that will surely get close to her---no matter how she wields the power of the office of the President of the United States of America.

For America, for law and order, for the end of "politics as usual" and for the elimination of undue foreign influence and to hang on to the shredded threads of the fundamentals upon which this nation was founded---I pray "if she's elected" turns out to be "she finally found something she couldn't manipulate--THE INFORMED AMERICAN VOTER".  (I pray there are enough of them)


October 16, 2016

AS YOU READ, KEEP IN MIND:  The National Guard isn't a private organization' it is part of our government.  And this isn't just about the California National Guard.  This is about America and its promise to our men and women in uniform.  America is either a nation of truth and honor--or it's not.  The National Guard made the offer, those in command, carried out the orders and dispersed the amounts based on guidelines set forth. Those receiving the bonuses, deserved them and much more, the day they put on the uniform, they did nothing wrong.  California today, your state tomorrow.  This won't end with just one state--you can bet on that.

Think back to the housing bust that created the recession. Think back to how it happened, what deceptive and fraudulent measures were used to falsify actions. Then think back to the CEOs who got mega million dollar performance bonuses, management and employees who shared in unbelievable blocks of yearend bonuses (in the hundreds of millions). Then think back to when it all came crashing down. When the dust settled, our government went to the taxpayers' well and gave money to the same institutions that ruined us. And EVERYONE got had been paid these outlandish bonuses--KEPT THEM AND THEIR JOBS. 

Now, we have this??? Whether you have ever served or not, you should be appalled and do all you can to end this disgraceful effort. Of all the people in this country, who should be lauded instead of targeted, it is those who VOLUNTEER to stand and defend our nation. Keep this in mind: If they don't volunteer----we have no one defending us. It's as simple as that. We promised them, we need to keep our promise. And yes, I understand breaking promises has become the acceptable thing, just look at the promises made by Republican candidates and the majority of congress --- and all the reneging they've done.

Our military men and women EARNED every penny of what they have gotten and then some. They VOLUNTEER to serve, realize they are paid pauper wages and yet, put their lives on the line to defend this nation and 300 million plus Americans who are total strangers to them. Talk about a minimum wage issue--there isn't one person working in private industry or in any government position that would work for the paltry sum our troops get to fight our battles for us. NOT ONE! 

And now the same government that sent them to war, the same government that promised them a carrot are now asking them to return the entire carrot (though they ate it long ago), with interest and penalty. Those that re-upped are now being asked to pay for the blood they and their brothers and sisters spilled. It's as though Washington DC is penalizing them for doing their job. This seems as a deliberate move by this administration in its efforts to demoralize our military and weaken our defenses. 

If the powers-to-be want something to analyze and take money back---they should look at the VA and insist, those that have gotten performance bonuses over the years, PAY IT BACK---WITH INTEREST.  Then jail them for fraudulent practices and actions that caused unnecessary deaths of our finest.

This isn't shocking; this is a disgraceful, disgusting, deplorable, hateful, shameful and abominable act. We should all hang our heads in shame if we don't rise up, shout all the way to the Oval Office and pressure Obama and this deplorable Congress to end this and give back what they have stolen. Keep in mind, most of Congress is trying to get re-elected to continue SCREWING us as they and their Wall Street friends get richer and richer---on BLOOD MONEY!

Here's a link to one of the articles on this disgraceful action: 
(click here)

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

October 10, 2016 

I can't help but keep trying to understand the whoopla over Trump's crude, bragging and embellishing conversation with a little weaselly kid that was goading a big boy to tell him "stuff".

I actually took a poll (not scientific) by asking WOMEN, if they were PERSONALLY offended by Trump's comments. Of all those I asked, only 10% said they did feel personally offended.

I have covered numerous bills, in a variety of school districts, from K through 12 and college, that have opened restrooms, locker rooms, showers and other "formerly private, based on gender" facilities, to anyone who "FEELS" they are that gender for the moment. Yet, I hardly hear any feedback, I certainly don't hear people insisting those elected board members be removed or denied to run for office again.

One man talks big and the nation goes beserk, entire cities and schools suggest co-ed nakedness eliminates discrimination and should be celebrated----Keep in mind, more than talk has taken place in the facilities of some of these schools and public venues.

You can't argue with what I have written above---all of it is the truth and the facts are there to back it up.

So, I ask you, who's fanning the flames and who squelched the uproar over gender privacy. Can you say "THE BIASED MEDIA". And if Trumps words are more shocking and offensive to you, than deaths in Benghazi, deliberate and unlawful destruction of government documents, laundering money through a phony and charityless foundation from foreign leaders to gain US privilege---you're extremely gullible, hypocritical and as phony as what the media presents as "news".

ONE MORE THING: Now that NBC has suspended Billy Bush and his disruptive tantrums are becoming public, little Billy (JEB BUSH'S COUSIN) can spend more time working for his more famous side of the family that have been trying to dump Trump ever since he rolled over Jebby boy. What a family......I have always agreed with Matriarch Barbara Bush: "....we've had enough Bushes".

Oct. 8, 2016

I have heard the unabridged, unedited version, complete with all three participants. Donald, Billy and Arianne.

Here's what I heard: Billy Bush (yes, a cousin of Jeb Bush) sounded like a little boy who had just hit puberty and was pumping "The Fonz" (Trump) for tips on being cool to 'get' the girls. And, as a little kid, he giggled and wanted to hear more--and Fonzie embellished to Billy's delight.

When Arianne came into the picture, little Billy tried to push her onto Trump, while he expressed his innocence and insecurities.

Keep in mind, Trump used foul language and bragged about his prowness. Hillary left 4 men to die at the hands of terrorists that retaliated for US supplying arms to rebel (unfriendly) forces in Syria.

As you might recall, The Obama Administration, with Hillary as S of S, had run guns before. That time it left Brian Terry dead, plus hundreds more, killed by the drug cartels that were the benefactors of hundreds of arms--ANOTHER Obama/Clinton failure.

 Your choice:. A candidate with a foul mouth that brags too much or a lying candidate that leaves dead bodies in her wake.
Keep in mind (especially the guys--including the now holier than thou politicians), this isn't a church prayer meeting of the deacons deciding on the next pastor of their flock.

If we're going to decide who is pure enough to run for office, based on sexual innuendo and escapades, let's let all the "cats out of the bag" and clean out the cesspool of politicians. How often are the DC elite accused and justly so, of infidelity with both females and males that sell themselves or use sex as a leverage to, hopefully, gain favor with those in power.

This astonished and puritan stance that so many, in DC, are taking makes me think of a quote, attributed to Caesar "Et Tu, Brute"

October 4, 2016

As is the case with so many American voters, they were hoping someone else would do something to right wrongs, in our election and governing process.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Assange is more of a Barnum & Bailey promoter for the "Greatest Show on Earth", than he is at delivering a blow to, what I would consider, the most hypocritical, most dishonest, most deceptive, most dangerous, most disrespectful and all around sleaziest person to ever run for office in this country.

American voters might want to regroup and drop the dependence on WikiLeaks to come to the rescue. Instead they might take this election as a personal responsibility to make the right choice, to vote to keep America, America and not some nation controlled by some One World Order.

I, personally, wish I could offer more, but unfortunately, the American apathetic attitude regarding the process that determines who leads us (in government) has come full circle. We have the two candidates we deserve. To vote for Hillary is totally reprehensible, to vote for Trump--is the lesser of two evils.

Bottom Line: Once, America's future was defined and moving to greatness. Today, America's up for grabs and she's waiting for you to save her. 


(click here for Article on WikiLeaks failure to deliver)

September 26, 2016


1. Secretary Clinton, in your campaign ads, which you approve, your lifelong efforts for the safety and welfare of children and the fairness and equality for women. With that said, this question is in four parts

A. So, tell us how you saw to the safety and welfare of the 12 year old girl that was raped by your 41 year old client and you laughed over the fact that you won the case, knowing he had failed a lie detector test?
B. As for your efforts on behalf of women's rights, what equality are you protecting, with your support of Planned Parenthood, convincing females to undergo operations that may be against their beliefs, family wishes or personal desires to have the baby, after being battered with propaganda that presents a negative picture of a future for mother and child?
C. What kind of fight did you put up in an effort to save the lives of husbands, sons and fathers of the women that have cried ever since 9-11-12 (Benghazi) over the loss of four special people in their lives?
D. These examples include abuse, rape, abortion and death. Why should we feel safe with you in charge?

2. MR. TRUMP, in your campaign ads, which you approve, you talk of Making America Great Again and you will put Americans back to work--you will create jobs. This question is also in four parts.
A. Everytime you visit a city in the industrial belt, you point to the despair and poverty left behind from companies that have closed up and moved off shore. You quote unemployment figures and tak about, that under your presidency, this won't happen. You have companies that are based in foreign lands, that buy foreign products, hire workers in those countries and you, thereby contribute to the economic welfare of those nations. Instead of talking about what you will do "AFTER" you become president, why haven't you closed those operations and moved them back to America---to create jobs.
B. To continue: Shouldn't you lead by example? Jobs would be created, manufacturing would get a boost and, if you opened these businesses in some of the areas you point to, economic conditions would improve---more people would have a job and hope.
C. If you continue to campaign on Making America Great Again and creating jobs, but won't lead by example, being first, bringing those companies back to America---why should we beieve you?
D. Do you have to be president first? If you win this election, or not, will you move your companies to America --- to Make America Great Again?
We don't move on until they are answered with candor and clarity. We can't afford to elect anyone based on assumptions---we have assumed much too often.
We're at the abyss and there is no safety net to catch us. Voting out of spite, voting for the lesser of two evils, voting based on campaign promises----will push us over the edge.
FYI: On Sept. 10, we devoted an hour to the upcoming election. We went into detail regarding these questions and we pointed to the biggest scam of this election. While one of these may become the "president elect", that person may not be our next president. You can find that program and replay it at:


August 28, 2016  

Abraham Lincoln said: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Our Flag, "Old Glory", "The Stars and Stripes", Our "Colors" and the "Star Spangled Banner" is a representation, a symbol of everything our nation was founded upon. Every drop of blood, every teardrop and every drop of sweat that went into forming this land that was named The United States of America, is represented in our flag.

Our flag was raised on the foundation of America's fundamentals, which are FAITH, FABRIC and FREEDOM. Our flag has never compromised for anything less.

It is not our flag that has let us down or caused us division and inequality; instead it is the men that refuse to support her and all she carries in her as she waves ever faithful over the land of free and the home of the brave.

If you are an American, if you have come to this land seeking refuge, opportunity and freedom, then it is not only wrong of you, it is unpatriotic of you to turn your back on and disrespect our flag by any means. If you want to right that which you find wrong, you need to stand up and defend the flag of this country, because you owe her.   For it is she who holds every drop of blood, every teardrop and every drop of sweat that went into your right to act and speak as a fool.


August 8, 2016

As I listen to a speech by one of the presidential candidates, some things, annoying as they are, become quite clear.  Donald Trump is speaking in Detroit, Michigan.  It is quite obvious, at pre determined intervals, protestors who have been strategically placed in the room, start shouting and displaying disruptive behavior.

They aren't lumped together; one is here another there and so on. What's also obvious is that most protestors were chosen because of their sex, most are female.  Without a doubt, that is to play on the sympathy of security; to be easy on them, when removing them--even when the females try to resist being ousted.

These protestors aren't there to drive an agenda, they are there for one purpose (couldn't be more obvious), it is to disrupt the message of the speaker. The aim is to fragment his speech so that his main points are lost in the shenanigans of these people who have no respect for the American process that leads to our right to vote.  And, of course, to get some camera time, to be used by the opposing party, candidate or some nefarious and cloaked super pac.

This idea of freedom of speech has been taken, not only to unacceptable, but,  to the extreme political correct side of rude, crude, disrespectful and to being gutter trash.

It's time to rethink how we became so uncivil. It wasn't too long ago that polite society, rich and poor, raised eyebrows, snubbed their noses and gave a tsk, tsk to people of other nations that we mirror today, as we display our trashy selves.

At the present, these trashy displays are in politics. If we continue to look upon this as acceptable behavior, it won't be long before the trashy behavior becomes a staple in our homes.

Bottom Line:  Makes no difference as to who is speaking, what party platform is represented or the message delivered.  They paid to be heard.  They scheduled, paid for and organized the event.  They have a right to be heard. Period.  Anything that interferes with this process is a direct slap in the face of our so "revered” freedom of speech.

Personal Note: Had the speaker been anyone else, I would still have expressed the same thoughts, had the actions against the speaker been the same.


 July 18, 2016


"But Daddy, you promised". As a father, have you ever heard those words?  As a mother, have you ever heard your child say to you “But mommy, you promised”? 

It’s really immaterial what the pay off – the promise – was for, the only thing of importance is that you fulfilled your promise.
And as a parent, when you heard those words, you had no recourse, there was no way out.  You saw the look in your child’s eyes, first eager, now near disappointment and you started feeling sick--- that tug at your gut told you that you had to keep your word.  Standing before you was your child; that loved you without reservation, depended on you and trusted you with his/her life.  And you kept your word, you promised and you came through.

And from that moment on, you small child’s video machine was recording and committing to memory the example you gave him/her regarding a promise.  When a promise is made, it must be kept.  Promises are not made lightly, they are not taken lightly and they must be paid off.

The consequence of a broken promise is disappointment and the beginning of mistrust.  And mistrust is the beginning of telling lies.  And lies lead to a need to be  deceptive.  And deception leads to unlawful practices.  And unlawful practices lead to a need for cover ups.  And cover ups lead to corruption and corruption leads to ruin.  And ruin leads to a broken heart.  And a broken heart leads to hopelessness.

As your child learned from your example, in a one-on-one setting, the youth of this nation have their video recorders going and they are committing to memory the examples being set by adults.  Those adults, who have been selected by their peers to deliver their wishes, will leave a definite mark in the minds of our youth as they either fulfill their promise or break it. 

The next group of nationally, eligible voters is only 8, 6, 4 or even, just 2 years away. These young minds have been learning and committing to memory all the lessons taught them throughout their lives.  Their recorders are never off, they are constantly processing information and filing it, to draw upon it when a time and/or a place demands of them to act.  They then draw upon that memory bank and act in accordance to the examples they learned.

Will your example lead them to honor their word?  Will your example lead them to fulfill their promises to others?  Or will your example have caused them to choose a life of breaking promises, telling lies, being deceptive, covering up misdeeds, dealing in corrupt practices that leave a wake of ruin, broken hearts and a dark and bitter hopelessness? 

As the adult, you are not only deciding on the conditions of today, you, by your example,  are teaching our youth,  the manner in which they will make decisions in the future---a future, in which you will be dependent on them to do that which is moral, principled, ethical and caring.  Your character, today, will be reflected in their character, tomorrow.

As delegates to the Republican convention, you promised to support and vote for the people’s choice as the Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America.  It is time for you to keep your promise.

This nation doesn't need more people to contribute to or further the evidence of a moral and ethical decay that is eating away at the foundation of this nation. 
We, as adults, and our children, have had years upon years of bad examples, based on the lives and words of our elected leaders.  We have all been disappointed by the broken promises, the lies told, the deceptive practices to keep us in the dark.  We have seen the futile investigations into cover ups of corrupt practices.  And we are living in the ruin of it all.  Our hearts have been broken time and at times, we have seen the future as hopeless.

Break your promise and that hopelessness becomes a reality.  Keep your promise and our youth will bring us life.

Americans have taken you on your word--------"YOU PROMISED!"  

July 11, 2016

I always wonder what the IQ level has to be, as well as the hatred for that which is good, when someone deliberately tries to take out a police officer.  I wish I could point out a few things to that person, as well as ask a few questions.  These are the things that immediately cross to my mind.

#1. Other than protecting you from the day you were born, just exactly has a police officer done to you---before you got that smart mouth, became disrespectful and took up crime as your way of life?

2. Do you love anyone at all? If so, do you realize that it is that call to 911, or that shout for 'Help' or the rush to your loved one's side, that a police officer answers willingly, to protect your loved one with his/her life?

#3. Are you really so stupid to think, that if you shoot a police officer, or anyone else who, by choice, have accepted the badge and the responsibility that comes with it, to honor the oath to serve and protect, that the department will pass on going after you?  Trust me, they will go after you and continue after you until the day they have you---one way or another.  And the way they have you, that's your choice--the moment they address you.

#4. Keep in mind, for every 'bad' cop there are tens of thousands of criminals that, if it were not for the police, would steal, hurt and more, every member of your family.

#5. For every 'bad' cop there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of honest, kind, caring, life saving, good, decent, selfless, honorable, loving, oath driven police officers that are keeping your home and your neighborhood safe today, so you can enjoy the pleasure of watching your children grow up.

#6. God put you on this earth and, as His child, he did not breathe life into your body so you could harm another one of His children.  It's only too late to change, when you're taking your last breath. 

#7. From the beginning of time, to the end of time, there has never been any form of evil that has been the ultimate triumph over good.  And the reason is quite clear in my mind: GOD IS GOOD.

These are my thoughts today and in them, there is hope for tomorrow.

 June 24, 2016

Hip, Hip, Hurray!  Hip, Hip, Hurray!
  Hip, Hip, Hurray!
Not to pat myself on the back too much, but, yesterday morning, I was quite vocal about why I felt the Brits should vote to leave the EU.  While the odds makers (in Europe) had Great Britain staying, the end result was that Great Britain was free, it was again a sovereign nation, accountable and responsible to itself.

I also believe that Germany should follow suit and get out.  If Germany leaves, the EU, for all practical purposes will be nothing more than a footnote.  Between the remaining nations, Germany and possibly two others (it's pretty obvious which two) are holding up the entire EU, now left with 27 nations.

I have always thought, if the EU was such a good idea, then why didn't all the countries agree to form one government, elect members from the nations, at large, and agree to one language.  After all, they boasted the union as being one.  And, all the nations (except Britain) used the Euro as their official currency of exchange.  Of course, that wasn't going to work---anyway, not yet.  A NWO would be a bit much and too iffy to push onto millions---YET.

The EU did nothing more than relax trade issues, give floundering nations a hook to grab onto and use more advanced nations as a means to tap into their economical, industrial, technological and financial offerings.

As for the world stock markets, in particular the NYSE and NASDAQ (let's face it, they make the world go around), they will flounder and fall abruptly, caused by huge money selling off to manipulate the markets.  After the general public catches on, and sells out of fear, the huge money will scarf up the bargains and the market will rise again.  When it's all over, and the waters settle, the poor will be poorer and the rich will be richer.  Count on it as sure as the tides rise and fall.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Great Britain will again be recognized as a major force in the world and not just a member of a group that never should have been.  Watch as Germany gets tired of being the sole Sugar Daddy as the German people realize they're nation is being drained, both by the remaining 26 nations (not counting Germany) and by being the refugee haven for Muslims that don't assimilate, but instead, are devastating a proud and industrious nation with assaults and other crimes against non-Muslims as well as harboring (unknowingly or knowingly) radical Islamic terrorists.  

Germany needs to get out and close its borders.  France will follow or may even go before. And I predict if these two go, Austria, Poland and Spain won't be far behind, and possibly Hungary and Italy.

FYI:  The remaining nations in the EU are:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

ONE MORE THOUGHT:  Watch all those that never said anything about the EU and the (then) looming vote in Britain, now come out of the woodwork as to how they thought they should leave.  Of course, you won't be able to find anything they ever said about this, prior to the official announcement of the vote results.

When you want the truth and prefer facts over hype and spin, tune in to Main Street Out Loud every Saturday afternoon.
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 June 23, 2016

Yes, you read that right. Today's Washington, has a different kind of politician. They look for ways around the Constitution instead of ways to be in proper alignment.

And when it comes to GUN CONTROL, both liberals and conservatives alike, realize as long as the second amendment stands, those that consider themselves above the people, realize there are some areas they can't control.
As long as their attempts to chip away at the right to keep and bear arms, continues to fail, these "self-centered" and "power greedy" members of Congress, realize they will never achieve total dominance through big government. And the kind of big government they keep trying to establish is one they can control, and that doesn't include a "of, by and for the people" government.

Today, just because you can recite the Second Amendment and just because you have read the what, why and where of it, you fall short. If that's all you have to argue with against your representative or senator, then he/she will roll right over you.

And when it comes to GUN CONTROL, we (at Main Street Out Loud) believe we gave a solid argument against this latest attempt, by the democrats, and some not-so-conservative republicans (headed by Flake and Collins), to tear off a piece of the Second Amendment.

The ultimate goal of ALL LAWS that "control" is dominance.
And today's politician no longer considers themselves as representatives of the people. they consider themselves as thr ruling class that decides FOR the people. And it's a lot easier to tell the people what to do, if they are unarmed, and subject to threats and fear.

(Click here to listen)  "FAITH, FABRIC AND FREEDOM" (Part III) 

June 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders is an United States Senator with 35 years of experience as an elected official (Mayor, Congressman, Senator). Bernie also is actively running for President of the United States and has gotten more than 9,000,000 people to believe he's the answer and have voted for him in the primaries. 
(Click here to read the article, that caused me to respond after Senator Sanders spoke out on the Orlando killings) 

How long will this facade continue? How sick and tired are we listening to the argument on guns and if we had stricter gun control and eliminated certain weapons, we would be safe(r)? Bull S&%t.

How much safer could that nightclub have been? It was a gun free zone----not one of the revelers had a weapon. If no one has a weapon, how much more gun control could you ask for?

Let me make four things clear to Bernie and all the other phony leaders using this horrific event to, once again, push for gun control.

ONE: An AR-15 is not an automatic weapon

TWO: A gun has never gone off without someone pulling the trigger or being careless when holding it or maneuvering with it. No pistol, rifle, shotgun, single shot, semi-automatic, automatic or otherwise, has ever aimed itself at anyone and fired off a round or two. NEVER.

THREE: Here's the bare ass truth: Gun Free zones are a blessing to people that have a weapon and want to do harm to others. Bad people like those odds. They know that as long as they're the only one with one or more pistols, rifles or shotguns, they won't have any problem picking off their targets.

FOUR: Gun control can't get any stricter than gun free zones. Gun Free Zones means no one has a gun. That's why they're called that. In the latest mass shooting, more than 50 gun free zone "obeying" people , were gun free. The bad guy didn't give a damn about the ordinance, he went to kill people and what better targets than those that weren't armed--those that couldn't defend themselves. He knew that when they hollered and pled with him, holding their hands up to say "no, no, please no" those words were no match for his weapon and the ammo he held.

BOTTOM LINE: Gun free zones are breeding grounds for bad people to kill good, law abiding people. You can't control guns any better than making the establishment, area, city or state "Gun Free". And "Gun Free" can't make it any easier for bad people to continue killing good, law abiding people whenever and wherever they please.

WAKE UP PEOPLE: All these people that are for greater gun control, Bernie, Hillary, President Obama, other political figures---they all have people around them, protecting them, watching their backs. And EVERY ONE OF THEM HAVE A WEAPON. Your life isn't as precious as theirs? If the taxpayers won't pay for your private protection force,  you shouldn't be allowed to defend yourself? Who came up with that stupid idea?

May 2, 2016



And all the while, the "Sinking Cruz Ship" Delegates, with their slick, sly grins, blow hot air as to how honored they are to "REPRESENT" Arizona.

How did it happen; when an overwhelming majority of the voters made it clear that Trump was the man for Arizona? How else--it's the same old same old--- selfish politics at its finest: Backroom deals, favors, future promises, offers that pretty much remind most of us as bribes and the driving force of Republican Party bigwigs to make sure that business in DC stays the same.  Parties are concerned about power/control, not change for the betterment of America and its people.  That proof is found in the way Washington has worked in the last few decades, nothing changes except a few faces selected by the parties to replace those that don't toe the party line or have overstayed their usefulness to the party. 

Oh well, so the people may not get what they (collectively) have said they want and the direction they want the nation to go---so what. If being selected, through nefarious means, to be a delegate and that boosts your career or business because of contacts made and/or favors coming---heck, isn't that what it's all about?  The 3Ms live in the heart of Arizona: Me, Mine and More. 

Screw the voice of the people.  Each delegate selected (wink, wink), will tell you they know what's best for Arizona.  As for the hundreds of thousand that spoke out loud with their vote, waiting in lines for hours---what do they know--they're just tax paying voters.

And on a personal note from Rudi K:  "Governor Jan Brewer, the Arizona Republican Party owes you an apology---a huge apology.  And after they find the "manhood" to publicly apologize to you, they need to disband---the party is a disgrace.

April 12, 2016

If someone is worth a $206 Million contract for 6 years of work, just think, how absolutely fantastic they must be. I mean, really, here's a couple of things to think about, they sort of put things in perspective. 

The president of the United States would have to be in office for 515 years to make that kind of money.
The average Arizonan worker would have to work more than 7,400 years to earn that much money (before taxes).

So, a $206,000,000.00 deal over 6 years, is beyond comprehension--how could you find an equal? And so, that person worth that much should be the best of the best of the best of the best and his talent surely above anyone or anythng, at anytime--bar none. Right?

 But, the Diamondbacks' pitcher, Zach Grienke, goes to bank, check in hand, presently, as a 2-time loser.   Let's face it, no matter how many wins this guy will eventually get---provided he stops losing every start---he'll never bring in enough fans or revenue to warrant that kind of money--NEVER.
Meanwhile, our guys and girls in uniform, keep ballparks safe and keep us free to go to the games when we feel like it.  

Here's a thought, maybe they should have gotten part of that vulgar amount ($206M) for giving Grienke and every other MLB player a playground where they earn millions of times more than every man or woman that fights and defends, while they play a child's game for astronomical salaries.  Surely, that would be enough money that would (not could) feed the hungry, end diseases, heal the ill and quench the thirst of those wanting a just a sip of clean, drinkable water.


March 13, 2016

The main stream media needs to acknowledge to itself and all of their listeners, viewers and readers, that they are exceedingly beholding to Donald Trump.

For months, it seems, that every program, edition, article or view related to the upcoming election has an over abundant amount of coverage dealing with what Donald, said, ate, wore, wrote, rode in, flew in, slept in, smiled at, hugged, kissed, built, thought, hinted at and on and on and on.   And all of it, has gained most medias added revenue---IF--They could be first with the next tidbit on Trump, good, bad or indifferent.

And today, now that there has been violence at his rallies, even more cameras, microphones and recorders are showing up to cover every breath he takes and how the audience reacts.  And most of all, each entity is keeping its fingers crossed that something bad (yes bad) happens and that their camera is first to film and air it. 

The media is not intent on covering this election process to give the public the facts, without bias, with truth and fair assessments.  The media is only intent on being first to lead with blood, civil unrest or riot and to have the exclusive film (through a priority position at a venue) and be recognized (by a tag) for the video and audio.

The end result---ratings.  And ratings mean more advertisers and more advertisers mean more expensive ad rates and that means greater revenue and greater revenue means a greater profit.  And that means---they can put more people in the field to cover every breath Donald Trump takes.

Donald Trump might be doing more than just mouthing that he doesn't like the Media.  He might be very, very correct in his assessment that the Media is dishonest and evil.  

I would add my own thought to his assessment.  I say the media is nothing more than a business, whose bottom line is about profit--and with that---the "truth be damned".


February 26, 2016

I know I will hear about this, but, so be it. This election keeps bringing up equality, freedom of speech, the constitution and our inalienable rights.  So, I will exercise my right, to express my views, the same as you and anyone else that cares to speak up.

For absolute clarity, just in case someone tries to read into this, I adamantly declare that I have yet to announce my support for any candidate, currently running or not, for the office of President of the United States of America.   Again, I support no one yet. No one.

I am afraid, that radicalism is more of a norm than we care to believe.  And no, I am not referring to some foreign land filled with radicals, I am talking about here, right here, in America.  And that mindset has definitely invaded our campaign/election process, both in some of our candidates and also in those that support their candidates, regardless of the party, it's position or the post.  I am still open to listen, to learn and get the information I need to make sure my choice is the best for my country, my family, myself and you.

Unfortunately, so it seems, I find that many (I would say), the majority of supporters, in today's campaign races, have caught a serious bout of that dreaded disease called "closed mindedness". They may not be able to give you solid argument as to why their candidate is the right choice, but they won't listen to anyone else about any variation to their stand.  Their candidate is it and that's all there is to it.  Save your breath.

Add to the mix, a candidate that takes the "mad as hell and won't take it anymore" position and mixes in that the country has gone to hell (more correct than moderates and liberal care to admit) and is under attack by illegal and terrorist factions, and you get a "let's go get 'em" attitude that brings out a supporting posse with, what seems to be a ever increasing trend.  Now add the coupe de gras, an obviously concerted effort to divide the country between them and us and you have all the ingredients for fire.    

That trend, some might call that thinking as being intolerant. We, when looking at the home front, prefer to use more tame words, but, keeping with putting things in plain English, I'll call it what it is--radical thinking and, at times, even radical actions.

Add the accusations from the debate stages that are leveled with words that would inflame any of us, if used against us (Weak, Stupid, Con man, Phony, Choker, Liar).  To be personally attacked and called such in front of 10s of millions---there's nothing like adding fuel to the fire that burns within the most ardent supporters.  It flames up and often spreads to those on the fence. 

There's a psychological and sociological affect that takes place at campaign rallies.  When the candidate is at arm's length to his supporters and spews, in rapid fire sequence, what's wrong with issues and other candidates,  and what he/she will do to correct things, you get a lot of "atta boys" and lots of "atta boys" turn into rah, rah, rahs.  And rah, rah, rahs turn into zealous support, and those that are looking for more, go myopically overboard and become radically supportive.  Nothing but their candidate,  no one comes close, no one is smarter, stronger, more honest, more patriotic, more for Americans and less of a politician---no one is more for "ME" and "MINE", no one will fight more for "ME". No one. NOT a SOUL.  When it comes to ME--he/she is the only one.  PERIOD.   

If you don't agree and offer questions that can't be answered (due to being uninformed), or because a position hasn't been defined or a plan laid out---the radical supporter has but two options.  And one isn't a position a radical supporter will ever take, that of  just being quiet.  The other position is all too common.  When there isn't a comeback ready to roll off of the tongue, when people are at a loss for words or half truths and lies are exposed with the truth, people immediately go to the old standbys.  With nothing to say, they resort to name calling, cruel labeling and, of course, using every curse word they know.  And they always dismiss others with the standby "eff you, you effing blankety, blank---you're so stupid---I'm through talking to you".   

And this??? This is the overlying theme in a nation that needs a leader that will honor the oath of office, uphold the constitution, strengthen our defenses, abide by the rule of law, respect the voices of the people and work tirelessly, for the good of all people, to ensure the safety, security and well being of all citizens?  This is our answer to how we get out of the mess we're in?  How?  How can the spread of such crudeness benefit the good intentions of patriotic citizens to return America to the greatest nation on earth, under the rule of law, based upon a government of, by and for the people -- just as our founding fathers envisioned and that millions of our sons and daughters sacrificed with  their honorable service to fight and defend.

We need more than help.  We need God to work in the hearts and minds of all who believe and all who believe need to unite.  With God and an united effort, America will have the leader we need, that is good for all of us, radical, moderate, lenient, conservative, liberal, moderate, lenient and independent.  As for the political radicals (regardless of leaning), well---if and when this nation is on the mend, even the hardest of hearts can soften and also healed. 

We can have varying views on issues, on positions and the steps required to get to a positive and proper solution.  We can express our cares, concerns, hopes, fears AND  we can also do what is often the hardest---we can also listen to consider all our options.  And once we're informed, we give it all we've got, because this nation is all we've got. 

When it comes down to it, we all have the same goal --"one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".  That's not radical; it's wholesome, respectful, valued and definitely American.

AMERICA---it's up to you where she goes from here.  Don't disappoint her.

February 18, 2016

his ought to ruffle some feathers, but, last I checked, the right to think and express those thoughts, were still part of "free speech". 

I am just as finished, as you, with politics as usual, campaigns filled with empty promises and candidates that will tell you anything to get elected, but I am not about to jump on a train, just because it's moving.  I want to know where it's going and that the tracks are laid to get me there.  I'm not about to ride towards another train wreck.   

Keep in mind, when it comes to this election (for President), I have only ruled out Hillary and Bernie and there is absolutely no chance that I will rethink that.  So, I ask you....

Is it just me, or do you also notice how Trump praises any poll that shows him in the lead, but slams any that doesn't.  A poll that doesn't have him on top, according to him, "I don't know why",  "they don't like me", "I beat them before" and their "small" poll isn't in agreement with the other polls and just not worth mentioning.  Instead he picks a poll and steers the conversation to it. 

Also, a person that endorses him is the kind of American we need to make America great again, yet, one who endorses another candidate has these (then he lists them) character defects or stands in opposition to most things Americans want.

Does it sound like I am starting to sour on Trump?  Well, it might have started within me.  His, 'I am the strongest for ( or against) that you know', 'I am the greatest supporter of (or person against)', 'No one is more for (or against) that you know', 'I'll be the greatest president we have ever had....'.  Etc, etc. And all of it is without details as to how.

As for questions, the answer being We'll have the greatest nation, the greatest military, the greatest jobs, the greatest economy, the greatest trade deals, the greatest.... and we'll be the happiest people ever---where's the details, the road map as to how we're going to get there?

I have not forgotten the bravado, the smugness, the empty promises and the lack of details this nation was fed and foolishly bought (I never bit, but the majority of voters did) by a slick senator from Illinois.  Look at the damage he has done---and somehow got most of the 535 members of Congress to ride his train to our destruction.  I want a plan that I KNOW is great, not one man that feels he needs to tell me how great he is. 

Oh, and as for his caustic approach and his vulgarities at rallies:  I'm not impressed with the 'I went to the best schools, I know how to behave and I will when I win' attitude.  I've never been impressed with chameleon traits in today's politicians.  Have we already forgotten Boehner?  Isn't McConnell lesson enough?

Yes, he's funding his own campaign; is that all it took for you to make your pick?  There are some really scary people out there that could support lots and lots of their own campaigns.  Please tell me we haven't given in to individuals that can buy elections.  Wait, we've been doing that.  Have you seen all the smiling faces on Wall Street, K Street and on the streets of foreign nations? 

And no, I haven't decided who I will support.  When I do, I won't have any reservations about him/her being the best for America.  Whomever takes the oath, will have to lead us out of one hell of a mess--thanks to voters jumping on the bandwagon of a slick talking, vision creating, promise making, empty suit that spun hope and change.

 February 17, 2016

or the record, I am still open as to what candidate I will support.  I have time and I am in no hurry---we can't get this one wrong.  So, I am amassing data and will make my decision when I am SURE.  In the meantime....

When does the exercise of being a braggart, a blowhard and fault finder become NOT funny, NOT adult like, NOT distinguished, but instead more like a bully on the playground---finding fault, picking on others and just plain crude, rude and very childish?

On this date, at approximately 1:30 PM (EST), here's what Donald Trump (or his campaign manager) authorized and felt was necessary to publicly point out to the American people. Well, at least those with accounts on Twitter and Facebook.   
(The link used to copy and paste the following information is:

Donald J. Trump:

Jeb Bush just got contact lenses and got rid of the glasses. He wants to look cool, but it's far too late. 1% in Nevada!   (This is his post, in its entirety)

When did we decide that we needed to lower the image of America and our president, lower than what BHO and his administration has managed to drag us?  Once the most powerful position in the world, and now we're applauding the calling of names, rude and crude statements in public and disrespectful interruptions when others are speaking.  And to my observation, we're taking vague statements, without details and hanging on them as though they were absolute as to the needs of this nation.  I remember a statement that no one challenged or insisted having clarification as to what that meant.  It is quite clear today, for, to our dismay and sorrow,  it has gradually led us down the road to ruin.  The statement?  Do you remember, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America"?  Now we understand what was meant.

The campaign process has definitely taken a turn for the worse in recent years, but must we continue to fan the flames and contribute to even greater degeneration?  It is a process we, as Americans, support to elect that person to sit at the head of our nation.  It isn't a free-for-all, nor a barroom brawl, an alley fight and the prize isn't bragging rights.  And, unless I am wrong, the office of the president, isn't a place for a play pen, a pin ball machine or a barroom dart board. 

The Oval Office, I believe, with its history, is a place where decorum, dignity, respect, intellect, manners and statesmanship is expected.  After watching the Three Stooges, it would be hard to visualize any one of them, sitting behind the great desk, making decisions that have direct effects on every man, woman and child in this country and (at times) around the globe.   Can we work to be the nation that our founders worked so tirelessly to establish---a land without equal.

BTW:  I wear glasses most of the time and I prefer them over contact lenses. They help me to see things more clearly and vividly than I would without them.  I might suggest that those that if you can't "see" what the point is here, that they might get their eyes checked, and while they're at it, their heads also.  Without clarity and without identifying the details, we have no idea what we have, until, too often, it is too late.  So it has been for the last seven years.


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