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December 31, 2017


 On April 10th of this year (2017), my mother passed away, rather unexpectedly. Every day, since her passing, has been a FIRST day of the year for me; the first that I have ever lived without her.

Whether that first was the first April 11th, the first May 2nd, the first Memorial Day, the first June 18th, the first July 4th, the first August 23rd, the first Labor Day, the first October 16th, the first Thanksgiving, the first Wedding Anniversary,  the first Christmas and now, tomorrow, the first New Years Day.  And there are other first days, yet to come, such as the first birthdays of my children, the first birthday of my wife (Feb. 21th), my first birthday (March 18th) and yes, first Anniversary of my mother's passing.


No matter the day, until April 11, 2018, it will be that "first day" without her.  Personal loss of loved ones leaves the year of your loss filled with gray skies and plenty of tear drops.


I'm not sure that learning to live without a parent, spouse, sibling, child, other relatives or loved ones is something we should work on. When that person is gone, there's a hole and nothing can replace it--nothing. I think learning to always express your depth of feelings, sharing your life and solidifying your connection with those you love, leaves you without that tugging "I wish I would have".


We are the extension of life through our parents and their parents and before. We are the parts that come together to complete life (as it relates to us individually), connected through our blood lines, through our ability to adopt as our one and then all is sealed by the bonds of our everlasting love for one another.

No matter whether the passing of a loved one is the first experience, the second or beyond, our personal experience is just that---personal.   It is part of the whole we each call "my life".  And for me, it started on the day my mother gave birth---it was my first day.

December 12, 2017 

Earlier today, I posted my view as to one of the three women who took to the cameras and microphones to relive their experience of being with DJT long before he ever decided to run for political office, let alone be the president. 

I pointed out that this one woman, Jessica Leeds, was speaking of an incident she says occurred in 1978.

I also noticed, as I watched her recount her experience (to Megyn Kelly), she seemed to be smiling. She said Trump introduced himself and started kissing her and groping her breasts and then put his hand up her skirt. As she spoke, again, to me, it seemed she never once stopped smiling. I wondered: Was she wanting to relive the fantasy---one more time. Maybe?

But, in like course, I offer this:
Let there be no mistake over my views on the recent charges alleged against a couple of hundred high or medium profile individuals---I don't make light of the women who were assaulted at all. I do, though, believe that the legal system, starting with a sworn statement to law enforcement, is the starting point---not the main stream media.

The rash of accusations that have been unveiled in front of a camera and a microphone makes a mockery of true offenses against women, regardless of their age, position or career choice. 

Too often people look to BE the latest headline instead of BEING a spark against illegal and/or social injustice.

October 30, 2017
The news about the indictments, the arrest and subsequent court appearance---make for a great distraction. Every form of media will be all over this like a junkyard dog. After all, they live on advertising revenue based on ratings and lots of American minions will be looking for any bit of information to link these findings to the president.

The timing of the announcement, Friday evening, the subsequent focus by so many and now, the opening of the sealed indictments are more than suspect (in my mind), they are designed to allow corruption and real threats to America, to continue. And as long as Americans are focused on the exhausting witch hunt that continues, hoping to find a sintilla, a smidgeon of a thread to connect the president and/or his family, then the true collusion goes unchallenged.

Amazing how the real story broke last week and within two days it was smothered by the powers, through their manipulating of the main stream media----the msm that manipulates and distracts the great majority of Americans from focusing on the TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

We not only gave accounts of this before the latest disclosures, we named names and provided information regarding how these acts could hamper the president in certain areas of his authority. Hear our broadcast from this past Saturday, think for yourself and then insist Congress, the DOJ and its agencies investigate--IMMEDIATELY--the real corruption, collusion and compensation of those that did attempt and continue to try to take down this duly elected president.

Hear the Main Street perspective on "Manipulation and Timing to Avoid "Hurt Locker". (click here)

 October 3, 2017

I have had more than a few persons contacting me to ask why I have been so silent since the massacre in Las Vegas. What are my thoughts on guns, prechecks, clip sizes, luggage checks for hotels, etc.....

My answer comes through moist eyes as I take time to consider the loss of life, hundreds of injuries, the heroics of law enforcement, of first responders, the controlled chaos in trauma units, the dedication to life by surgeons, nurses, care givers, professional help for psychological issues, the unmeasurable fear in some, the sadness and sorrow in many , the comfort of a hug extended to those in need and the compassion displayed by so many main street Americans as their hearts broke, comforting a stranger that soon took a last breath.

Just because the shooting has stopped---the end of so many lives, the empty chair at dinner, patients that lay healing and the pain of heavy hearts are real; they are lasting and not so easily set aside. ONLY the shooting has stopped.

Heavenly Father, Please Hear Our Prayers

Sept. 6, 2017

President Trump gave 6 months for DACA to wind down for one reason only. And it was not to deport "children". 

Both party members are ripping away at the president for only one reason. And it is not about what they are saying.

President Trump has simply removed an unlawful order, made law, by the former president (BHO). He removed it because the Executive Branch CANNOT make laws, only the Legislative Branch can.

Now for President Trump's motive: To make Congress put an end to one part of the immigration dilemma that has gone on for decades. This president is a "let's get it done" president.

And now to the reactons by many members of Congress: They are on the hot seat to get something done and what they get done---may cost them votes (legal and illegal votes). And that's all they're really concerned about--the election in 2018. Hook any member up to a lie detector and ask all those that are making indignant and fear inducing remarks as to why the uproar over DACA---and you'll understand.


July 29, 2017


His early years were spent learning at a military academy for young men. His introduction to adult employment was in construction.  He gained his commercial acumen, negotiation skills and developed his formula for remarkable success, by cutting his business teeth in one of the toughest (if not the toughest) cities of the world in which to succeed. 

And so, he understands "chain of command", ultimate authority, leadership and responsibility. And he fights to win; surrender isn't part of his vocabulary. And yes, he has great respect of both the rank and file of our military.  He has drawn up a plan, calculated the risk, accepted the price to pay, putting himself up, to lead the way, to Make America Great Again. 

And as for the White House---well, with his construction background ---he's making repairs. And that includes having his newest site foreman there to find and repair the leaks.  And once they're stopped (remembering this is the way of politics in DC), this administration can get on with the job at hand and Americans can focus on real issues; not the petty distractions.

We've been voting for change in DC for a long time and wound up with the same old, same old. And we've wanted to eliminate the power of both parties and we've wanted to end the power that career politicians have over our system of government.

We have an outsider, voted into office by a majority of the voters and he's about America and Americans and not about self enrichment. He's a far cry from the smooth talking, caving in, idle rich, re-election focused, tax raising, selfish and underhanded politicians that have turned the hallowed halls of Congress into a slimy swamp that breeds more of the same.

I have no problem with President Trump's agenda. Why would I have reservations over someone that puts America First? Why would I hesitate to have the swamp drained or, worse yet, why wouldn't I want it drained? Why would I think that anyone, other than a self-assured, confident, successful and political outsider, is finally the right man for the job?  Haven’t we tried enough times with "another politician"?

So, all told, while some might prefer to tap dance around the job at hand, I prefer the straight forward method being exercised by MY PRESIDENT.

We didn't want what we've had for too long, we wanted someone who would do something to put America and Americans first again. That's why this man was our choice over the SIXTEEN other "politicians" originally on the Republican tickets and FIVE others originally on the Democrat tickets.

With Donald Trump, you get what you see, not some political dog and pony show, not some phony baloney political sleight of hand and mouth. What else did you expect once he got into office?

As I said; I have no problem with this. Do you?


July 25, 2017  9:00 AM (AZ time)

Schumer and his Demmie followers are against a vote to proceed because???  They say no one has seen the bill, so they can't vote on what they don't know....Why not? Do they not remember how the vote came about on the nearly 2,700 page of the ACA? The  Senate held a vote 2 hours after the bill was distributed. Who read it? NO ONE!

Bernie Sanders said (in an interview on MSNBC) it is wrong for the bill to have been constructed in secret. So, he can't vote to proceed....Why not? Does Bernie not remember how the one-sided ACA was drafted by Democrats without any other input?

Let's be fair and impartial: The Reppies don't have a bill worth shouting about. They need to Repeal and come up with a new bill. But the new bill needs to get government out of health care and also leave health coverage to the private sector. Haven't we suffered long enough with this crap?

Demmies and Reppies are not the answer. Let's stop wasting time with trying to draiin the swamp. What are we afraid of? Let's flush the whole lot---and start over. We'll be better off.

Term limits and NO pensions when they leave. Want a pension? Work for it, stop sucking up taxpayer dollars.

I could go on and on----because the wrongs are never ending. And that's a real shame. We were once so great, as a nation, a people and a society. Today.........not!

July 5, 2017 


Americans spent yesterday fawning all over themselves for knowing the day had something to do with a flag (they saw lots of them) and something about being free (free to shoot off fireworks). Oh, and yeah, a lot of people were free to take the day off. Some were even free for four days.


Of course, some had the true meaning down pat. They flew Old Glory, they took time out to give thanks for those that fought for the right to be free and some prayed for the nation and its leaders.


Now that that's over, today many will return to the lives they were leading before all this commotion about America's birthday. They won't think (for another year) about the price some pay for freedom's cause. They'll just do as they always do: Take it all for granted, as though it's owed to them.


And, in Washington, as soon as politicians return from ANOTHER paid vacation; they'll get busy coming up with more laws that give themselves added privileges --- while they limit our rights.


Maybe this freedom thing should be observed more than once a year. After all, who wouldn’t like an extra day off?


 June 8, 2017

Let's be clear: This isn't about Russia, our latest election or some investigation into a former member of the Trump Administration (Gen. Flynn).

For those of you (millions upon millions) around the world, hoping to hear some shocking testimony by James Comey that will drive a significant nail into President Trump's ability to stay in office --- you've become an obvious pawn of the ever hyping, manipulating, assuming, swaying and even lying media and the powerful that control it.

Anything you really hope to learn will not be discussed in this public forum. This dog-and-pony show is strictly the entertainment portion. This is the reward portion, handing out treats to see tricks. The important stuff will be discussed out of view of the media's cameras and hidden from you and me. But, you and I won't be totally in the dark, there will be leaks and the media will tell us what the slanted versions of what they hope will sway us their way.

Today's hearing/questioning is the best they've got and it's the last BIG attempt to seriously damage the office of this president, if not have reason to or even remove Donald J. Trump and this administration from office.

Who are "THEY"?  They are the Republicans and Democrats (in Congress), political money lobbyists, former members of the Obama Administration, Clinton hopefuls (including The Clinton Clan) and the powerful organizations working in the shadows (many led by Obama and Clinton insiders) to keep this OUTSIDER (Trump) from "draining the swamp". If "they" can't create public outrage, if the media doesn't have anything profound to sink their teeth in, they'll find themselves trying to wage war, with wet powder.

This is a great move by President Trump. Why do I say that? Because he could have stopped this questioning, with "executive privilege". He could have ended this by pardoning General Flynn. He could have played along by leaving Comey in office. Instead President Trump did what he does really well; he got the cameras and the public to "watch". He knows the outcome. He just wants to publicly identify his enemies, the leakers and all those two-faced chameleons in the Congress.

And keep in mind; this has built up around the world. I suppose when you're betting on something to back fire, you want as many people watching, as the egg lands on faces.

BOTTOM LINE: I wonder what is going on behind the scenes as this distraction play out. I wonder what we could have done with the time and mega millions of dollars this hearing cost and wasted, in efforts to feed children, help the homeless, pay teachers, hire police officers and treat our veterans?

February 27, 2017


Russia did nothing during this campaign that they didn't do in the last campaign and the one before that and the one before that.  And Russia did nothing during this campaign that the USA didn't do in Russia's last campaign and the one before that and the one before that.

To insinuate that anyone in the then Trump campaign or in the now Trump administration had anything to do or has anything to do that would undermine the government of this country, or harm this nation, ludicrous. Let me explain.

After the actions of the Obama administration to weaken this nation, coupled with Hillary Clinton's record of failures, added to the detrimental deals made with our sworn enemies and still 1/2 of this country believed Hillary was good for the nation---then you know this is a ruse started and stirred by the Democrats, Obama, Clinton, OFA and lots of Republicans who became butt-sore losers during DJT's campaign to the White House.

This attempt to turn a little "planted seed" into a worldwide scandal is hate filled, malicious and designed to get you to believe that Russia's President Putin and America's President Trump worked together to keep Hillary out of the White House. Oh please, stop the madness.

Where was the relentless demand for answers as to what he meant, when Obama said "We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America"? Where was the deafening uproar for investigations as to why Obama's FIRST ACT as president, he issued an executive order to seal his records (history)?  What did this new president have to hide?  And when it comes to acts  of collusion, questionable dealings and associations; where was the national uproar, insisting on a special counsel investigation over the release of illegal immigrant felons, known terrorists from Guantanamo and, certainly, the most questionable deal with a sworn enemy of The United States of America--the Iran deal? 

As this plays out, you will see the biggest difference between the Democrats in DC and the Republicans. The Democrats, once the plant a seed---they don't care how much money they spend, who they step on or if any impropriety is ever disclosed. The doubt and chaos created, to them, makes it all worthwhile.

Whereas the Republicans, when challenged or questioned, are out talked, lose control of the microphones and cameras, make weak arguments, then bend over and eventually fade away as the milk toasts they have shown themselves to be for decades. When it comes to saving face for reelection, no one jumps out of a fox hole quicker than a career Republican politician. NO ONE!

BOTTOM LINE: The seed planted to make you raise your eyebrows over the possibility of a Russian-Trump connection will end up as a statement by leading Democrats to say: "NOTHING THERE, but we owed to all Americans to investigate it thoroughly".

And again, shrewdly planted distractions, that cost millions of dollars, kept us from spending that time and money on the real issues plaguing this country. And through it all, if you didn't voice your displeasure (adamantly) to your representatives, then you contributed, in part, to this farce that wasted good money and time.


January 31, 2017


Learn to be an asset to your new home or return to the land you left. We didn't force you or beg you to come here.  And we didn't let you into our land, hoping you would turn part or all of America into the land you left. Our land is precious, love it or leave it. 

Your continued ignorance of the law is quite apparent.  Your intolerant behavior is only superseded by your lack of respect for the rights of this nation's sovereignty in all its interests. The current orders of the President are both lawful and enforceable. Causing damage and threatening civilians traveling here and there, is unlawful. You want to be heard? Start by obeying our laws first and stop taking your cues from anti American interests.

The duly and lawfully elected President of the United States of America continues to do that which is in the best interest of America. The reason it seems so drastic to some is that the former president, often, ignored the best interest of America and instead favored outside, foreign interests.

This President had said, over and over, what he believed and what he promised the American people he would do as president. His actions are rare indeed----he's living up to his word.

And this President sent a message to America regarding the political air of "nothing gets done" in DC.  Again, he's addressing the issues and he's working to get things done.  He's NOT offering excuses, he's walking the talk. 

We elected him, by a great majority, through the electoral college--according to the letter of the law--Our Constitution. Now, it's time for all Americans to respect the Constitution and support this American President as he continues to work on Making America Great Again.

Haven't we waited long enough for someone that doesn't ignore us and is willing to fight for what's right?  STAND UP!

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January 16, 2017

See this for what it is:
What's one more sign of disrespect for the basic fundamentals and symbols of our nation?

Our colors of our nation are the victim of freedom of hate speech and our Constitution is ignored and made a mockery of by party politics.

So, after eight years of shredding our Constitution by this administration, disenfranchising the American people what's one more tort before the dawn?

After eight years of a Congress that consented to the replacement of the rule of law with a ruler that acted unlawfully, what's one more in-your-face-race-baiting-dividing snub against the people's vote?

And after eight years of political pressure applied to the Judicial branch that led to laws being made instead of interpreted, what's one more mockery of this Republic, the dignity and respect of the highest office of the land?

John Lewis (once a true advocate for civil rights, equality and respect for all people) and 29 other politically elected democrats, are using race and their party standing to divide this nation, to disrupt the flow of the lawful transfer of power, as set forth in our Constitution.

And those that are now all puffed up and standing tall, how little they really are when you see it for what it really is.  Today, America observes the birth and life of The Reverend, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  And this is the day these 30 politicians choose to make their stand?  This I am sure is not the dream Dr. King had for his or our children.
Party politics and race baiting---This is the torch some want to pass on to our children?

 January 6, 2017


This administration turned its back on Israel, by abstaining on the vote in the UN regarding the two state initiatives. After our backstabbing of Israel, John Kerry made it a point to say this administration has done more for Israel than any before. That's an out-and-out LIE.

This administration turned its back on the entire Middle East nations when it sided with Iran in a treaty that enriched Iran in money and in nuclear power capabilities. Then it paid a ransom of 1.7 billion dollars (IN CASH) in exchange for five captives. After the cover up was exposed, the administration told out-and-out LIES that the money was owed to Iran from decades ago.

This administration turned its back on 4 Americans in Benghazi> Then this administration orchestrated an out-and-out LIE about a video, ruined a man and his family's lives and commandeered the main stream media to spread its LIES.

This administration turned its back on Americans by releasing 5 terrorists in exchange for one class A deserter (Bergdahl). The administration referred to this deserter as a "hero" and had his parents at the White House, in the Rose Garden, telling out-and-out LIES to America.

This administration turned its back on innocent people through an operation dubbed "Fast and Furious” that supplied high powered, automatic weapons to drug cartels and other criminals. An American border agent was killed because of this. This administration tried to cover up their involvement with out-and-out LIES.

Congress is finally off of vacation and politicians are NOW speaking out against our broken promises to Israel.  And they're acting as though this is the first time this administration has gone against American interests and values.  How many times does this administration have to do things that are anti-American before the light bulb goes on?  How often do statements by this administration, regarding the actions of this administration, have to be proven to be lies, before this administration's words are no longer believed?  NOW politicians are shocked??  NOW?

NOTE: This could have been a near-endless list of acts and actions that were/are detrimental to the USA and its allies.

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