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Sometimes Rudi K covered these topics on the air, other times, it's comments he wanted to make during the week because they struck a cord that couldn't wait, they needed attending at the time.  We hope you find them to be more than his thoughts, we hope, as with our program, you find them stimulating and cause you to stop and think.  Feel free to write us with your thoughts. (Email us here)

 December 7, 2015

December 7. 1941, we were attacked on our homeland (territory then), lost lives and military equipment and supplies.

On December 8th, our president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, took to the air, sugar coating nothing, informed the nation and declared our resolve.  Congress acted quickly, in the best interest of America and her people, and declared war.  From that day, and in the most awesome displays of patriotism and love for this nation, Americans swelled with pride, stood up, served up and took our enemies down.  Americans of that time, became known as the "Greatest Generation".

Today, we have a huge strike against us.  Due to efforts, hardships, hard work and the fight to be free of generations before, far too many Americans have lost the identity of what it means to be an American.  Too many, especially younger generations, have become spoiled, lazy, indifferent and apathetic in regards to working for a living (really working), keeping government in check and stepping up to serve this nation in uniform.

And then we have the biggest two strikes against us---the man in the White House and the career politicians in DC.  Self centered, self serving, greedy, selfish, deceitful, deceptive and corrupt, these people not only were elected to serve the people, most of them have been reelected once, twice, thrice and more times--even though their records of service to this country are as disgustingly lacking as they are putridly overflowing with cronyism.

I am extremely fortunate to be the son of one of the "Greatest Generation"--I loved my dad and his lessons stay strong in my mind and heart.  I am an American, I am free and I am thankful to those that served, sacrificed and/or gave all for the nation they raised up to be the Greatest Nation on Earth---once.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob find cause to favor us again and, if so, may we never allow man's laws to deny Him, His laws and His teachings in the affairs of our land.


November 24, 2015

I don't need to watch these video or any other regarding beheadings. We can all imagine what a headless body looks like or a bodiless head. These barbarians are satanic and evil to the core. To watch their videos plays into their hands.

I refuse to add their bloody, gruesome orchestrations to the recesses of my mind. I'm not running from them, nor hiding my head in the sand---as an adult, I have never felt it necessary to put my hand...
on the stove burner to confirm or reaffirm that it will burn me.   And I damn well don't need to see videos of ungodly, blood thirsty acts that are filmed and distributed for one sole purpose--to generate fear and nurture cowardice in the weak.

I am just as aware as anyone that chooses to watch this evil. Keep in mind, the only reason videos are made is because people watch them. If no one did, the videos would be useless and if the videos became useless, who knows, possibly the urge to behead would not be such a driving force in these heathens.

The time taken to watch these videos would better be served in prayer. Imagine if everyone prayed instead of feeding videos, making them go viral.  And for the record, until we all kneel in prayer, as a nation, I'll stay locked and loaded and I suggest you do the same.


AND WHAT DID YOU DO THIS VETERANS DAY? (click on photo to enlarge)

November 12, 2015



Yesterday was Veterans Day, I wonder how many people figure that by saying thank you yesterday, posting on social media pages their thanks, flying Old Glory for the day and maybe even thanking a veteran (in person), they had done all they need to do for another year?

Here's what I don't wonder about:  Our service men and women don't sign up for one day a year, not even for 24/7.  They sign up (sign up as in VOLUNTEER) to serve, with mind, body and soul for 24/365---there's no time off when duty calls and they're needed---no designated holidays off and in theater, not even sleep schedules or being able to keep reservations for dinner.

I was wondering if, maybe, for the next 364 days (until next Veterans Day) WE ALL could do more than we did in the last 365 for those that ask for nothing of us, yet are willing to give their all for us.

November 3, 2015 


Made our 6th annual series on Breast Cancer Awareness possibly the most comprehensive program ever put on the air--FREE.

I want to publicly acknowledge each of these outstanding persons for taking their free time/family time, to come to our studio and share their expertise, information, support and inspiration with our listeners in America and those around the globe, during the month of October.

In order of their appearance on Main Street Out Loud, they are:
Sherry Gage, Director, Honor HonorHealth Breast Health and Research Center
** Dr. Linda Nau Greer, Medical Director, Honor Health Breast Health and Research Center, World Lecturer and Author of Medical Papers
** Dr. Michael Alpern, Radiologist, Specializing in Mammography and Breast Cancer Detection, Honor Health Breast Health and Research Center
Paulla Bonnell Miller, Guest Host (Parts II thru V), 7 year breast cancer survivor, Community Outreach and Patient Resource Manager, Honor Health Breast Health and Research Center
** Dr. Lise Walker, Breast Surgeon Specialist, Comprehensive Breast Center of Arizona, Voted Top Doctor 2013
** Dr. Albert Andres,
Andres Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction/Plastic Surgeon
** Dr. Coral Quiet, Radiation Oncology, Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists
** Dr. Manpreet Chadha, Medical Oncology, Palo Verde Cancer Specialists
** Dawn Bassett, Oncology Nurse Navigator
** Jenelle Currence, Nurse, Clinician Palliative Care
** Shanna Levy, Board Certified Genetics Counselor
** Terri Taylor, Board Certified Oncology Dietitian

Together, we can make a difference----Because of you, Hope is real, because of you, many have taken control of their lives and are now living it. God bless each of you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Rudi K

Click on Thank You for larger version

October 27, 2015 

Yesterday morning, I posted the following on my Facebook social page:

Don't you know me? I'm your native son!

Today, I will make a difference in the life of at least one person, by being charitable, considerate, respectful and congenial with all those I meet.
At the end of the day, I will give you a summary---will I have held up my end?


As promised, here's the summary of Monday, Oct. 26th.     

Yesterday, I started off saying I wanted to make a difference in the life of at least one person, by being charitable, considerate, respectful and congenial with all that I met. I also said I would give you the results, as to how I did..... I won't bore you with all the interactions, just a couple that stood out to me (where I could have gone a different direction and to be honest, normally would have).

1. To begin with, I was charitable-- I took a rather hefty load to Goodwill, Could have had a garage sale, but thought they could use it more.

2. I spoke with 5 individuals by telephone yesterday and not one cross word spoken (though a couple of times I did get close--but was able to keep from crossing that bridge).

3. I had personal interactions with 11 people (9 of whom I had never met before) and kept a positive and pleasant demeanor--even at the store where I tried to return three items (without a receipt and quite some time after purchasing it, they denied to accept and surprisingly---I understood and thanked them for their time). I wasn't a whimp, I wasn't weak, I simply understood the other side of the issue. It's wasn't as though the world would end, if they didn't take these items back. I can always donate them, if I don't want them.
4. I started a conversation with a complete stranger, spoke about nothing. joked with him for a moment and wished him a great day---all I know for sure, he was still smiling as I walked away.

5. At different times during the day, from time to time, I thought about how I had come close to reneging on my morning promise, but held to it, and I felt good and smiled to myself a couple of times.

6. At the end of the day, I recalled the entire day and as I mentally checked through the day, I continued to become more pleased with myself, as to having lived up to my commitment. I not only felt good about my action, I realized I had made a difference. While I can't speak for those I met, I can say I made a difference in MY OWN LIFE. I had every reason to smile, I had no regrets and there was no nagging need to apologize to anyone for anything. I found myself giving thanks to God for allowing me a glimpse of what could be, not just in my life, but in the world.

Maybe the lesson I learned today was what Gandhi told us so long ago "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Yesterday, I was the difference I wanted to make and I am going to do it again, today.

 Don't you know me? --- I AM.


 August 20, 2015

The president continues to support the great deal considered between the US and Iran.  Critics suggest that Iran cannot be trusted in inspecting itself with inspectors it selects and to do so at a time it finds convenient or necessary.  But, Secretary of State Kerry, one of the major negotiators and architects of the now proposed deal,  has said 'this is a good deal' that will stop Iran from gaining and stockpiling nuclear weapons.

With Iran's history of lies, animosity for our nation and its citizens, public declaration of hatred for Israel and all Jews, violating human rights laws and suppressing women and its continuous backing of terrorist groups, how can anyone contemplate a deal that gives so many concessions to Iran.  A deal between these nations, especially when Iran openly and proudly chants "Death to America" , must be strictly enforced and conditions have to be locked to the point that, if broken, the world would declare war upon the violator.  This isn't a game and, when it comes to nuclear weapons, it is quite possible there is no tomorrow.  A game of chance is not a chance we can afford.

With all the known conditions of this deal, it is definitely a slap in the face of stability and peace in the Middle East.  As more is uncovered about this secret deal, it reeks of a threat to the safety and security of all Americans, abroad and at home.  This latest revelation, that revealed the insanity of inspection controls, begs a sane and logical vote of our leaders to oppose this deal; without reservation and without appeal.  It should be insisted, either a new deal or no deal.

If the leaders of this nation, actually feel, in their hearts, that the proposed deal between the US and Iran is a good one, then surely the following idiocy can't be far behind.  Imagine the insanity....

The president will push for a deal that allows all students the authority to record their own attendance, grade their own papers, assign themselves grades for classes they say they attended.  Students will also graduate themselves and accept themselves into the college of their choice and make the determination if they should pay a tuition and if so, how much.

This deal would give unrestricted rights to all students between the ages of 4 and 38. 

The ACLU would surely challenge such an order on the basis of age discrimination, stating that a class action suit will be filed on behalf of senior citizens, with emphasis on those between the ages of 82 and 114.

 At the same time, it would surely be rumored  that President Obama, in order to promote equality among the classes,  would be considering another executive order that would give employees the same privileges as politicians.  These would include a range of rights,  from the right to decide if they need to show up to work in order to be considered "working" to having the right to determine their own pay based on the importance they have given themselves. And, in line with politicians, employees can give themselves raises, bonuses, exemptions. unlimited privileges and vacations.

Of course, it goes without saying that Congress, all 535 members, would be very vocal in their outcry against such a deal.  The consensus among the members would be to give an adamant warning as to the downside of such an act.  They would stand firm that such a deal would create an overabundant amount of career employees, all focused on one goal; uncontrolled greed to gain excessive personal wealth and assume positions of power, whether earned or not.

NOTE:  The above, in part, is, of course, a satirical attempt to show the insanity of a deal between the US and Iran.  The first three paragraphs are VERY REAL.  There is nothing humorous or far fetched about those statements. 
History is a great teacher and to ignore the lessons and experiences, including the taking of 52 Americans as hostage for 444 days, the history of lies and deceptions surrounding nuclear issues as well as the openly displayed hatred for America---that could be fatal for our country and others.  
No elected political representative, in their duty to this nation, on their oath of office can cast their vote for this deal that releases to Iran $150 Billion Dollars, removes economical sanctions and allows them authoritative rights to schedule and oversee self inspections of  their own nuclear processing, enriching, amassing and storage.  
If this deal is made, then this administration and congress will have given greater power to the voices that shout "Death to America" 

July 29, 2015
Quite often, I find myself taking time to reflect on what the final outcome (or not) was regarding so many scandalous, despicable, un-American and deadly events.  All the harm done to so many, so many secrets, so much deceit, so many lies, far too many American deaths and yet, when it's all said and done, nothing came of it.  Instead of focusing on the issue at hand, diversions were set up and, like sheep, we moved on to the next distraction. And, time and again, those directly involved simply walked away without harm---often times in positions of greater power and certainly richer. 


To mention just a few monumental and defining issues in recent times ((not in any order):

Bank and Big Business Bailouts

Fast and Furious

Lack of a Budget, Increased Debt and Runaway Spending

Unaccountable Amounts & Wasted Stimulus Funds Marked for Jobs


President Ordering Premature Withdrawal From Iraq

IRS Targeting

VA Abuse of Veterans

Attempts to Demoralize & Weaken Our Armed Forces

Release of 36,000 + Illegal Immigrants with Felonies into America

NSA Eavesdropping

Law Enforcement & Govt Use of Drones for Spying on Citizens

Releasing Terrorists for 1 Deserter (Had been lauded as a hero by Administration)

Race Baiting to Encourage Unrest and Incite Lawless Behavior

Deliberate Targeting of Law Enforcement

Bad Deal with Iran + Secret Side Deals

Planned Parenthood's Sale of Body Parts

Influential Pressure by Super Pacs and Secret Organizations

Congress's Blatant Disregard and Lack of Respect in Enforcing Our Laws

The Ever Increasing Attention and Favors Given to Special Interests by Politicians
The Open and Absolute Bias of the Main Stream Media


Of course I could go on, but starting with these, I find myself stumped.  Yesterday, I made the following comment regarding the conditions and attitudes in America today.  


It seems that there is this massive, clandestine, sophisticated, tightly woven, sworn-to-an-oath beyond comprehension, powerful, robotic, unfeeling, sadistic cabal that is pulling all the strings, without regard to truth, faith or of life---and the rest of the world-- (we) are watching this in slow motion.  It is as though the majority of Americans are  drugged and can't muster up the dogged determination, energy and the focus required to challenge the ruination of our beloved, once great nation when our rights and freedoms superseded the network of cronyism between DC and Wall Street.


There comes a time when we have waited too long to act, and we are surely running out of time.  We have to come together and rise as one voice---but it looks as though we're too interested in our own voices and we aren't willing to listen.  If we don't mount a strong defense to stop that which is not in the best interest of America and her citizens and, at the same time, charge forward with an offense, of our own, that replaces most in government today (especially career politicians), we and all future generations, will surely rue these times--forever. 

 July 20, 2015 


Donald I can't believe the number of questions I am getting about this issue.

On Saturday, the 18th, after Trump said that McCain was no hero, I said the following. I understand what he meant, but I said what I said and I haven't changed my mind or said anything else on the issue.   For the record: I have said many favorable things about Trump, in print and on the air.

 It is fairly well known that I am no longer a McCain supporter, but this from Trump? A guy who begged for 5 deferments has NO RIGHT to question or make derogatory remarks on ANYONE'S HONORABLE service. Trump needs to chow down on a big helping of humble pie and make the nation believe he is truly sorry for letting his alligator mouth overload his canary ass. Totally unacceptable Trump.

I stand by my original statement.  I would appreciate hearing from you.  Send your comments to:


July 10, 2015 


Donald Trump has gotten a lot of press, not all of it good, but certainly a lot of press. The left leaning main stream media slants things to shed an unfavorable light on him, but fed-up Americans ignore it and want him to keep speaking and putting it out there "like it is". And he isn't disappointing them. It's a welcomed freshness to the stale rhetoric we get, campaign after campaign, from career politicians who could care less about the real issues.  They have but one goal and that's to stay in office so they can continue wielding the power of a privileged position that entitles them to make laws for others, while they and their cronies remain exempt.  And of course, all of that leads to their selfish lives of greed as they get richer and richer.

Which brings me to this point: If Donald J. Trump wants to put some more teeth in his stand on our laws and the issues, he might consider someone, as pictured below, for the top cop in the nation-- DOJ AG.

Who would that be? How about someone like Eliot Ness. He fought to enforce prohibition (liquor) and against organized crime. The new Ness could fight to enforce prohibition (prohibit illegal immigrants from entering America) and against the organized crime syndicates of drug cartels.

Makes sense to me. what do you think.


July 6, 2015 


On July 1, 2015, a father, his daughter and a friend are strolling along Pier 14,  a popular San Francisco tourist spot. 


In an instant, for no reason, apparent or otherwise, Kathryn Steinle (age 32) becomes a victim, falls to the ground after being shot.  She asks her father, Jim Steinle, to help her.   He holds her in his arms.  


While holding his daughter, Jim in a desperate battle, tries to save her with mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Unfortunately, Kate's heart stops beating--Kate has died in her father's arms.


She had been shot by an illegal immigrant, who had been deported five times, had seven felony convictions and was currently on probation.  He had no connection to the three that had been walking, he didn't know any of their names.  He had a gun, he fired at the young lady, the bullet struck her, she died.


He was in San Francisco, because, as he said, he knew San Francisco was a sanctuary city where he would not be pursued by immigration officials. Yes, he told a local San Francisco TV station that he chose the city for its sanctuary policies -- that is, he knew San Francisco was a good place to avoid deportation.


It is my belief, as long as we have these cities that give sanctuary to illegal immigrants then they should share in the responsibility and be liable when those they harbor, commit crimes against any person, establishment, community, state or this government.


Let's call a spade a spade:  Any person living here illegally is guilty of breaking the laws of this nation.  And someone that breaks the law is commonly referred to as a criminal.  And criminals, certainly American citizens, when they break laws, especially federal laws, are dealt with expediently, with the full force and effect to the fullest extent, permitted by law.

We don't call bank robber an undocumented cashier.  We don't call someone that drives drunk, an undocumented boozer.  And we don't call a rapist an undocumented sexual partner.  These people, each of them, have broken our laws, and are known as criminals.

An undocumented alien is nothing but PC for illegal immigrant.  And an illegal immigrant, living in this country, without having been granted a right to entry,  is a criminal.

As for sanctuary cities: What difference is there between a person harboring a criminal and a city doing the same?

If an individual can be arrested, charged and found guilty of harboring a criminal, isn't a city just as culpable, when they make it known they are a "sanctuary city"? 

Can you imagine the legal problems a person would have if they announced they would give refuge and protection to any criminal needing a safe place to stay?  That is exactly what these cities are proclaiming.

Politicians feed the problems with their inaction to secure a border and enforce our laws when it comes to illegal immigrants.  Why have they been kicking the can down the road since the amnesty program of the Reagan years?

The issue of securing our border (especially our Southern border) or not, makes for good campaign fodder and it creates some big donations at the fund raisers, especially for those politicians that are dead set on securing the border  But when the election is over, the air goes out of the promises and nothing changes.   Why?

Politicians know the issue of immigration is a hot potato, no matter the position taken. But, the truth is that the politicians are willing to sacrifice the safety, security and well being of Americans in order to stay in office.  How?

Big business wants cheap labor and a way to keep the wages in check.  So by handcuffing law enforcement, pulling the teeth out of our laws and ignoring those crossing illegally into America, the politicians satisfy big business and that generates huge amounts of campaign donations.

And on the other side, the bleeding heart liberals are willing to burden the country's social welfare programs, by taking on millions of people that will wind up living on the dole.  And those people, while they don't have money to donate to campaigns, they can be intimidated into voting.  And those votes--however illegal--go to the politicians that give them everything.   

If politicians insisted on the enforcement of laws on the books, this murder would not have happened.  Therefore, it is not a stretch to suggest that some politicians, on a local, state and federal level are getting away with murder.    

We're running out of time to change things and to draw up the numbers needed.  As for Kate Steinle, her time has ended.  It was ended by an illegal immigrant--a criminal that found safe harbor in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

Added thought:  What do sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants have in common?   They both defy federal laws.

Are Acts of Low Life Thugs Who Do So (though in mass) With One Objective--Personal Gain.

April 27, 2015 


\Why in the name of anything you hold dear, would you feed into the actions prompted by a few thugs that would just as quickly turn on you, if they had no windows to break, no looting left, no fires to set and no excuse to blame their acts of violence on? Why?


Unite to defend your city, your family, yourselves. The unlawful and unruly efforts by a few are an arrow in the hearts of those of you that are lawful. Unfortunately, most Americans will look upon you based on the results of media reports and, at this time, that makes you look undeserving of respect, care and understanding.


This type of violent, destructive and unlawful behavior (by a comparatively few) is nothing new, nor are the statements made by those committing the violence. If you want this to stop-----NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE--REAL CHANGE.




Remember, for every person threatening, creating chaos and committing violence, in your city, there are 1,000 of you that are lawful and deserving. You can't allow yourselves or your city to be bullied.


TAKE A STAND. Again, there are 1,000 good, decent people for every "1" person that would destroy your home, harm your family and burn your city.



 April 13, 2015


My goodness, to think we've got nearly 19 months to go before the election.  I am already sick of hearing about Hillary.  The social media is abuzz and for what?


The Republicans are holding her up as though she is some huge threat that might win.  The self-anointed, appointed and overly 'blabberish' so called 'party faithfuls' (Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, Tea Party, etc) are filling pages of detrimental comments about her and rehashing her history to ad nauseam.  As if we need to be reminded 300 times a day. 

Keep this in mind, the bigger of a threat the Republican Party leaders can make Hillary out to be, the more money the party will rake in from the sheeple that no nothing beyond what the party tells them via biased, party faithful, radio and TV talk show blowhards.  And, of course, all those millions of "In-the-know-wanna-be-self-proclaimed political pundits" that echo these blowhards' words by their posts on social media every day.

The  Democrats are saying nothing that would commit them to her at this point.   That's right, they're not endorsing her.  Sure, some are saying she would make a fine president, or she's fit for the job, but no one is saying "She's MY pick".  And the Democratic National Party (DNC)? Well they must be on vacation, because nothing is coming from headquarters.   But, the know-nothing, the "gimme-gimme people", the liberal, the "all from everyone, for everyone", the "women should rule" and untold, numerous other pc groups are beating the drums to clear the path for the anointed one--and are paying homage to her every statement or movement.  They've given her a rite of passage, and again, we're 19 months away.

You won't hear a lot from me about Hillary.  While the nation will have a daily dose of "Hillary-Billary", I won't be joining in. Why would I devote precious time needed elsewhere (have you truly looked at mess we're in) to someone that won't be the nominee when the smoke clears?  Her past actions CAN NOT hold up to the demands for disclosure, truth and trust.

In time, she will use health as a reason she has to step out of the race.  She will say the demands of the campaign, the stress and unfair scrutiny into her personal life, has caused her problems with vertigo, dizziness and double vision to return.  And with that, she'll withdraw. 

But, behind the scenes and all the while, the DNC (knowing the Republican Party is too weak and less than savvy to pull this off on their own) will have been in the shadows, with ruthless cunning, planting and promoting anonymous clues (that lead to shocking revelations) regarding dark, mysterious, defiant and even unconstitutional use of office and position, for personal wealth and power.

The Clinton Machine is powerful, but it is just another victim left on the political roadside, when it has to go up against either of the two parties that have jockeyed their way into becoming the most and absolute powerful forces, ever, in government --in this case, the DNC. 



March 31, 2015


There was a nation that proudly claimed itself a nation based on liberty, freedom, individual rights and justice based on the rule of law.  That was once upon a time. The following is just another example of why that nation continues to slip into obscurity.

A state legislature (elected by the people of the state) writes, argues, votes and passes a bill allowing business owners to honor their faith instead of insisting they become hypocrites and to run their business without government interference, demanding they serve anyone also demanding they be served.  The governor, elected by the people of the state, agrees with the bill and signs it into law.  The governor believes that all have a right to religious freedoms and should not be beaten into conformity, if it goes against those core beliefs.

Immediately, those that disagree with the law, demand the law be struck down and instead, demand that all businesses have no right to use their faith as a reason to deny service and they must be forced into serving everyone, no matter that the overview has always been "this establishment reserves the right to refuse service".  A very small minority (quite vocal and demanding) insist that they be accepted--regardless of who, what, why, where or how they are--in other words:  You must conform to their ways, they do not need to conform to yours. It's a one-way street only. 


And then comes the coup de gras:  A governor in Connecticut banned travel (on state monies) to Indiana and mayors in Seattle and in San Francisco forbid travel on municipal revenues.  Governors and mayors now FORBID travel by American citizens (of course there could be non-citizens or illegal immigrants working in government too) to American cities in other states.  FORBID? 


If we bang our shin and it causes us pain to walk, do tell our hands to cut off our leg? If our body is to work well, it must work as a unit--together.


This is not the America of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Monroe.  This is not the America of Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan.  This is not a nation that respects the rights and beliefs of individuals.  This is not a nation "Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All".

This is the UNITED States of America.  United, not separate, not divided--but UNITED.  We don't turn against one another.  We are not stronger than our weakest link and these boycotts point out the weaknesses.  In recent times, a small minority attempted to persuade others to boycott Arizona. The weakness is not in the state boycotted, weakness is manifested in the states boycotting.  Because they show that they can be manipulated to take the cowards way out, instead of standing as a UNITED nation, they break and run.

A couple of years ago, the Governor of Wisconsin stood to right a wrong in his state.  As with Governor Scott Walker, when a governor hears the will of the people, and acts, there will often be a small minority, organized and fueled by biased rhetoric from the main stream media to appear to be much greater and louder than they really are.    Governor Walker prevailed because he stood on principle and the rights of all in his state.  May Indiana Governor Pence find also, his rock upon which to stand.

BOTTOM LINE: (A Simplified and Basic Example)  The LGBT continues to consider this law as not protecting the LGBT community.   I ask, if I own a cake shop and choose not to bake a cake for you (for any reason)---are you really violated?  What if I consider my artistic talents above or below your request?  What if I am too busy or want some time off?  If I am forced to bake a cake for you, am I not being violated?  Is your right to demand I accept your business, greater (in the eyes of the law) than my right to turn down your business?

Personally, if it were me, I would simply take my business elsewhere.  The loss of my business is someone else's gain.  But, then, I don't believe everyone has to conform to my beliefs or standards, nor I to theirs.  I still believe in your right to run your business and to believe as you wish and expect you to grant me the same rights and freedoms.  In other words, we don't have to be "Stepford Wives". 


Once upon a time, America was the envy of the world.  America was strong--America was UNITED.

January 31, 2015


Whenever the president speaks about certain individuals that end the lives of others with cold blooded methods, without regard of innocence, age or sense of humanity, he refers to these individuals as "extremists".  Why?

Let's clear up something that the president seems to have trouble conveying whenever he makes public statements regarding the factions in the Middle East that strap bombs on little children and send them into schools, malls and marketplaces with one goal in mind:  to kill innocent men, women and children.

Let's clear up something that the president seems to have trouble conveying whenever he makes public statements regarding the factions in the Middle East that molest children, rape women and torture people before they slaughter anyone that doesn't agree with them over what they call religious beliefs and teachings.

Let's clear up something that the president seems to have trouble conveying whenever he makes public statements regarding the factions in the Middle East that kidnap, torture and video innocent individuals being beheaded for no other purpose than to instill fear and shock in those watching the monstrous, putrid and gory details as a head,  severed from a slumping body, is held up while blood gushes from it. 

When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a's a duck.  They are heartless, satanically evil monsters that relish the gruesome and gory slaughter of individuals with their twisted, sick and evil methods to instill fear, enslave the defenseless, extort monies and spread their radical beliefs.  Nothing less.


January 21, 2015


Last evening, after the president addressed some of the people in the nation and warned the rest, I said there was ONLY ONE THING that really struck me in his speech.  I also said I would digest things and, in the morning, tell you what that ONE THING was.

The more I thought about what he said, the more I was convinced that had we followed his advice for the past few decades, we might not have had so much on our plates or so many American lives lost.  Just maybe we would have been in a much better position, both nationally and internationally.

I could expound, and detail a list that reading it, would surely tire you.  Instead,  I'll just skip to the chase.  One third of the way through his speech (2,413 words in), he uttered these words: "
So to every CEO in America, let me repeat: If you want somebody who’s going to get the job done, hire a veteran".

He said it!  I hope those that are die hard followers of this president and those that aren't, do just that in the next election.   Can you imagine where we would have been had he told us what he advocated---during his first campaign for president. 

To all who have ever served with honor--THANK YOU.  Because of you, among my many freedoms, I am allowed to think and dream--OUT LOUD.


January 18, 2015

John Kerry made a touching (NOT) gesture by taking James Taylor with him to visit France. He presented James Taylor and had him sing "You've Got a Friend" to the French, as an apology for the way this administration slighted the French and many other nations. The performance was to stand as a message to the French, that this administration loves them.

The magnanimous gesture went over so well (NOT) that the State Dept. has planned an apology tour of our hostile nations, for the president.  President Obama will make every effort to top the last apology tour he made at the beginning of his first term in office.

The highly regarded (NOT) expression-filled program is intended to ease tensions around the world and bring about unity that will advance the ultimate agenda of a One World Order.  According to an unnamed source, here are the particulars of the "Wonderful World" musical program.

As the doors open and before the curtain goes up, while people are looking for their seats (or exit doors), Brenda Lee's hit "I'm Sorry (So Sorry, Please Accept My Apology)" plays over the auditorium's speakers.  After seats have been taken (Or Left), the show opens....

Disneyland Singers will open the show with a lively performance of "It's a Small World After All".

Sister Sledge will try to sell the idea that "We Are Family" as they appear in the latest Hijab fashions.

Captain and Tennille will lead up to the president's speech with "Love Will Keep Us Together".

The president will then take the stage and deliver his speech, the message being in the  lyrics of Patsy Cline's hit (I give to you and you give to me) "True Love".

It is anticipated that the crowds will burst into applause that may even last for seconds (MAYBE).

As the president raises his arms, waving, smiling, touching his heart, bowing and gesturing for more applause, a touching, climatic ending will feature a Hologram of Louie Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World".

Meanwhile, back in the United States of America, Americans continue to tune in to Main Street Out Loud.  The program has always opened with a musical message of it's own with The Who's super smash hit "WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN".  Got the message?

We have provided the link to this (ANOTHER) embarrassing moment for America during this administration's time in office. (Click Here)

January 7, 2015


Now that the election is over and the new year has us tingling with all those promises of a better America, a government body ready to do the will of the people and follow the rule of law---oh well, sounded good, huh?  Instead, all those promises have been put away until they're needed again, for the next election.  And those in DC are comfortably settling back into their roles as  "the peoples' representatives" (I lay claim to poetic license as to my loose use of these three words). And these "career politicians" that know the system and work the ropes,  are back to where they left off---self-centered, argumentative, defiant and focused on their personal agendas of gaining wealth, power and, above all, getting reelected in the next election.

We present three examples to illustrate our point.  Examples of actions and comments that didn't disappoint those that knew all too well, things weren't changing, they were just moving to another day.  And as for the cynics--well, they were on target even before the sun rose on the "NEW, 114th  CONGRESS" and the 44th President.

1.  Speaker of the House Boehner retaliates against a couple of dissidents that voted against him for speaker, by removing them from House Rules Committee.  Maybe Boehner's idea of a government that allows free will and expression, doesn't apply in "HIS" House.

2.   Senate Majority Leader O'Connell is already eyeing the election in 2016.  He hopes to pass a few bills here and there, but nothing startling.  He's focus is on his "PARTY". Making sure his "PARTY" is in position for the next election.  Talk about a definition for "political correctness", this is as good as it gets.  It shouts: "Let's not upset anyone, by doing something that might be drastic, but necessary, to move the nation in a positive direction".

3. President Obama wastes no time to send a message to the Republican controlled House and Senate.  He threatens his first veto as White House gets wind of a House and Senate move to pass Keystone Pipeline Bill.  Bottom line:  Nothing unusual here.  This president (BHO) continues to do things his way and ONLY his way.  

So, we should have a healthy dose of animosity and one-upmanship going on and I'm sure more fractures will become apparent as more feathers get ruffled.  And in the end,  the two parties will draw lines in the sand; the old guard will stand stubborn, the new blood will cry for "constitutional" adherence and the White House will do what it pleases.

And as for the American people?  We'll complain and promise we'll make changes in the next election.   We should step up to the plate and admit it's us that continue to vote for the same people we're given, time and time again.  And for those that don't vote, because they use the "see, it does no good to vote"---well they're just mindless, pathetic puppets of dissidence, corruption and cronyism.

And while all of this takes place, the super wealthy, those behind one or the other of either the Democrat or Republican Parties, they'll be grooming the next politicians, strategically picked to replace others, in the planned rotation for DC "careers", so the machine keeps running the way they want it to go.  Yes, the same two parties that tell you who you can vote for, election after election, will continue to steer the controlled chaos.

So much for all those anticipatory "Happy New Year" wishes that were extended, intended to make us smile and give us cause to envision us moving ahead, in harmony and with a true concern for each other and our beloved country.  Instead, based on recent history, the reality is that, based on those in DC,  we could be in for another two years like the last two and the last two and the last two and the........

Articles to read for background info:

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I Aired Program on Cambridge Arrest. Was it Racism?

To begin with, I really love America.  And when my country gets a thorn that could fester into a serious wound, I can’t sit back and do nothing.  And since I am fortunate enough to have a forum that reaches tens of thousands of people, I speak up.  Unlike so many talk radio programs, I don’t deal in hype, supposition or conjecture that reeks of controversy, all for the sake of ratings.  I present the facts and I try to give non-biased commentary based upon the findings.  My personal views have no place in reports.  Luckily, this is not a report; instead it is the reasoning for my latest broadcast on July 27, 2009.    

The topic of race is often one that people only approach from the edges and skirt around the possibility of true, in-depth studies or conclusions.  Too often, humorous and ‘what a shame’ comments divert any real attempts to get closure.  Recently, the issue of an arrest made the headlines.  A local incident became a national incident as soon as the President weighed in with some words, by his own admission; that were not based on facts.  Was the President racist, was the professor racist, was the policeman racist?  Was the incident filled with racial profiling, as the professor stated?  And it was a topic that most wanted to stay away from.  They would discuss the President’s comment and dissect that, but otherwise, most seemed to ask questions that they expected the air to answer.  The news channels had their regular anchors  and the interviews were with, you guessed it, persons of color.  As though only an African-American could answer the question of ‘should President Obama have commented?’, ‘do you think this was racially motivated?’ and misdirected questions, such as ‘do we really have a race issue in America?’.  The dance around the facts was farcical and degrading.   As for me, I wanted the factual details and I wanted to relay the truth. 

I understand that many would raise an eye brow or dismiss my thoughts.  Surely you are familiar with the thinking that asks  'what does a "white" man know about color discrimination?’.  What could a "white" man say that made any sense to a person of color?  I have heard it all in past years and I have to say, I don’t hear it too often, anymore.  By the way, Tom Sawyer got his friends to paint a picket fence white, and, according to that guideline, I am not "white".

Just before I went on the air, I recalled a comment I made years ago, as a panel member that addressed the issue of separations within America.  It was that if you do not discriminate, if you are unbiased and truly blind to color, race and nationality, you may be chastised for the content or leaning of your words, but never for expressing your opinion.

I started off my broadcast with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He said:  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.  I asked the audience to keep this quote in mind.  My personal feelings about Dr. King are irrelevant at this time, but I will state, for the purpose of this writing, I admired him, his principles, his character, his integrity and his love for God and all peoples.  (Read More)

Essays: 2008 and 2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You to Our Defenders
It was a privilege and honor to host an exceptional group of individuals today, made up of veterans and active duty military personnel. My personal thanks go to each one of you not only for all that you do in defense of Freedom, but for taking the time to be with us on the air today. To everyone else, if you missed the show, be sure to go to our ARCHIVES page to listen to it, it will be the best hour of your week!
Here is a quick synopsis of today's panel, four individuals from a group of the special people who stand between you and those who would harm you... always remember that they volunteered for these jobs willingly and for that, they are to be honored all the more:
[In alphabetical order]
Michael Focareto: United States Navy -- Disabled veteran (voluntarily joined the Navy in 1988), attained rank of Petty Officer Second Class. He started his Naval career at the US Naval Academy.  He served on the USS Virginia during the Gulf War (1992).  Michael is presently the founder and CEO of Veteran Tickets Foundation.  Donate, volunteer or check on active/veteran services at  Their motto:  "Give something to those who gave."
SGT Lorenzo Fuentes:
  United States Marine Corp -- Active Duty (voluntarily joined the Marines in 2003).  He volunteered to serve his country after completing high school in Florida.   He has completed three deployments to Iraq from 2004 through 2007, with both MWS373 (twice) and MWS372.  Sergeant Fuentes is currently serving stateside, working with the Marine Reserves. In his words:  "I love the Marine Corp, it's a good career for anyone."
SSGT Yvonne Tijerina
:  United States Air Force -- Active Duty (volunteered in 2002) .  She has completed three deployments to the Middle East, including the UAE and twice to Kuwait and Iraq where she served as a .50 caliber gunner.  Staff Sergeant Tijerina is preparing to deploy again; this time having to leave her new baby.  In her words: "I am going to continue to help by defending and fighting for our freedom." 
SGTFC Randy Wombles:  
United States Army -- Active (volunteered in 1988).   He volunteered to enlist while living in Kentucky.  He has served in a variety of locations Stateside and has seen foreign duty in Turkey.  He has received over 40 accomodations and declarations, including the Glen E. Morrel Award (Army's highest honor for recruitment). In Sergeant First Class Wombles' words: "I'll continue to serve until the Army makes me retire."  

I regret that we were not able to have a representative from the U. S. Coast Guard on our panel today, then the panel would have been complete. Time and geographic constraints however prevented it.

Mon, June 29, 2009 | link

Monday, June 15, 2009

Interview with a (former) Chrysler dealership owner
My thanks go to Mr. Dan Arnold for appearing on our program today, with his candid responses to our questions and for giving us the real skinny on who was on the short end of the Chrysler assembly line.

Dan Arnold is the owner of Arnold Motor Sales, a Chrysler dealership in Superior, AZ (about 40 miles from Mesa, AZ). Er, make that a FORMER Chrysler dealership, since Chrysler Corporation just shut them down. Mr. Arnold's family has owned this reputable and successful Chrysler dealership for over 70 years, have offered only American-made products, and have been extremely loyal to the manufacturer, yet Chrysler put them out of business with calculated coldness. Dan explained what really happened in stark detail.

Missed the show but want to hear the whole story without any sugar coating? Please go to our ARCHIVES page and click on the June 15 2009 broadcast. 
Mon, June 15, 2009 | link

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silence the Church Bells - the Ice Cream Truck Cometh

During our broadcast Monday, June 8th, I spoke about the recent ruling of the Court regarding the tolling of church bells at a local church. The electronic chimes which were rung each day by Cathedral of Christ the King Church in Phoenix, AZ are now confined to 2 minutes on Sundays and a Court-ordered list of select religious holidays.  The cathedral's leader, Bishop Rick Painter, faces potential jail time for playing the daily melodies, according to World Net Daily.  This all because neighbors complained about the "noise" - which incidentally is quieter than an ice cream truck! In fact, Phoenix has an exemption for ice cream trucks from the noise ordinance, but there is no such exemption for church bells.

Freedom of religious expression is a fundamental right we enjoy in the U.S., and no judge has the authority to supercede the Constitution of the United States.  As a member of Main Street USA you can contact your city councilperson to protest the judge's ruling.

This link will take you to an interactive map where you can find your city council person and be directed to their web site and a place where you can write to your council person.

As a matter of fact, you can voice your displeasure (respectfully, please) by writing directly to the judge who heard the case. Here is her name and address:

The Honorable Laura Metcalf
c/o Phoenix Municipal Court
300 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ  85003-2103

Tue, June 9, 2009 | link

Monday, June 1, 2009

In Memory of Kerry and Austin Martin
We extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to Dean Martin (Arizona State Treasurer) and his family over the untimely death of his wife, Kerry, and their newborn son Austin Michael.  During this time of loss and great grief, we ask you to join us in praying for this kind and caring man, and the families of both Dean and Kerry.  May they be comforted through their faith.

Visitation will be on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at Hansen Desert Hills Mortuary and Memorial Park, and the funeral service will take place at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, June 3, 2009. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Martin Charitable Foundation in memory of Kerry Martin and Austin Michael Martin.

Mon, June 1, 2009 | link

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